Iron rank Grimoire

725 Words
A youth stands in the middle of a c*****e. Hundreds of corpses strewn across the field. And as if the world was conspiring with the youth, all the evidence vanished in a beautiful display of lights. More than a hundred decks of cards shuffled themselves in unison and grandoise. Tens of light streams flew into the youth as he received them in open arms. He smiled in satisfaction and held his waist as he oversees the sparkling remnants of the battle. Copper rank cores shimmered below the sun. As the youth was admiring the scene, a copper rank grimoire appeared befored him making his lips curl upwards. The book swallow all the light surrounding it. The vortrex faded and a black iron rank grimoire was left. **** NAME: Solon Geit (Shen Xiaolong) AGE: 18 RACE: Human RANK: Iron CLASS: None MP: 125/125 Remarks: When will you get a job? You can't keep sucking your old peeps fingers you know. Ignoring the remarks, my lips almost made a circle with how much it was curling up. The five times increase in MP was a huge boon. With this large MP pool, I'd be able to cast [ORE-PIG STAMPEDE] 5 times or [CHRYSANTHEMUM BURST] 6 times. That's five to six bronze skill in quick successions. In comparison, an average iron rank hunter can only cast a maximum of three skills in succession. That's like half of mine. There three new equipment sleeves for armor/accessory, one for passive, one for physical and one magic, for a total of six new equipment pages. And there was an additional fifty more general storage sleeves. All in all the inventory looked like this. [PASSIVE] 1.TRASH HAND (WOOD) 2. NONE 3. NONE [MAGIC] 1. HEALING HAND (IRON) 2. CHRYSANTHEMUM BURST (BRONZE) 3. SPIRIT PROJECTION OF GUARDIAN OF THE GATES OF THE HOLY CITY OF BABEL'S EMBRACE (IRON) 4. NONE [PHYSICAL] 1. FLUFFIER WHIP 2. ORE-PIG FANG 3. ORE-PIG FANG 4. ORE-PIG STAMPEDE [ARMOR/ACCESSORY] 1. LEATHER CAP 2. LEATHER VEST 3. LEATHER PANTS 4. LEATHER BELT 5. LEATHER BOOTS [STORAGE 54/100] ROCKBOAR RUSH x31 ORE-PIG FANG x3 BOAR RUSH x5 LEATHER VEST x3 LEATHER PANTS x4 LEATHER CAP x3 LEATHER BOOTS x1 MUDDY FANG x4 With the additional physical sleeve I was able to equip FLUFFIER WHIP (which had to rest in the storage to make way for the daggers) again. Checking the time, I decided to head back home. The cores I loot was stored in my bag-turned-pants that I stripped since they where uncomfortable when equipping the LEATHER PANTS. I tied the ends with the shoe strings from the shoes that I also took off since I had LEATHER BOOTS. I received weird glances as exited the gate. 'Tomorrow I'll bring a bag,' I became an embarrassment because I came unprepared. On the other hand I was grateful that iron cores where only the size of a penny. If the time comes to hunt gold beasts that produce fist size cores, a pair of jeans would make me more than just a laughing stock. **** Lunch was quite uneventful, it was only me. Mom went out for groceries, Dad was working and Klee was who knows where. I pulled out my grimoire and sat down on my study. With 31 [ROCK-BOAR RUSH] cards and the [ORE-PIG STAMPEDE] I'd be able to fuse a silver rank card. A great deal of shear willpower was needed to stop me from doing so. [ORE-PIG STAMPEDE] was enough for now. Taking a deep breath to calm myself down, I began fusing 5 [ORE-PIG STAMPEDE] cards not for fusing but as materials for the card recycler. I proceed to fuse three more iron cards via card recycling. As for the names of the resulting cards, I had to force my eyes close, else I won't be able to hold back if I found a very good card. For reference, all of the fuse resulted in a [GEOS UPHEAVAL] card, in differing types. The three cards where then sacrificed to the recycler, including three [ORE-PIG FANG]s. A bronze rank [GEOS UPHEAVAL] popped out. Another bout of willpower test took place upon opening the card pack. Placing the unknown bronze card down on the card recycler, followed by five [ORE-PIG STAMPEDE]. A silver card pack materialised over the book. In great excitement, I shouted out, "Open!!!"
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