Starting With A Trash Hand

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Xiaolong is your typical jobless guy. After truck-kun failed to kill him, fate still found a way to f**k him over.

He transmigrated to a body of a bullied youth named Solon. A loser youth who awakened as an elementless mage. A mage who was bound to not be able to use any spells.

But that will change after the transmigration.

He shall wield the power of neither mage nor warrior.

A card in hand to sweep the world.

In this new world of might and magic where strength is the rule.

Through the gates that lead to mystical dimensions filled with monsters and great beasts.

Through the worlds that carry treasures beyond your wild dreams.

Across ruins of untold knowledge of once mighty races.

Follow our MC as he aims for the peak, starting with the skill card [TRASH HAND].

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I took a jizz
'Is that you truck-kun?' A pair of bright lights came rushing my way. Blood filled my head as adrenaline made my heart race. The prospect of death shook my gall bladders. As I feared for my life, the speeding lights swerved sideward barely missing me. I gasped for air at the thought of going face to face with death. "F**k you." I cursed the driver. He didn't seem to hear or even cared that he nearly killed someone. The truck didn't bother to stop. Hurriedly crossing the road, I went towards the public toilet, the earlier mishap made me nearly piss myself. I was barely holding it in. The toilet was devoid of anyone. It was lacking of maintenance, some cubicle was even lacking doors. Shacking my head I went towards a cubicle. The latrine had already turned yellow, fortunately the water tank seems fine. "Ahhh" I moaned in comfort as I empty my bladder. Finally relieving myself, I turned to flush the toilet. Or tried to, I angrily pulled the lever up and down multiple times before it finally worked. Water flushed down the hole rapidly and latrine started shaking. I stepped backwards, bumping on the door. The whole cubicle shook like it was on vibrators. Water splashed out of the latrine. I couldn't dodge it as I can't even properly stand. Wet and panicking, I turned around to open the door when suddenly, a strong force pulled me towards the latrine and I blanked out. ***** "Ack" Waking up with a splitting headache, I tried to figure out what just happened. A dirty mottled ceiling greeted me as I opened my eyes. The feeling of emptiness filled my chest and my right hand reached out on a rectangular wood beside me. The empty feeling vanished and was replaced with relief. Sitting myself up, I found myself in the exact same cubicle. Except this time the floor was dry, and there's this piece of wood I was holding on. Looking at it closely, I realized it was a book with a wooden cover. It had a simple design and was bound by strings. The cover engraved with something like a six-point magic circle. Curious as to why I felt familiarity towards the book, I opened it. The first page contains a row of data. NAME: Solon Geit (Shen Xiaolong) AGE: 18 RACE: Human RANK: Wood CLASS: None MP: 5/5 Remarks: Even an ant is better than you. Get a job!!! It looks like I have two names. And Solon being the prominent one. Whelp, it's better than Shen small-d*ck. The wood rank might be connected as to why the book has a wooden cover. Even though it looks like a status page, it's not interactive. And no AI, only data. "Huh? Is MP Mana Points? Does that mean I can use magic now?" I was excited at the thought of using magic. I held my palm upwards and envision myself holding a fireball. "…" Nothing. I scratched my head and looked at the page again. Only to realize something was wrong. The age doesn't match up. It was 18 not 29. I hastily ran out of the cubicle and stared at the mirror. Vague memories ran on my mind as an unfamiliar face greeted me. "This must be Solon. Does that mean I've transmigrated?" My brain started aching and my breath quickened. "Calm down. Breath in, breath out" I forced myself to relax. After stabilizing my poor old heart. I skimmed through the memories. The previous owner experienced the same bathroom event as he did. "Haa. It seems I'll be living your life. Go in peace. Wherever you are," I told the reflection before me. Thereafter, I left the public toilet carrying the book.

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