Trash Hand

619 Words
"Five Continents. Twenty-seven kingdoms. The time is now." A blarring advertisement rang as I left the toilet. Large graphic ads filled my view, airing the same thing. "Are you ready? Who will be the one to take the Junior World Crown." A totally different street from the one I remembered. This is Forier, a world of swords and magic. Where the strong rules over the weak. Across the world are countless Gates that lead to dungeons, dimensions and even realms. These Gates are filled with monsters that drop treasures. These treasures are the reason why people enter the Gates. The ones that do are called hunters. Every person is born with energy that determines their fate. Most people are born with might making them suitable as fighters. Only a few are born with magic power, only they are suited to become mages. And then there's me, a mage without an element. Elements are what make the mage. Pyromancers, Geomancers, Aeromancers, Healers, Priests, and many more. The elements are what give them powers. So even though I have magic power, I'm no different from a cripple. **** Without knowing, I arrived at where the previous owner lived. Taking a deep breath, I keyed in the password, which I don't even know. I just let my body move on it's own, following it's muscle memory. And viola, I'm in. Hearing noises coming from the kitchen, I shouted,"I'm home." "..." Moving towards the kitchen, I found Solon's mother chopping vegetables."Hey, mom," I said. She turned towards me with disbelieving eyes. "Is something wrong?" I asked. "No, nothing," she said. "Just surprised. Usually you'd just go straight to your room." "Oh." No wonder I don't remember Solon ever greeting his parents, or anyone for that matter. I thought it was one of those thing I don't have a memory of, but it was because he really didn't have one. "Then, I'll just be in my room," I told her. As I opened door to my room, I felt a mixture of familiarity and unfamiliarity. The room was clean, very unlike a normal teenager's room. Sitting down on the bed, I suddenly realized I wasn't holding the grimoire anymore. At that thought the book magically formed in front of me and landed on my lap. Opening the book, I moved to the second leaf. The grimoire had fifty-one pages. The pages after the first where all card sleeves. The second to eighth had a wooden texture with embossed design. The Grimoire contained only one card, it was on the second page. [Trash Hand] RANK - WOOD TYPE - PASSIVE [Everytime you kill a monster, a deck of 40 cards will appear. Shuffle and draw one card. That card will be your loot. The deck contains all possible loot of the specific monster. The rank of the loot determines the number of duplicates in the deck. The higher the rank the fewer the duplicates (lowest is one).] The feeling of dissapointment and gratefulness filled me. Dissapointed because the card rank was wood. Grateful because Solon never had a spell in his grimoire in the first place. Grimoires only drop inside gates. Grimoires are what mages use as the medium to cast magic. Binding a grimoire for the first time would grant you a spell. Some would even get multiple spells on their first binding. Even better, few would acquire personal card unique to them.When the spell appears it would occupy one of the pages. Inscribed on the page is a magic circle that would act as the circuit that causes the magic to appear. When Solon binded with his very first grimoire the pages remained as blank as it was. There was no spell whatsoever.
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