To cheat, or not to cheat

604 Words
My Grimore is different from the previous Solon's Grimoire, or any other Grimoires for that matter. Mine's more of a cardholder than a spellbook. And the wooden pages had symbols similar to what you see on a card-dueling table. The first had a trapezoid that looked like a card-dueling table lying down and a mountain on the background. The [TRASH HAND] was equiped here. Three had runeless magic circles which I'm guessing are for magic type cards. The other three had a fist symbol which I think means physical attacks. "No cheats for me I guess," I thought. Although my Grimore was a lot different, I don't see a reason for it to be called a cheat. The [TRASH HAND] card had no use other than looting monsters. To loot monsters, I was required to defeat them myself. Being a lowly wood rank individual with no spell, I'm basically a baggage. None would want me in their team. In order for a person to advance their ranks one needs to constantly fight monsters. Fighting agriviates ones energy causing it to fluctate in a certain vibration, this allows an individual to absorb the energy released by the dead monster. With my strength, I could only fight Furpuffs. Fighting is an exageration as these don't even fight back. They are considered the weakest wood rank beast. They can't agriviate energy nor released them when they die. I would just be wasting my time fighting them as they would only drop loot by one in million chance. One could farm them for days an still won't get loot. The only upside is they drop the only healing skill book of wood rank, [FIRST AID]. This skill would double the bodies regeneration and prevents wound infection. Using [TRASH HAND] to loot Furpuffs would only give blank cards. "Or not!," I jumped up as I suddenly realized that the card description never said anything about blank cards. I got excited at thought of proving my theory right. If I am right, then I could farm as many healing skill books as I want. This would mean my cheat is OP. "Solon. Come eat, dinner is ready." I heared Solon's(now me) mother called out. On the table was large bowl of what seems to be blue bean soup. Few side dishes of what doesn't even match any Earth side dishes I know of. Sitting around the table where Solon's parents, Shelette and Eribh. And than there's his older sister Klee. 'Is it just me or does everyone in Forier have very weird names. I sat down beside Klee. I couldn't help but notice the weird looks they where giving me when I was helping myself with the blue bean soup. "What?," I couldn't help but ask. "Since when had you started eating blue beans? Don't you hate those?," Klee blurted out. "Hate is a strong word, sis. I just want to mom's cooking," I defended myself. Recieving heavy offense on my first meal in this world, my heart was peirced. 'What a sad life you live in Solon.' "Ah. Dad, I want to dive the Dandelion Fields tomorrow," I threw my words at Eribh. The water didn't seem to ripple, as he only gave a nod. Shelette though, had a worried look face, but still said, "Do becareful out there." "Don't worry, mom. Even if Furpuffs attack, it only feel like a pillow fight," I assured her. Finish my meal, I hastened towards my room to get an early sleep. Tomorrow would determine whether my cheat could make my life or that I would only remain at the bottom rung.
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