Giving out a spellbook

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I kept my grimoire and turned to my left. Gles was staring at me with worried eyes. "What? Is there something on my face?" I touched my cheeks but didn't find anything. Gles shook her head, "Nothing. I-Its just that, you seemed to be deep in thought. I didn't want to bother you." "S-Sorry about that." I was so focused on the grimoire, I forgot the I currently was in a party. I looked around. Gles seems to have already gathered the cores. She was carrying my bag and was acting as the porter. "H-Here, the boss dropped this." She pushed a spell book to my hands. I accepted it and noticed that it was another [LIGHTING BLAST]. My luck shouldn't be this good. It must have been because Gles was with me. This girl must have been the daughter of lady luck. "I can't use this. We'll sell this one as well." I gave her the spellbook. She nods and placed the book inside the bag. With quick hands, I summoned my grimoire and bought a bronze [RHAPSODY OF THE BLANK] attack magic card pack. "Open," I muttered under my breath. [MANA BARRAGE] RANK - BRONZE TYPE - MAGIC/ACTIVE [For 2 MP, cast a bullet of mana that deals initial bronze damage.] It was a good spell, but I convinced myself that I would get a better card later. I sighed and converted the card into spellbook. I returned my gaze at Gles. She had just finished slipping back the bag over her shoulders. She turned to me and smiled. I smiled back and handed her the spellbook. "What's that?" she asked. "I promised you a spellbook you could use when I reach bronze. So, here it is." "B-But." "No buts. Take it." I insisted with a smile. "Then," she hesitates but still recieved the book. She hugged it tightly in her arms. 'Damn. I wish I was that spellbook,' I thought to myself. I glared enviously at the book that was getting crushed by her. 'If I gave myself to her, would I get squeezed by her too?' "Thank you," she said. I shook my head off my dangerous thoughts, "There's no need. Like I said, I made a promise." "Still." "Hey. What do say we get some lunch? I'm starving." I interrupted her. It was half-past eleven and my stomach was complaining. Maybe this was what the novels said about the stronger one gets the more energy he needs. "Yes," she nodded. **** But first, we had to sell our loot at the Hunters Guild. I forgot sell mine yesterday and it was still stashed in my room. I would've done the same today if Gles hadn't reminded me. I sold 812 iron rank cores which gave me 81,200 gold. And 3 Lightning Blast spellbooks were sold at 700,000 each. The entire sum was 2,181,200 gold. The salesperson was giving me seductive glances. If only the salesperson was a girl then I would have already pounced at the opportunity. Too bad for the man-lady, I was straight. I tried to give the half of the gold to Gles but she refused outright, saying that she didn't do anything and that she still need to repay me for the Mana Barrage spellbook. "Idiot." I mercilessly flicked her forehead. "I told you. I gave it to you because I made a promise." She starts rubbing her reddened forehead. "But," before she could continue, I brought my hand above her head. She closed her eyes and shrunk her neck, ready to recieved a flick. I smiled and patted her hair. "Say, how about having lunch at my house?"
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