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Rebecca took her eye away from the telescope and rubbed her chin "So they made it up that wall at least" "It seems" Jade said looking out on the Jungle next to her "Why did you want me to keep the dinosaurs confidential?" She asked. "I don't want what happened last time" Rebecca said looking through the scope again "The previous team chickened out" Jade frowned then looked at Blake who sat typing on her laptop, she looked up at her and smiled. "Let's just say Bison and his team are not the first team to go into one of these habitats" Blake shifted her glasses on her nose then looked at the laptop "The first ones was a group of weapons smugglers who thought this is an easy way to make money without breaking the law, they were all ex military as well of course, but that time we wanted highly trained men to test how well our animals respond to gunfire, especially the carnivores" "And? What happened?" Jade asked. "They sort of made it back to the wall lift, but was hysterical, unfortunately we couldn't take the risk in sending them back to their normal lives after that" Blake said looking up from the laptop "It's confidential experimental animals after all, we can't allow just anyone to find out about this" Rebecca stood upright again "The beauty of building a multi billion dollar island in the middle of the Pacific ocean is this is now considered a state on it's own, and I'm it's Queen so to speak, I decide who comes and who goes" "But wasn't there multi investors?" Jade asked. "Yes, I invested 60% into this island, I only needed an additional 40% financial reinforcements, those who did it are sworn to secrecy, and are allowed to fly here for a weekend away from the rest of the world... Although, I'd like to have all the say over this place, but that will soon be sorted" Rebecca gave an eery smile. Jade nodded "What happened to that military unit of before?" Rebecca remained quiet, so did Blake. "You say they made it back to the lift right?" Jade asked again. "Let's just say they are still working here Jade, just not in the way they hoped they would" Rebecca said heading to Blake and looking down on her laptop. "Oh, the confidential thing hey?" "Yes" "And what if someone somewhere starts looking for these men?" "That's why I hired Blake" Rebecca smiled "She can wipe clean the slate to make sure they're not found" "As in wipe any traces of their existence?" "So to speak" Jade giggled "This place, the people working here, I really like this, but, what if a military of sorts tries to invade here? You said yourself it's considered a state on it's own?" Rebecca held her chin "Never really gave it much thought, though I think it's nothing to worry about for now, the way I built this island insured a steep economic growth for some countries. It's basically built using old oil rigs that was supposed to be cut up for recycling, I offered them more money to buy it than what they would have got for the scrap" Jade walked to the telescope "Only oil rigs?" She asked looking through. "No not all, here and there I had to put in concrete anchors, and the rigs basically needed to be bolted to the seafloor" Rebecca came to the windows again "Then to give the island extra reinforcement I built a few huge facilities under water, then built the island on top of them, the concrete pillars, and the oil rigs, it took me almost ten years to finish" Jade looked up from the scope "So? What made you decide on building this island in the first place?" "I had a massive scientific breakthrough, but I couldn't fully dig into it unless I have a place where I can freely do what I want" "Hence the island right?" Rebecca smiled at her "Yes, now I can stretch my legs" "Will it be beneficial to man kind in the future?" "Yes, it will be, but for now I need to find out it's pros and con's, if this tech falls in the wrong hands, it won't benefit man kind, it will be it's downfall" Jade's eyes grew wide "It's downfall?" "Yup, so best keep it confidential right?" Rebecca smiled again. Jade sighed "Wow, I'm really interested to see what comes next" Rebecca nodded "Blake, what area are they about to enter next?" Blake typed a few buttons on her laptop and in the glass in front of the two a map appeared "They passed the breeding grounds, faced both it's carnivores, now they're heading up the maintenance wall, the Allosaur also roam there but that's because they figured out they can use our step ways to climb up" Rebecca looked at Blake "They climbed up? But I didn't want carnivores on there, I wanted it to be neutral ground?" Blake shrugged "The carnivores adapted" She typed again and a video appeared from a CCTV camera close to the steps where Bison and his team was "As you can see, they figured it out whilst casing those other two" Rebecca watched the two speedily climb the steps but the Allosaur pack jumped up to them. "The Allosaur patrol that whole wall, it seems they figured if they can corner anything against it it's checkmate, the target will have nowhere to run, perfect ambush area" "They learned hey?" Rebecca smiled. "Well, adaptation is more like it, they as a natural ambush pack figured the wall could aid them, as for the climbing of the steps, they learned to do that from watching those other two" Blake said playing a different CCTV footage showing one Allosaur climb up the side using the cliff and the steps as leverage, but as another wanted to jump up that one roared and the other let go. Rebecca watched amazed then the Allosaur climb up the same way as the first, one by one "They figured going in numbers will break the staircase again?" "Exactly" Blake smiled. "This is beyond what I expected, I thought they said the Velociraptor was the smartest?" "Smartest yes, but I think the Allosaur is a problem solver, that doesn't make it necessarily a genius, I mean, Orangutan apes uses tools, solves problems, figures things out, but it's still an ape, I think the Allosaur is almost on it's level of using it's brain" Blake said. Rebecca smiled "Up the price for hunting an Allosaur Blake, if they took to their environment that well, I think hunting one would be more than just a mere trophy" "How does $600k sound?" "Yes, Six hundred thousand should be adequate" Rebecca looked at Jade, her eyes were still out on the jungle "You worried about Genevieve?" "A little" "She'll be fine" "I know, Genevieve is a badass, I wanted her to come here so she can get over her sorrow for her fiancée" "Oh? She almost married?" "Yes, but Benjamin got blown up by a rocket propelled grenade back in Somalia, that's why she went into the diamond business, to try and forget, I think this little mission will help her more" Rebecca chuckled "You think she'll fall for one of the men with her?" "I hope so, she must understand there are more men out there, Benjamin was just a sad case" Jade sighed. "Genevieve seemed to start something with Arno" Blake said behind them "Though not quiet sunshine and roses yet, it seems Arno isn't taking her s**t, that's why Genevieve liked Benjamin right?" Jade smiled "That and Benjamin was kind of a fighter" "Arno is too, did you see the footage of what happened on that wall?" Blake asked. "No?" Jade turned to the window screen and Blake played back the CCTV, Jade stood in awe seeing Arno fight back the Allosaur and managed to get Helga out as well "He's wounded, badly" "That didn't stop him though" Blake said but clicked her tongue "Rebecca, that asshole asked again when he can come hunt" Rebecca came over "Terrance?" "Yes, he's nagging like a b***h over the emails" Rebecca thought about it quickly "Give me his number" Blake dialled it into a phone and handed it to Rebecca, she lifted her hair and placed the phone on her ear. "Mister Terrance, Rebecca St Claire here" "Dammit it took you long to reply! I want to come hunt something!" "Why so eager sir? The island is still in it's test phases" "I know, but I paid a f**k tonne of money! And have nothing to show for it!" Rebecca could kick this bastard in his balls "Let me give you the four one one sir, everything is going according to plan, we have three habitats up and running, one is ready for hunting, one is now being tested, the last still needs to be tested and is closed to everyone accept staf..." Rebecca was cut off. "Then let me come use the open habitat so long! You say it's trial and tested right?" Rebecca was furious, she looked at Blake who turned the laptop to her, already she searched up this Terrance, a man in the yacht selling business running it with three partners, he was the one who invested in Carnivore Valley, his partners in the dark... Rebecca muted the phone quick "Relatives? Any other connections?" "No, he's a greedy old fucker who sold candy for twice the price to children in a nutshell" Blake said quickly. "Perfect..." Rebecca un-muted the phone "Ok let me tell you what Mister Terrace, the current habitat being tested is to see how the animals respond to human presence and gunshots, if you would agree to step in as another test phase, you can even hunt your first animal for free, then only get charged thereafter" Terrence gave a grunt "That's fine with me, I'll land there tomorrow morning" "Thank you for your patronage" Rebecca said and gave the phone to Blake. "What's your plan boss?" Blake asked. "Meh, no plan with the habitat really, but he's an easy kill, if he dies it benefits me" Rebecca said and looked at Jade. "Easy kill?" Jade asked. "If he dies the tiny percentage of his investment comes to me, two birds with one stone" Rebecca said and giggled. Jade laughed "You're the best boss I ever had" "Why thank you"

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