Let Benjamin go

1125 Words
"You're starting to annoy me with that snippy little French accent Helga! Don't make me beat your pretty face up!" Genevieve yelled back. "Enough you two" Arno said coming in "Let's focus on the mission first ok?" "No! We almost died today Arno!" Helga said. "But we didn't..." He said making her swallow her next words. "Besides, why not get to know Bison a little? Geez I bet you he'd like some action?" Arno chuckled looking around in the bunker, there were four rooms with beds in, he went into one and dropped onto a bed. Helga and Genevieve glared at each other, then they split up into separate rooms. Bison stood watching the interior alone, there was a fridge, up and running, then a map of the valley, he opened the fridge and saw only bottles of water, some even drank in half, it made him wonder. He looked around again and sure enough he saw a register, he walked over to it and saw the names of those two field members on it "Ha? Interesting" He said to himself. "What is?" Helga asked coming in again and opened the fridge. "Those two were here, if I had to put one plus one together, they were the ones those Allosaur chased up here, but lucky for them the steps broke and fell before those bastards could get to them" Helga had a bottle of water and drank when she came in next to him. "Hopefully they have registers like this where ever they go, that will make our search easier" "I want no regrets when I die Bison" Helga suddenly said changing the topic. He shrugged "Me as well, I guess" He sighed walking back to the map and inspecting it. "What Arno said earlier had me thinking" She said coming closer to him. "Yes?" "Would you like to have s*x?" Bison nearly fell over "Just like that?" She was clearly shy, her face red and looking out the windows "I never did it before" Bison folded his arms and leaned against a table "Then why not just take Sauce Helga?" "I want Genevieve to open her f*****g eyes and take him, zhey clearly have a lot in common" "Still looking out for her hey?" "She's too stubborn" Bison rubbed his brow "I'll, think about it Helga, as much as I'd like to get your regret out of the way, that's not something I just jump into" She smiled "You are a gold man" "Thanks..." He went to another open room "Just go over there and talk to him, he's a bit roughed up but no man can say no to a sexy French girl like you" He chuckled entering "Don't stay up too late" Helga looked at Arno, his door still open, he had a bottle of brandy balanced on his chest. She entered the room and sat down across from him "Did you hear me?" She asked. "Bison denied hey?" Arno said. "If I ask it like zhat, does it make me a w***e?" Arno sat up and leaned against the wall next to the bed, then took a drink of his brandy first but winced at it's strength "Given..." He coughed "Given our current situation I'd say no" She lied down on the bed looking at the roof "What do you think of Genevive Sause?" "She's a tough cookie" He said getting the ammo boxes out of his bag and started putting fresh rounds into the magazines. "She said she doesn't want to fall in love again because it hurts too much, have you ever lost a loved one accept your parents?" "No..." He looked out the door, almost picturing Genevieve coming into the room. "She wanders your thoughts doesn't she?" "In a way" Helga looked at him then sighed "What do you think she's thinking right now?" Arno looked at her "I would never guess in a hundred guesses" "Maybe she's drowning herself in alcohol like you are?" "She doesn't have any" "Oh yea..." Helga sat upright "Well, Sause, I want you two to be together, so I won't ask you to take my virginity, out of respect" He chuckled "Ah, I kind of wondered how it would be like to make love to a French girl" She smiled "If Genevive doesn't get her act together, I will take you" Helga stood up and walked to the door "Sleep tight Tometo sause" "You too Legionnaire" Helga walked over to her room but heard something coming from Genevieve's room, she silently walked over and pressed her ear against the door, now Helga clearly heard she was crying. She opened the door and Genevieve shot her face up but turned away wiping her eyes "The f**k you want French fry!?" Helga walked over to her and drew her to her feet and embraced her. "You're so annoying you know" Genevieve said. "You must have loved Benjamin very much?" Genevieve sobbed once "You should stop lending out your ears" "I'm sorry about zhat" Helga squeezed her tighter "Tometo sause has some alcohol, why don't you go get some?" "Why are you so hell bent on getting me to him? What do you want me to do Helga!?" "Fall for him, f**k him, you can decide, along as you have a caring man on your side" "Helga, I lost a man close to me once, it was very painful, on top of that I could have prevented his death, but I acted too late" Helga stepped away from her "I know it must be painful, but you must let him go, his soul can't rest if you keep holding him so close to you" "Why do you sound like a priest now?" Helga signed "I'm done trying to get you to ease up Genevive, zhis will probably be the safest place for us in a long while, it's now or maybe never, just relax, and let Benjamin go" Genevieve looked to the floor and bit her nail "I'll, I'll try" "Good, zhat's the first step" Helga said stepping to the door "You should have seen Tometo sause down zhere... I saw what seemed like a demon in him, he shoved his arm down zhe mouth of one of zhose Allosaur's, then with zhe revolver in his hand, blew it's head open" Genevieve looked at her surprised "He... Shoved his hand in it's mouth?" "His entire arm, zhen screamed blowing it's head off, he's not one to stand back Genevive, he's a fighter" "Then, what if it's my fault he dies one of these days? What if I'm the cause of his death tomorrow?" "Then know at least he will go down fighting" Helga said and giggled "Remember he's not called Tometo sause for nothing"
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