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Arno opened the fore end again, the spent shell ejected, he threw in a fresh one and closed, one up now he started loading the shotgun again, his eyes still on the retreating Allosaur, they all made it to the jungle but one stopped to look at him, as if it needed to give his face a good look, it then looked up at Helga being lifted by Bison, but Arno fired a round in the air "Fokoff!" He screamed. The carnivore looked at him with a glare, then disappeared into the jungle. "Come Sauce! Now's your chance!" Bison yelled throwing the rope down after he got Helga up. Arno slinged his pump action and reloaded his Vector, then slowly tactically backed towards the pickup, he got the rope and hooked it to his belt "I'm on!" Bison pulled him from the ground, Arno slung the Vector again and turned to help himself up the cliff, deciding him being heavier than the girls would make it harder for Bison to lift him, and besides, Genevieve still had that Sniper rifle out over the parking lot so she can shoot if needed. He came to the top and helped himself over the rail, but a slap landed over his head from Genevieve making him shriek "Fok woman! Can't you see the fokker took a bite out of my head!?" "You bastard! You bastard! I thought you were done for!" She yelled again and struck his chest with a fist. "Give him some space woman!" Bison said having a medical kit out and dressing the wound on his head. "I'll give him space when he's dead! Until then if he does s**t like that again! I'll beat his ass up!" Genevieve yelled and punched him again. Arno sighed, he felt dizzy from the loss of blood so decided to take it easy, rather not biting back at Genevieve, he looked at Helga who was busy adjusting her lingerie under her shirt, then looked up blushing. "Sorry about that" He said but she smiled. "No, you saved me, thank you Tometo sause" "Well Tomato sauce, now I know how you got your name" Bison said finishing the dressing on his head. "Yeah, pleased to meet your acquaintance" Arno said turning his hips to see the bite mark of the first, it had torn his cargo pants but didn't damage his flesh too much. "Looks like you got torn a new asshole mall cop! That'll teach you to play Rambo!" Genevieve said. "No mercy as usual hey?" Arno chuckled but saw Genevieve's face was more worried and sad than angry "I'm sorry Genevieve, I'll try not to do s**t like that again ok?" "You f*****g better, I can't... Never mind" She turned and walked up the staircase. Arno watched her then saw Helga wink at him smiling. "Let's go you lot, we'll see if that bunker can hold us safe for the night" Bison said also climbing up. Helga watched him lean against the rails "You ok Tometo sause?" "Just a bit dizzy, but I'll be fine, I've been in worst conditions than now" "Zhe back of your scull is chewed open, you technically need stitches" He chuckled "Ag, I'll be fine, as long as we have disinfectant" Arno said trying to walk, managed somewhat, the pain in his leg made him limp. "Genevive is a bitch..." Helga said out of the blue making his head jerk back. "Ok, that was roundom?" "If she cared, she would have been here not me, if she's not careful, I'm going to take you from her" She said straightforward. Arno chuckled looking at the stairs as he climbed, they seem longer than they should, and now that his adrenaline was finished, it took him effort to climb. "Will you be ok?" She asked. "Yes, I'll get there eventually" He said stopping to take a breather. "I'll see you just now" She said passing him and ran up the stairs, about five flights up already Bison had the steel door open and entered, Genevieve wanted to go in but Helga grabbed her by her shoulder and pushed her against the cliff wall "You are useless!" Genevieve couldn't believe what she saw "Excuse me!?" "Are you interested in him or not!?" Helga said, her blue eyes flared and angry. "Who!? Mall cop!?" "Arno!" "No! Why the hell would..." "Good, I've realized life is too short, if you don't make a move, zhen I will, at least I know I had a kind man by my side zhat will make sure I'm safe above all else! He told me to go! He told me he will distract zhem! He was prepared to die! Even saying zhis team only needs three! And three is better zhan two! Zhat's why he made sure I'm safe as well!" Helga stood back from her. "Zhis is not Somalia Genevive" "You, you b***h you overhead me...!" "And I pity your loss! But zhis is the here and now, and it's time to move on" Bison was still standing in the door looking at the two sizing each other up. "He's weak from blood loss, go and help him... Or I will" Genevieve gave her a smile "Ok, go then, you clearly haven't lost someone you love before, I don't want that again, so by all means go, you can even f**k him for all I care" She said and walked into the bunker, pushing Bison aside. "You heartless b***h" Helga said walking in after her. Bison shrugged "Ok you two, I'll go help him" He said but they ignored him. "What is your problem!?" Helga asked again. "What else is there to say Helga!? I'm not interested in falling in love!" "So you want to die accepting zhat!?" "Yes, I'll live with it" Bison came down the steps quickly but saw Arno was almost at the top. "Hey bro, how you doing?" Arno chuckled "There's no dinosaurs chasing me so I'm having a blast" "You ok?" "I'll survive, I just need rest that's all" Arno looked out over the jungle and sighed "Look at that man, it's actually rather pretty" Bison looked out, the sun was now gone, but the sky was died a soft pink on one side, and dark blue on the other "Man, I wish those two women would stop arguing and come look at this" "Why are they arguing?" "Helga wanted Genevieve to straighten up and make a move on you, otherwise she'll take you" Arno sighed only, he kept watching the jungle. "And?" Bison asked. "And what?" "Which one would you take? They're both equally as pretty?" "Bison, we're in hell right now, I can't focus on girls, no matter how pretty they are" "Wow, that's gonna burst their bubble" He said laughing. Arno started climbing the steps again, when the two got to the bunker door there was a massive quarrel inside, almost a fight. "You ungrateful! Selfish b***h!" They heard Helga yell.
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