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Arno looked through the windows of the truck and saw the three Allosaur's charging from across the road towards them. "Go Genevieve! Climb!" He screamed up at her when he saw her still looking down. "Mall cop!" She screamed when he jumped into the pickup with Helga, he pushed her flat down then shoved her down into the foot well, he then slammed the door shut and fell down right on top of her, covering her with his body. Genevieve saw in terror the tree large meat eaters come in full speed and ran with their heads through the windows making the pickup slide sideways upon impact, two of them in the side and one into the front window. The horrors of that day she lost Benjamin played off in her head, instead of it being and RPG, it was these dinosaurs trying to eat him. Arno screamed as one head came directly over him, he turned the Vector so the barrel rested against the bottom of it's jaw and he fired, the 'brrr' sounded like an impact drill and blood sprayed the inside of the pickup making the Allosaur go numb and silent, the second one was now trying to get it's head over the headrest at him, biting and roaring rabidly, the third with head through the front window managed to grab his hip between the two seats. Arno screamed of pain getting the Vector up and fired at the one over the headrest, it rumbled retracting its head, then a different shot with a lot more potent sounding noise made the one who had him roar, Arno could slip out of it's jaw, leveled the Vector and shot it in it's head, he then had to turn the weapon to shoot the previous one who came in again, it finally also went silent, its collapse was followed by the click if his empty magazine. The noise suddenly died down, horrified and feeling like he could piss himself Arno panted profoundly, he turned to look at the dead one next to him, its eye still open, staring at him in disbelief over its death. "Arno!" He heard Genevieve scream from above. "I'm ok! Are you up yet!?" He screamed back reloading his rifle. Genevieve turned and started climbing the rope as Bison pulled her up. When she got up next to him she had the rifle out to the jungle again, but now there were Allosaur coming from west and east, swarming the pickup. "f**k! f**k he's going to die!" She panicked. "Shoot Genevieve! Just shoot at them!" Bison yelled. She aimed the rifle down and fired at the first, the fifty blew a hole through one making it fall roaring. "Just keep shooting! Have faith in that boy!" Bison yelled wishing he had a rifle now. Arno tried holding them off as much as he could, the one dead one with it's head stuck in the window now insured no dino came through that window again, they came from f*****g everywhere, and above Arno heard Genevieve's rifle boom away, which was good, it upped his chances of survival. He glanced down at Helga who still lied clenching her rifle to her chest, her eyes closed, teared up. "Stay put Helga, well make it through this!" He yelled and shot another one who brought it's head through the front window. There was a sudden bang behind him and he got knocked forward, the one came through the back windows had it's jaws open and grabbed his scull just so it couldn't get a proper grip, the pain was excruciating, and the feeling awful as he felt this thing try and adjust it's grip with it's teeth, the hot breath stunk every time it grunted and he even felt the tongue lick at his scull. Arno held on for dear life to the two front seats, Helga screamed hysterically. Genevieve was now in two nightmares, she saw the one go into the back, and then the shots in the pickup stopped, did it get him!? Did that one finish Arno off!? She still heard Helga scream, at least she can try save her! She aimed at the back hips of the dinosaur and shot it through the spine. Arno felt in relief the Allosaur let go after Genevieve shot it, he was furious now more than anything, he turned, drew his revolver then shoved his hand with gun and all into the open mouth of the lizard screaming and fired, the top of it's scull bloomed as the round tore out from inside it, making it grunt and slack. Arno drew his arm out, now he didn't care, if he dies he dies! At least hell make sure he take as many of these fokker's down with him. He glanced at Helga, who lied wide eyed watching him "I'm going to distract them, get out of here as soon as Bison lowers the rope" "No you'll get killed!" "You only need three Helga! Three is better than two! So you must make it!" He stuck his head out the window and looked up "Bison! Lower the rope again you fokken i***t!" He screamed seeing he didn't even start to do that yet. Genevieve felt a blast of relief when she heard his voice, but couldn't help laugh at Arno yelling at Bison, who now basically threw the rope down again. When Arno saw the rope come in next to the vehicle he grabbed Helga by her chest vest, not bothering if he accidentally grabbed her lingerie as well, he hauled her with one tug out of the opened door, hooked the rope to the back of her belt then screamed "She's hooked on!" Bison drew hard on the rope and Helga gasped as the rope lifted her from the ground. Arno now got ready to make a stand, he lifted the Vector and fired at the next, it sidestepped but wasn't quick enough for Genevieve's round that took it down, Arno fired rapidly now, at every one that came, when the Vector ran out he slung it back and brought the pump action forward, pumped and fired as fast as he could, the carnivores seemed to see the numbers are going down at that point and started retreating, Arno ran out of shells in the pump action, opened the ejection chamber and threw a round in there, then closed the fore end, fired and took down one more that charged him.
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