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Bison looked around in a panic "Ok, everyone form a perimeter, let's say for all intensive purposes this is the Allo saurus territory, and let's say they hunt at night, we only have a few minutes of daylight left so let's make a quick plan here!" Genevieve went west and held her SAW ready, Helga east, and Arno took south on a knee. Bison looked around, the parking lot was just that, nothing but a parking area for cars, there were no structures at all. He looked up to the ladder step system above, it was broken away at about eighty meters, he took a step back to look up higher, here he saw something, in the cliff face there was what looked like a cave, but saw the steel door that led in. "There! There's a safehouse up there!" Bison said excited making everyone look up. "That's nice Bison but how do we get there!?" Genevieve asked looking forward again. "Sauce, bring the pickup close to the rock side, under the broken staircase" Arno was up and ran to the truck and got it done. "Good, now form a perimeter around the truck, get close to it" Arno climbed out and kneeled next to it looking south again, Helga took the front and Genevieve the back. Bison got his gear out and strapped in, he started climbing as much as he could using his hands then started placing rock anchors on his way up. "You can mountain climb Bison!?" Genevieve called to him. "I was in search and rescue remember!?" "Man, now you're a handy man to have" She snickered. "Keep eyes on the jungle Genevieve!" "Yeah yeah!" Bison slowly made his way up, glancing over his shoulder every now and then to check the sun, then the jungle for movement. "Why does this feel a little too calm" Arno said. "Don't f*****g say that mall cop! It's bad luck!" "No, I'm serious, listen..." Arno remained quiet, the two women also heard there was no noise, it was dead quiet. "So? Just because there are no noise, that doesn't mean anything?" Genevieve said. "No, Tometo sause is right, zhis is too quiet, in zhe sss a silence like zhis usually told us a Jaguar was in zhe area" Helga said holding her Famas to her face. Genevieve scanned quickly, she felt the tension now "Bison! Hurry it up!" "Almost there!" He called back reaching out to the catwalk and climbed on "Ok! I'm going to lower a rope! Genevieve get your rifle and I'll hoist you up first!" "No send mallcop up first! Me and Helga would put up a better fight if the s**t goes down!" "Genevieve! You can use your sniper rifle to cover the rest from up here! Don't back chat me now Seal!" Genevieve clicked her tongee and got her rifle out of the bag and slung the SAW over her back. Bison lowered the rope with a clip screw link down and Genevieve grabbed it, she hooked it to her gear and looked up "I'm ready!" Bison started hoisting her up as she walked with her feet against the cliff wall, one hand on the rope, one holding the big rifle against her hip, as she was about five meters up a bellow like roar came out of the jungle that halted all of them. Arno felt his heart ram his chest, that was an adequate noise for an Allosaur, a rumble, maybe sounding like the mix between a raptor and a rex, he moved to the back of the pickup, Helga moved back a little to hide behind the nose and looked over. Bison saw in the distance something move down the road, but the sun being in half now was in his eyes, he couldn't make it out, so with all his strength he started hoisting Genevieve up again but faster, she got a surprise at this, she didn't see what he saw. Arno took his hand slowly and drew the slide of his Vector back, then guided it back forward so it made as little noise as possible. "Zhere" Helga whispered. Arno looked around the back to see this thing, yes, it was fitting the description, it was the same as the one crushed by the staircase, but Arno saw a very human like behavior from it, it was walking down the road like a security guard scanning the parking lot almost like it didn't want to do any more effort to do a proper patrol, but then it looked up and saw Genevieve still halfway up the wall. It roared and charged, Arno was baffled at how fast it came in, it was like lightning for better words. Arno didn't know should he shoot or not!? Genevieve was high enough already! Unless this fokker uses the pickup as leverage and jump! It will make that height won't it!? He was still weighing his options when Helga screamed and fired but her FAMAS basically only made it turn and head straight at her, Arno had no choice. He came out from his hiding spot and aimed his Vector "Take cover Helga!" He screamed but was first caught off guard by the rapid 'Brrrr' the weapon made pulling it's muzzle up slightly, he readjusted and kept firing in bursts, trying to fire as much as he could at the head and spine, his rounds didn't do a lot more damage than Helga's though. Arno saw the bullets tare into it so he could follow where his rounds landed, he aimed up and made sure to zip them up and tore into it's spine, finally making it bellow collapsing. In the distance they heard more roars, but from all around, the rest of the pack was now moving in on their position. "Hustle Genevieve!" Arno yelled up to her then looked at Helga, she stood frozen with fear. "Helga! Get in the truck!" He yelled but she didn't move, Arno could see her shake. He glanced up at Genevieve who still looked down at them then ran to Helga, he picked her frozen frame up and threw her into the back. "Incoming!" Bison yelled from above.
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