In a pit of pack hunters

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Helga and Bison watched the two as the trip went on, it seemed the both got along as long as there is alcohol involved. Arno decided he won't take too much of it, rather just dip his tongue every time for the taste, making sure he stays sober as much as possible "So the next stop is that wall over there it seems?" He said pointing at the cliff wall that started rising in the distance. "Yeah, but I forgot to ask Jade where are we going to sleep? I mean the sun is getting low now" Bison said looking at the orb that just touched the horizon. "I'm not sleeping in this fokkin place!" Arno said in a panic. "We can't turn around now dumbass! Besides! Blake told you to get camping gear as well with the weapons, did you?" Genevieve asked. "Uh, well I got camo..." Genevieve laughed. "Maybe we should have camped at zhat gas station instead" Helga said. "Oh hell no! That's in Trex territory, you saw how easily it just poked that door down" Bison said. "Are Trex nocturnal?" Genevieve asked Arno. "How the fok should I know!? Just because I watched a few documentaries about dinosaurs doesn't make me an expert" He said with wide eyes. "Well, then regardless if a Trex hunts at night or not, we still need some sort of plan if we want to sleep" Bison said thinking. "Maybe we should take turns, zhe one keeps watch as zhe other three sleeps" Helga said. "Yes, good idea, accept what do you think one can do against Velociraptors? f**k I forgot about those!" Bison said seeming to found a new breath of panic. "Velociraptors?" Genevieve asked. "Yeah! Bout two meter high, and vicious, those fuckers dig!" "Dig?" Helga asked frowning. "Dig! Dig! You know!? They dig! They dig underground to get to you! Those fuckers are determined to eat you!" He said hysterically making the rest laugh. "Don't laugh at me! Haven't you lot even watched Jurassic park!?" "No, I told you" Genevieve said. Helga shook her head. Arno still chuckled "Ok, Bison one thing I can say to calm you down is that the Jurassic park movie blew the Velociraptor out of proportion a little, the Velociraptor in reality was only knee high, yes it hunted in packs but they weren't two meter tall killing machines" Bison swallowed "Ok, then what about this theory? This is a game reserve technically right? One created by f**k knows who and f**k knows how, If you want clients to come hunt game, they would want the biggest meanest mother f*****g thing out there as a trophy, if they can somehow bring dinosaurs into existence today? Why not f*****g make raptors that big?" Arno looked at him in the mirror wide eyed "Fok and I thought I watched too much movies! There's no such thing as genetically modified raptors boet!" "Boy! Did you see that f*****g Argentina saurus!?" "Well..." Arno gave him a glance "To tell you the truth, currently I'm more worried about that Giganotos..." "It's like a Trex mall cop! I'll take it down with my fifty!" Genevieve said loudly. "No! The biggest reason I'm worried about it is... Even if it was the biggest meat eater I know of, it still couldn't take down Argentina saurus by itself..." Bison frowned "Ok? So it had a partner to help it?" "No Bison! Giganotos hunted in packs!" Arno saw the man's eyes widen. "Packs!?" "Yes, maybe five or six!" "Mother fucker!" Arno watched the road, there was a silence suddenly in the vehicle, he looked at Genevieve "How many rounds does your fifty take?" "Five..." She said finally not having a witty comeback. Arno sighed "And to add to that, Giganotos was agile, it lept up to the giant Argentina saurus to wound it" "f**k boy! So it's a supercharged Velociraptor!?" "For a lack of better words, yes" "f**k this s**t! Let's turn around!" "Why!? You a p***y Marine!?" "No! I'm smarter than you Seal! Arno! Turn this f*****g truck around!" Helga placed her hand on his arm "But... Zhose field scientists? Zhey, zhey need our help?" "They've been f*****g eaten Helga!" Bison bellowed. "Relax Marine! Were going to show these prehistoric bastards the full might of modern technology, well do this and get the f**k out of this pit! Rebecca promises a good salary if we finish this! Hopefully well never have to come down here again after this" Genevieve said. Arno looked in the mirror at Bison, he couldn't believe a Marine was shaken up, then again, who wouldn't be? Image Trex hunting in packs, now double their size, thats a Giganotos, it sounded terrifying. He looked at Genevieve, she finally had her annoyed face out forward, he looked back to the road, hopefully Rebecca would have thought of the fact that it's a full day's travel to that cliff wall, maybe she put up safe houses. As the wall approached Arno basically had to follow the road to where it came closest to it, then saw the turn off that indicated a parking area where these steps went up the wall, but as they turned in, there was a gasp from all of them. The steps that lead up seems to have been destroyed, it laid in shambles in half the parking area, it even crushed a Jeep that was parked there in the process. "What the f**k happened here!?" Bison asked first as they climbed out. The steps leading up left and right like a large fire escape was torn away a quarter of the way up, everyone slowly approached it, keeping an eye out for any movement in the jungle surrounding them, luckily the parking lot was made wide so one could clearly see if something broke through the jungle and wanted to charge them. "Even thou zhe steps seem old, zhey were not old enough to just collapse, zhese steps were destroyed" Helga said touching a piece of the frame that seemed torn by the hinges. Arno saw under the long step lines a set of teeth and wailed jumping back, the rest of the team turned looking, aiming the weapons. They stood tensed up aiming, the head of this carnivore didn't move "It's, dead" Bison said "It must have been crushed by the steps when they came down" Genevieve having her saw ready slowly approached and gave the large head a kick, but the feel of it confirmed it, it was stiff, and even the smell made them accept that there was no danger. "Fokkit! It rots!" Arno said holding his nose. "What dinosaur is this Arno?" Genevieve asked. Arno judged by it's rather large size it's not a raptor, but it's too small to be a Trex, it didn't even have the features of a Trex since they got to see one earlier, meaning it's not even a juvenile. "I, I'm not sure, I never heard of or saw something like this" "You mean it's another predator?" Bison asked. "Yes..." Arno dug in his head for all the teethy things he researched when he was younger, there was this one predator that would fit this one's size, but he forgot it's name. "So it's not a raptor?" Helga asked. "No, it's too big" Arno thought hard, he had it on the tip of his tongue. "And it can't be a Rex, it's too small" Genevieve said. "Allo saurus" Arno said flicking his finger. "Allosaurus!?" Bison asked "There were no f*****g Allosaurus in f*****g Jurassic park!?" "Yes I know, it seems the producers didn't quite care for it, but it seems Rebecca thought it would be nice to put them in" Arno shrilled and looked back at Bison "I'm afraid these fokkers also hunt in packs..." "Mother! Fucker!"
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