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Arno couldn't remember when he passed out again, but a knock on the door woke him, the sun shone through the windows and he realised Brits came to visit him last night probably.
"Come in" He called attempting to sit up.
The door opened and a very attractive woman stepped in "Arno De Sousa?" She asked.
Arno could hear she was American, that navy blue office dress had his eyes on her legs at first, she even leaned in in such a way that he could see her cleavage through the top of her buttoned shirt "Uh yes?"
"May I come in?"
Wow, pretty and polite "Please" He gestured with his hand.
"My name is Blake Bridges, I'm a hiring consultant for a place called Carnivore Valley"
Arno frowned "Carnivore valley?"
She gave a giggle "Yes, many people frown at the name, but my boss called it as such to draw attention, worked didn't it?" She asked sitting down on a couch and putting on a pair of square glasses that made her even more attractive.
"Well, yes, I'm definitely aching to hear the full story now"
She smiled and opened a file "Let me read you the brosure first, then you'll get the idea"
She cleared her throat brushing some of her brown hair out of her face "Are you the kind of person that how's hunting for the biggest buck? Traveling the world to find the perfect trophy? Now you can come and hunt anything you desire, all in one place. On a private island deep in the Pacific Carnivore Valley offers a five star accommodation and six different environments to hunt in, you can bring any weapon you desire, and shoot anything you desire, the only limits are your imagination, Carnivore Valley, the ultimate hunting experience"
She looked up through her glasses.
"Wow" Arno responded "That's genius actually, now you don't have to travel all around the world to go hunt different animals, you can just go to one place!" He said thinking how he likes hunting himself.
"Yes, exactly" She smiled.
"Ok, then, why approach me?"
"Well, this is it, this island is still not operational yet, it's still in it's testing phase, but one of our field teams went missing about three days ago, and were compiling a team to go find them"
Arno gave a chuckle "Ok? Then, why me? Surely you can find more experienced guys? And? Doesn't the island already have rescue teams?"
"As I said, were still not operational, this is the first time we we're in need of a rescue team, so my boss sent me to go recruit a select group of people, and is very selective about who she wants for this, you see..." She folded her one leg over the other and leaned back.
"This is a hundred billion dollar island, many billionaires invested tonnes of money into it, so they don't want just anyone to go there, they should be strictly off grid, and, preferably with a bit of a troubled past"
"Why a troubled past?"
"Because you are now going to be taken out of your past and into a new life, off radar. After this rescue mission you get to stay on the island and work there, live there, you'll even be offered a new identity if you want to leave to go visit some place"
Arno's head bucked back "Geez-like-it! That's sketchy!"
She smiled again, her brown eyes blinked and looked back at her papers "Yes, very right? But wouldn't you do the same? You spent a fortune on an island, and want it open for only millionaires to come hunt on, so naturally you don't want unnecessary traffic going in and out the island"
"Well, I never worked with millions of dollars before so I won't be able to know the feeling?"
"Your start up payment is thirty thousand dollars, to get you started"
Arno felt that feeling of the morphine suddenly leave him "Uh? Excuse me?"
"Start up fee, we pay it to you in advance so you can get all you need in order to be ready for this operation"
"Fokken thirty thousand dollars!?"
"Yes, the after that my boss offers a sixty thousand dollar monthly salary, or you can decide to have it broken up weekly, or twice a month"
"Fucksakes!" He said and fell back "Geez this sounds too sketchy, too good to be true!"
"Are you interested?" Blake asked smiling.
Arno swallowed "Ok, if you say a startup fee, in order to get gear? What type of gear are we talking about?"
Blake paged through her notes "Ok, she said three weapons, of choice, one preferably for hunting purposes, and one should be a side arm"
"Are we going into a war!?"
"No, it's just to have, you won't take all three to the hunt at once"
"Ok, then?"
"Backpack of course, camouflage clothing, camping gear, torches, the usual things you need to go into the field"
"Ok, not a problem" Arno said "Is it essential to take a certain camouflage? Or can I take any?"
Blake shrugged "Camouflage is camouflage right?"
Arno couldn't help chuckle "Is it forest? Jungle, desert, snow?"
"Oh! Jungle then"
"Right..." He was still sceptical, Arno admitted he wasn't the most experienced guy out there, but he knew going into the world of billionaires leaves the chance of getting on their bad side, then they can make you disappear, at a cost of course, but to them that's toilet paper money.
"Are you interested?" Blake asked.
He thought, his next shootout might be his last, rather take your chances and live a wealthy life before you die.
"Yes, I'll take it"
She smiled "Brilliant, first matter at hand is your banking details, can I have them?"
Arno reached over to his phone and got it on his banking application, then gave them to her.
"Fantastic..." She was busy on her own phone for a few seconds then got up "I will go book you out of the hospital, don't worry about packing a bag, you can just buy yourself some new clothes, everything this side, your renting apartment, your dept, your resignation, will be handled, see you in a few minutes" She smiled again and leaved.
'Fok she's pretty' Arno thought, but then his stomach cringed... 'Everything will be handled?' That's super sketchy! Looking at his phone he decided to dial Brits up.
"Sir, I took the contract"
"Good, dammit! If you didn't I would have came and choked you"
"I get a feeling I'm leaving immediately sir, so I can't give my resignation, I don't want to burn my bridge with you"
"That's been sorted don't worry, and if the contract goes sour, you are always welcome to work for me boet, but I'll make you a manager or something" Brits said.
"Thanks sir" He chuckled.
"Best of luck boet"
"Thank you sir"
When Arno put the phone down he got the message in his phone:
"CarVal-WIC advance payment of R342201. Available balance: R343311"
Arno felt like he could faint.

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