Just a mall cop

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"Yes, now a tactical officer is more trained, you carry bigger guns like a shotgun or a carbine, and you respond to higher priority clients like banks and stuff, there usually you are two on a vehicle" Arno said subconsciously taking a drink. "So what grades does a tactical officer have?" She asked but he pointed at her bottles. "My turn first, what did you do in the seals? What division?" He took another drink but realized he took two, making Genevieve laugh at his face. "I was a sniper" "Sniper!? Holy s**t! What rifle did you use!?" He said excitedly. "Ah ah, my turn" She said drinking "I'm kinda bored with the security questions if you don't mind, so? I'm 31 how old are you first before I ask" "25" He replied surprised, he judged her his age. "Ok? Had a girlfriend before?" "Yes, a while back" He shrugged, and took a shot "Now, your rifle...?" "An MK15..." "MK15? What's that? I never heard of an MK15 before!?" She cheekily wove her finger "No no, you're not allowed to do that" "Noo! You need to elaborate!" She giggled and took a shot "Did you and her? You know? Screw?" She winked. Arno felt his face warm up "Uh, yes" "Why that face? Was it naughty? Did you two get caught?" He folded his arms "Right back at you, my turn now" "Oh! Now I know how that feels" He chuckled "Ok now what's an MK15?" "It's a bolt action fifty caliber sniper rifle" His eyes sat wide "A fifty cal!?" "Jip" "How did your tiny ass even pick that up!?" She laughed "f**k you! I'm stronger than I look" Arno could figure that "Well, ok then, your turn" She placed her empty bottle down and thought "Ok, what age were you two?" "When we...?" "Yup" "Eighteen" "No! You were barely out of your training wheels!" Arno laughed "Let's just say it happened like this here" He gestured at all the bottles on the table "We had the privilege of having both our birthdays on the same day, so decided to brake into the supposed adulthood with a bang, we drank a lot, and one thing lead to another" "Did you at least wear protection?" "Nope, she got pregnant but it was a miscarriage" "Oh... Sorry bout that" "It's fine, her father nearly killed me though, he was a corporal in the army, I never ran so fast in my life" He said smiling making her laugh. "Did you see her after that?" "Nope, would you go back if a man shot you with salt loaded shotgun shells?" Genevieve burst out with laughter "He shot you with salt!?" "Yeah! It hurt like f**k!" They were past the game now, the conversation basically opened up and there was a less tense atmosphere between them, Arno enjoyed her company a lot, she was chilled when she drank, just like Blake said. "So you?" He asked "Any naughty stories?" She leaned on her elbows holding a bottle to her mouth "I, screwed a corporal in the Marines once" "You screwed a Marine!?" He yelled laughing. "Not just a Marine, he was a corporal!" "That's brilliant!" "He was married to his staff Sargent and she got wind of it" Arno nearly spat his drink out and laughed louder "Fucksakes! Who got it worse!? You or him!?" She smiled slyly "I knew that next day I was off to Iraq, so I didn't care" "Oh! f**k! That poor man!" He said leaning on his arms laughing. When Arno finally got his breath back he sighed "Oh geez that's so funny" "It was fun" She said just smiling, Arno could see the alcohol was kicking in. "You can't be getting drunk now?" He asked. "I'm allowed to" "No! I barely warmed up" "Haha!" She said sitting up right and taking another drink "What's your worst fear?" "Mist" He said. "Mist?" "Yeah, my worst fear is being in mist, the idea of not being able to see what's beyond it, or if there is something in it, I don't remember what it's called right now" "That's a weird phobia" She said. "And you?" "Spiders" "No!?" "Yes" "A Navy seal afraid of spiders!?" "Hey I'm just human you know!" "Ok ok, I'm joking, so why do you think we need these weapons to go into a search and rescue mission?" She leaned in closely "You know what I think? I think they have mutated lions and stuff like that" "Mutated lions!?" He asked looking at Blake her earphones still in, still typing away on her laptop "Bullshit right?" "I don't care, as long as I get to shoot me something" She smirked. "You scare me" He said. The two conversed as for as long as they could, eventually the both of them drew the seats back and talked that way until they passed out. When they woke up the plane touched down. "We're in America now right?" Arno asked sitting up. "No, we're here" Blake said smiling, she was already gathering her stuff. "Here!? On the island?" "Yes, you two drank almost all the alcohol on the plane! You were out cold!" She said laughing. Genevieve held her forehead and looked at Arno "Ugh, forget what happened Mallcop, don't think because we had a good time together were buddies now" She said and got up leaving. He looked at Blake astounded, she shrugged "Told you?" "Oh well, at least we got that massive flight out of the way" He said and got up as well. When the plane stopped and the door opened Arno gasped at the skyscrapers just beyond the small airport, they were very modern, he could truly see a million dollars going into a design like that, it was almost futuristic. Genevieve bumped him out of the way where he stood on top the steps as she came past "Move mall cop" Arno's headache held his comeback back, he wasn't in the mood. A bus took them to the tallest of the buildings, there weren't many, maybe eight, all standing in a neat circle, then the tall tower in the middle rising above them. They walked in carrying their bags, Blake was pacing now and they actually had to go into a jog every now and then. A lift took them up to the very top floor, Arno read the numbers on the elevator, 100... Hundred floors! The doors pinged and opened. "Welcome you two" Blake said stepping into an office space, Arno was baffled seeing this entire top floor was an office. At a table set in the middle were two more people, Arno saw the girl first, but her uniform had him stunned, the long brown trenchcoat, and a neat, clean, white hat, he saw that before, that very same cap, tall, and perfectly round, many who don't know what it means will think it odd, but Arno knew, that was a sign that this woman was a decorated soldier of the French foreign legion. "F, fok" He mumbled and the woman turned to him as he approached, blond hair and blue eyes, but her gaze like ice. He swallowed placing his bags down and looked at the other, a giant African American man, his arms like logs and his muscular chest pushing out his brown shirt that said 'U.S. Marines' Arno suddenly felt like a worm, in the presence of a Seal, a Marine, and a Foreign legionnaire... He's really is just a f*****g mall cop after all!
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