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Arno gave her a squinted stare "Nailed 200? Did you attempt at two hundred or accidentally hit it?" Blake got shy "I'm sorry, I'm running a tight schedule" "Don't let her fool you Arno, she's a sly fox" Genevieve said. "It's Arno..." He teased knowing the 'r' she pronounced was faded. "Arno..." Genevieve said looking at him. "No, Arrrno... Not Ahno" "Oh f**k off!" She said turning sideways in her seat making Blake laugh. He chuckled looking at Blake, but couldn't help catching those smooth legs in the side of his vision again, he followed them down to her pedals then notices she was driving with high heels. "You manage to drive with those heels?" "This is the second time you watched my legs hey?" Arno flinched. "p*****t alert!" Genevieve said laughing. "I'm sorry, it's hard to miss something as good looking as that" He teased and glanced at Genevieve, she actually had very short jeans on and her legs were exposed all the way from it down to her boots, he jerked his head back when she turned to him. "I saw that!" "Saw what!?" He asked. "You checked me out as well!" He only shrugged and kept his eyes out the window. It was probably ok for Blake to hit two hundred here, it was the N14 highway, meaning they're probably heading to Lanceria airport, it's privately owned so no one will frown upon the weapons they bring through, at a cost of course, but that probably didn't bother Blake and her boss. They went through a back gate and passed a few hangars, then Blake brought the Vito to a halt. "Here we go, get your gear and let's board" Blake said climbing out with haste. "We're just going to leave the van here?" Arno asked also hurriedly getting his stuff. "Someone will come fetch it later" Blake replied already scaling the steps of the leerjet. "Wow, never traveled in something this fancy before?" Genevieve said looking at the plane. "I never even flied before, let alone something like this" Arno said. Inside the plane Genevieve took a seat in the far back, kicked her legs up on another seat and tucked her cap down again. Arno sat a few seats away from where Blake sat down and buckled up. "How long is the flight?" He asked. "About sixteen hours, we'll be making a fuel stop in America first before taking off towards the island, that's another four hours" "Aah! That's ages of flying!" He sighed. "Yip, welcome to my life" Blake said opening her laptop as the plane started to taxi out. Arno kept the outside in view as they took off, somehow it felt like a relief, this country had almost killed him on numerous occasions, and now he's off to a new life. Only two hours in the battery of his phone was already flat from gaming so he locked it and sat back. Peeking past the seat at Blake showed him she was still typing away at that laptop. He looked back, Genevieve still slept soundly. "Say? Are there any refreshments on this plane?" He asked Blake. "Yes, I'm not an air hostess, you should help yourself" She said gesturing to the back. "Want anything?" He asked getting up. "A bottle of water would be nice" She smiled. "Coming up" He said and headed back. Passing Genevieve made him get a good glance at her legs, she was ripped, not athletic, her legs were muscular, what on earth did she do before she came here? In the kitchen he scanned, there had to be some sort of alcohol here? Aha! He found a tray, and it was filled with these small bottles of alcohol of all kinds. "I'm taking all of this" He smirked and got a bottle of water out of the fridge. He pushed the trolley past Genevieve which woke her up, he paid her no mind. "Here you go" He said holding the bottle to Blake. "Thanks" She said but frowned at the tray. "I can take as much as I want right?" "Uh, yeah, sure" He smiled turning back to his seat, then sat down. The side of the tray opened up and exposed all the sorts of little bottles, he fidgeted with his fingers then decided 'Screw it!' He reached in and grabbed two hands full, placing them all on the table in front of him. "Booya!" He said a tad too loud and opened up the first bottle. When he had it swallowed away In one gulp he looked down to find Genevieve plopping down in front of him. "And?" He asked. "It seems we have something in common" She smiled also looking wide eyed at the tray. Arno laughed "I thought this trip was going to bore me to death, but now I'm actually not so worried" "Likewise" Genevieve also took two hands full and placed them on the table. Arno bought four bottles of brandy back in South Africa, thinking he might want a bite some time, but now he was satisfied that he could get completely slaughtered before he goes into this new life and not even touch his backup brandy stashed in his duffle bags. "So what did you do before you came here?" Genevieve asked opening two little bottles and drinking them together. "I was in the private security sector" "Private security? Holy s**t you're a mall cop!" "Mall cop!?" "That's what we call a security guard in America" She said and laughed. "Hey I wasn't a mall cop!?" He said and looked at Blake, she smiled and placed in earphones, something told him she didn't want to be disturbed right now. "Ok? So what then?" Genevieve asked. Arno smiled "I have an idea, let's make this into a drinking game, every question you ask you must take a shot first" Genevieve got a broad smile "I'm gonna make you sorry you suggested that" "Pff, I'm scared" "Ok then?" She took a shot. "I was a Tactical officer" "What the hell is a tactical officer?" He wove a finger "My turn now" He smirked. "Ah" She said and sat back. "What did you do?" He asked taking his shot. "I was a US Navy seal" His eyes grew wide "A fokkin Navy seal!?" "Wow, so you South Africans know a thing or two?" "Don't make us out to be tools! We have technology you know!" Genevieve laughed "Technology? How did you know about the Seals?" "Google woman!? Movies, you know?" "Ok, ok, I'm just teasing" She giggled. "Well, for what it's worth, I've always wanted to meet a seal" She smiled "Well now you have" Arno was flabbergasted, an actual Navy seal? Right here!? Now her ripped legs made sense, she was part of the best, of the best. "My turn" She said and took her shot "Why call it a tactical officer?" "Well, in SA we have grades in the private security industry of South Africa, or psira for short, grade D and you can become either a control room operator, or a guard. Grade C and you can become an Armed response officer, there basically you get a uniform, bullet proof, a pistol and a car, you patrol an area and respond to alarms at residential areas and so forth" Genevieve frowned "Bulletproof and a gun?"
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