The Demon's Substitute Bride

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Daemon Loukas is furious, he had dreamt of the day he'd finally claim the angel Angelisa Laquintta as his own but the blasted angel refused him and instead offered her half sister, Aella, a half blood to him. He needed someone to take his anger out on and Aella was going to be the lucky one to experience his full wrath.

Aella Challis is unaware of her angel background, in fact she believes that there only exists humans on earth. That is, until she starts having dreams of an incredibly handsome man that seemed to have come straight out of an erotic fantasy movie. Each night he's seducing her in different ways, taking more of her every time. Aella knows something is up especially when she starts seeing the man from her dreams in real life, but she swears she's hallucinating for she's the only one that sees him, Aella wasn't one to back down without a fight, she wanted answers and she was going to get them.

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Chapter 1
The Otherworld Daemon's POV: The flames rose around me as I stepped up the stairs to my father's throne, the day we had long awaited was finally here. It was time to claim Angelisa Laquintta as my bride. The serpents at the door hissed and bit down into my hand before the doors opened to give me access to my father's chambers.  My eyes settled on my brother Loch seated at the table. "Where's father?" I asked searching the area for him. Loch quirked a brow at me. " Have you forgotten brother, father was set to leave for a few days so he left me here in charge." "Have you both forgotten what today is?" I asked taking a few steps closer to the table. He chuckled." How can anyone forget, it's the day you finally make that angel you're quite fond of your bride." I stiffened at his words. " Your words bring me discomfort." He offered me a wide smile. "Where's the lie? You're quite smitten with the angel, don't deny it." My jaw clenched at his words, it was true that I considered Angelisa to be a beauty but that wasn't the reason I wanted her as my bride. " You're wrong Loch, this is all about letting the angel suffer . . . I could never be smitten over a God damn angel." He gave his shoulder a small shrug. "I shall not comment any further then." He responded giving his head a small shake before his eyes lit up again. "It seems as though your bride has arrived." He was right, I sensed the angel's presence. The shrill of excitement that ran through my body went unnoticeable by my brother but he kept his mouth shut. I didn't spare a second more as I parted ways from Loch and made my way back to my own chambers, where no doubt the angel was already waiting. The doors flew open at my command and the flash of silver blond hair was the first thing that caught my attention. Angelisa slowly turned, giving me a full view of her features that closely matched those of a Goddess. Sparkling silver like crystal eyes to match her long hair that reached her luscious curves and soft pink lips that were pressed firmly together in a tight line, letting me know that the angel didn't want to be here, that fact only seemed to brighten my mood. "You're early, excited for the bond I see." I teased, unable to hide a devilish smirk that formed easily on my mouth. Her eyes flashed with amusement, the way she looked at me now made me feel uneasy, there was something she wasn't telling me. "Hold your tongue demon." She warned, her voice soft much like most angels, their voices often came across as music to the ear." There is much to discuss, the main one being that I'm no longer available to be your bride." "What are you saying?" I drawled taking a step closer to her. Her eyes lit up, the damn angel was happy to see my distress. "I'm saying, that I must refuse this alliance—" "It's against the rules of the Deities—" She shook her finger at me. "Now that's not true Daemon, you see . . . according to the laws of the deities pertaining to alliances between angels and demons, one can withdraw from the alliance if one can supply an appropriate substitute bride." I quirked a brow at her, my fists tightening at my sides. "And have you . . . found a bride to take your place?" She smiled, her skin practically glowing, something that often happened when angels were happy, the light within often shone on the outside. It only seemed to dampen my mood further. "I have." My jaw clenched as I watched her snap her fingers to reveal an image in front of us, it was hazy at first but as the cloudy mist dissipated it became much clearer to see what she was trying to show to me. A girl . . . a young girl. She had pastel pink hair but I couldn't see her face, she was in a diner or something of the sort, I believe that was what the humans called it. Wait . . . humans? She was human . . . what the f**k was the meaning of this? "What are you showing to me?" "Keep watching and you'll see demon." The girl slowly turned so that I could see her full face, my entire being froze. Full plump pink lips, perfectly shaped nose, round face and beautiful striking green eyes. I couldn't look away, for the first time in my f*****g existence I couldn't look away from someone. "Who is she?" "Your bride." My breath caught in my throat as I turned to face the angel. "She's a f*****g human—" "Correction, half human, she's my half sister you see so it makes her an appropriate substitute bride, she has angel blood in her so she should do just fine." "That's not possible . . . that shouldn't be right." "There isn't a rule against it, as long as there is angel blood in her system she is eligible to be your bride." My lips pressed together in a tight line, she was right, there wasn't a single rule against having a half blood as your bride, as long as there was angel blood running in her veins the alliance could work. "I wasn't aware that you had a half sister. "I pointed out as I unknowingly went back to study the image of the half blood still floating mid-air in front of me. "Well now you know and she's yours to claim." My anger resurfaced at how easily she broke our alliance and brought forward this foolish proposal. "What am I supposed to do with a f*****g half blood?" I growled. "That's your problem, not mine." She said, the glow on her skin becoming brighter. "Farewell Daemon." "ANGELISA-" I roared but the f*****g angel was already gone. FUCKKK!

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