Chapter 2 Zombie is coming

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Zombie! Elvis immediately realized what it was. This species, which had only been mentioned in novels and films, now appeared in reality! He knew very well how horrible zombie was! It was the group but the single zombie that was frightening! If they gathered in a group, the huge amount would make human beings nowhere to escape.   The director's cry for help pulled Elvis out of the great fear. His blood flowed to the feet of Elvis, and he was weaker and weaker in the struggle. The devil behind him keeps swallowing his flesh and blood mechanically as if it would never be able to eat its fill.   Even knowing that his director may not be able to survive, Elvis still took him by arm instinctively and did his best to help him get rid of the zombie. As the zombie was clinging to the director's body, Elvis pulled both of them toward him. Unfortunately, the movement annoyed the zombie as it was enjoying its delicious food.   The zombie let go of the director and threw itself at Elvis. It happened too quickly for Elvis to make any reaction. When he collected himself, he found himself crashing the desk behind him because of the hit by the zombie.   With the zombie in the front of him, Elvis grabbed it by the neck with both of his hands to avoid being bitten. At the same time, he asked Mike for help. However, shocked by the fearsome scenes he had seen, Mike walked toward the gate trembling without caring about Elvis.   “Screw you!” Elvis cursed Mike in mind. All he could do was look around to see what he could use to kill the zombie.   Computer monitor, phone, charger, coffee cup... Those were all the things at hand. The monitor was too big for him to pick up with a single hand, and even if he could, it would be impossible to use it in such a small space. The charger was useless; the coffee cup was too small to have any killing power; now the only thing suitable for use was the phone.   Elvis held the zombie with his left arm. He then grabbed the telephone on the desk with his right hand and hit it on the head with the phone.   One, two, three times…the zombie’s head was constantly smashed by the phone and half of it was badly mutilated, leaving the bones bare to be seen.   Finally, the zombie released his grip on Elvis’s back and walked backward after being hit no one knew how many times. At that time, Elvis grabbed the swivel chair with both hands and hit the zombie’s feet with it.   With a dull thud, the zombie fell over because of the loss of balance. Dropping the chair, Elvis walked up to the zombie and placed his right knee on the back of it, hoping to fix it on the ground.   With the zombie under control, Elvis grabbed the phone on the ground again, raised it high and then hit the zombie on the back of its head with all the strength he had.   Bang! Bang! Bang! After hitting it for a few times, the back of its head became sunken. But Elvis did not stop until the phone fell apart.   Sitting on the ground gasping for breath and looking at the blood and brain around, Elvis was stricken by bursts of excitement instead of fear and panic. The fight with the zombie just excited him!   Elvis rested quietly. Two minutes later, his breathing slowed down and he gradually calmed down.   He walked up to the window and looked down at the streets and buildings. The yellow smog outside dispersed sometime. Bathed in the sunshine, Elvis felt it had warmed every inch of his body and drove away from the coldness inside.   The streets were now in great chaos. Cars were scattered all over the streets, with some crashing into one another, cutting off the road. Cars came later either crashed into others by accident or stopped far away. In the end, drivers all dropped their cars and fled away after knowing what had happened.   Zombies were playing the most primitive hare and hounds with human beings, with the winners being rewarded with lives of people. “People” came out of the buildings nearby unceasingly and joined the game.   Looking at everything around, Elvis could not help but lament the fragility of humanity. Just then, he saw a man from the reflection of the window walking towards him from behind. He was no others but his director. The zombie virus proved to be infectious, and the corpse of his director had become a zombie.   It lurched toward Elvis incongruously like a toddler. With the other side of the neck being eaten up, its neck was slanted to one side. The exposed bones and flesh together with the greyish black skin made it much more hideous.   After a few steps, his “director” seemed to be accustomed to its body. It jumped at Elvis and the broken neck seemed to have no effect on its movement.   With the experience of fighting the previous zombie, Elvis did not get panic this time. He kicked the zombie to the ground the moment it jumped. He then immediately rushed up to step on its chest.   The zombie writhed under Elvis’s feet in vain. The smooth ground made it difficult for it to get up; all it could do was shake Elvis’s leg with its hands.   Ignoring its resistance, Elvis tore down one side of the fixed telephone wire on the wall, squatted down and put the wire around the zombie's neck for a few laps. He then tied a knot and dragged it to the window.   When they reached the widow, Elvis lifted the zombie with the wire and grabbed the back of its neck to make it face the window. Then he opened the window, got the upper body of the zombie out of the window, and then raised its legs to throw it from the window with its head down.   One by one, a row of clips used to fix the telephone wire on the wall were bounced open. It didn't stop until the wire was stuck at the corner of the wall. The wire swayed as the zombie hung outside rocking.   From outside, a zombie would be seen hanging outside the window of the twelfth floor. With a continuous struggle, the wound in its broken neck had become larger and larger; finally, its head and body were separated by the telephone wire and fell off together.   Having killed two zombies, Elvis felt exhausted. He picked up the fallen chair and leaned on it with his feet on the desk.   He closed his eyes, enjoying the warm sunshine quietly as if nothing had happened. At that moment, he was the king of the cubicle.e had seen, Mike walked toward the gate trembling without caring about the engendered Elvis.
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