Rising Son

realistic earth
poor to rich

My girlfriend dumped me. She was a gold digger. Her rich scumbag boyfriend humiliated me.

Why was this all happening? Was it because I was broke?

“Ding! 15,000,000 dollars have been transferred to your account.”

An unexpected text message completely changed my life.

The father I had never met was actually a billionaire?

I now had a mature, beautiful assistant to serve me?

“Sir, I’ll address all your needs.”

My god, if this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up!

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Chapter 1 - Receiving 15 Million
The Moonlight Club, in Razor City. The time was 10 p.m.. Dressed in my waiter’s uniform, I pushed a cart of champagne—Ace of Spades—to the club’s second floor. I was in quite a good mood, since it was payday. It had been two months since my girlfriend, Dawn Smith, said she wanted the new iPhone 13. That price tag of over twelve hundred dollars was, in my books, a hefty sum. I could not afford to disappoint her, so I made sure I could afford the phone, by picking up part-time jobs after school. It was hard work, but I appreciated her understanding. She never complained about me not spending enough time with her, nor did she ever bother me while I was at work. Though, a small part of me always wished she would. With one hand on the cart, I knocked on one of the rooms on the second floor. “The wine you ordered has arrived,” I said with a polite smile. The door opened and my smile froze. Sitting on a sofa in the room was my beloved Dawn, wearing an incredibly revealing low-cut dress, her deep cleavage in full view. The dress barely extended below her butt, leaving her thighs completely exposed. Her fair skin glistened with seductive allure under the dim neon light of the room as she lay cuddled up in a man's arms, a provocative smile dancing on her face. I knew that man. He was Johnny Miller, and we went to college together. I noticed a couple of bodyguards in the room, but by the looks of it, Johnny did not seem to care about the presence of others near him. With a perverted smile, he reached under Dawn’s skirt, teasing her p***y through the thin fabric of her panties. Dawn started panting from the touch and wrapped her arms around his neck, flirting with her eyes. “D-Dawn? Is that you?!” I stared blankly at this scene, my voice hoarse. “Gael? Gael Taylor?!” Dawn raised her head and looked at me. Shame flashed across her face, but only for an instant. She got up and stormed toward the door. The moment she got up, I caught a glimpse of her panties, which were soaked. Her inner thighs were coated with something sticky, and as she walked, the stuff formed a strand of fluid that hung between her legs. Full of rage, she raised her hand and slapped me. “Fucker, did you follow me here?!” I scowled, but before I could speak, Johnny interrupted me. “It’s not his fault. I chose this place for our date specifically because I knew he was working here.” Johnny slowly walked toward Dawn and wrapped his arms around her slender waist, a mocking smile on his face. “Johnny...” Dawn pouted. Her attitude completely switched. Her expression was very different from when she faced me. She coyly pursed her lips. “You invited me on a date for this? I only want to be with you tonight. Seeing his broke ass just ruins the atmosphere.” “Ruins the atmosphere? Really? I actually find it quite amusing.” Johnny playfully looked into my eyes and burst out laughing. “It just never gets old. That face, that face one makes when they see their girlfriend f*****g another man, I love it. Gael, tell me, how do you feel?” “You...” My breathing grew more rapid. Rage boiled inside me. I glared at the two people in front of me. “Dawn, I did so much just for you, and this is how you repay me?” Dawn leveled me with an indifferent look. Her voice was cold as she responded, “You did s**t for me. I want to live a life full of riches, can you give me that?! Look at Johnny. He’s the rich heir of a wealthy family! Those premium bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne cost over 8k, and he buys me purses, phones, and makeup. Now, look at yourself. You’re a loser that can barely feed yourself, let alone buy me stuff. You’re still in debt, right?” I seethed with rage. “I’m in debt because I had to pay for your stuff! But I’ve almost finished paying it off...” Dawn gave me a look of disdain. “Sorry, but did I force you into debt? It was of your own volition. You willingly chose to go into debt. Besides, I just wanted some cheap stuff. To think your broke ass would make such a big deal about it! Johnny spends thousands of dollars on me every day. Face it, you’re a f*****g broke ass b***h!” Facing Dawn’s expression, which reeked of disdain and contempt, my heart filled with anger and bleakness. I had never imagined Dawn would turn out to be this kind of person. Johnny looked at me. Suddenly, he revealed a malicious smile, and pointed at Dawn. “Gael, you’ve been in love with this w***e for a long time, but you never did dare to touch her in any way, right? Well, I’m in a good mood today, which calls for a special reward for you!” As he talked, Johnny suddenly raised his hand and violently tore at the neckline of Dawn’s dress. Dawn cried out in surprise. Two large, plump breasts with pink n*****s spilled out. “Do you know why she never wears a bra? It’s to let me play with her t**s at anytime!” Johnny made a vulgar smile as he grabbed one of Dawn’s t**s and began squeezing roughly. His fingers sank deep into her supple flesh. “Ahh!” Dawn cried in pain but did not resist. Instead, she snuggled into his arms, a horny look on her face. “There are still people here... Ehh, it hurts—ah, be gentle-” Johnny ignored her and continued to fiercely squeeze and fondle her fair breasts. “You see, kid, this is a world where money amounts to everything! For money, women will act like subservient whores. But, you, a f*****g i***t who dosen't have money, will forever be a boot-licking slave!” “Shut the f**k up!” Seeing this all happen in front of me pushed me to the edge, I could not take it anymore. My anger exploded. I yelled and charged forward. Johnny’s bodyguard by the door blocked my way, standing in front of Johnny. He swung his fist right into my face. Consumed by rage, I lunged forward recklessly, desperately trying to fight him. It was futile. After all, I was just an ordinary student. How could I fight a trained bodyguard? Soon, I was lying on the ground, my face beaten and bloodied. I was powerless, without even an ounce of strength left. “Throw him out.” Johnny’s face hovered above me as he casually waved his hand. “You guys go too, this slut’s super horny. Gonna have to f**k her a few times.” “Ugh, yes, Johnny, I’m soaking wet down there. Hurry up, get over here.” The door closed and I heard faint moaning sounds coming from inside the room. I lay on the cold floor, my entire body aching. After a while, I got up painfully and staggered out of the club. I clenched my fists silently, my nails digging into my palms. I sat by the roadside, shrubs shadowing my sorry figure. The wound on my forehead still oozed blood, but I did not care. Even going to the hospital was out of the question, as I was too poor. I could only pull out a pack of tissues and apply pressure to the wound, hoping that the wound was not too big and would heal on its own. Dawn was a w***e, and Johnny, a bastard, but he was right about one thing. In this world, money was everything! Wasn’t all that I suffered today a result of me being poor? I refuse to be subjected to this fate. Nothing is permanent! I will rise up! Once I have money and power, I’ll get my revenge! [Ding!] The phone in my pocket chimed with a notification. [15,000,000.00 dollars has been transferred to Account 2813. Balance: 15,000,070.00 dollars.] “s**t, what the f**k is this?” I stared blankly at the series of zeros on my phone's screen. My heart began beating furiously and my breathing sped up. This was…“15 million dollars?” 15 million dollars had been deposited into my bank account? My hands subconsciously inched the device closer to my face and I carefully counted the zeros. It was actually 15 million! How was this possible? Did the bank make a mistake and deposit it to the wrong account? Was this a new type of scam? I took a few deep breaths and steadied myself. I needed to analyze what just happened, but at that very moment, my phone rang suddenly, startling me, it was an unknown number. I collected my thoughts before answering the call. “Hello?” “Hello. I beg your pardon, am I speaking with Gael Taylor?” It was a young woman’s voice, carrying a hint of respect. “Yes,” I replied. “A pleasure meeting you, sir. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Violet Glenn, the personal assistant assigned by your father. You’ve received the 15 million dollar transfer, correct?” I was stunned. Having no time to process all her words, I only focused on the last sentence. “You were the one who transferred the money to me?!” “To be precise, it was transferred by your father.”

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