A Wild Ride


Someone said to Nick Johnson, “There is no difference between a c**k and a clit. It is just a matter of size.” Well to a straight guy there’s a big difference. And Nick Johnson was as straight as it gets. He had so many girls in college, he couldn’t return for the second semester. Nick was down on his luck. He was alone in a great big world and couldn’t begin to get ahead. He had no job, no future and no family to help him out.His nights were spent on the internet, reading porn and watching videos of women dominating men. He constantly dreamed of serving a beautiful dominatrix, scantily dressed in sexy black leather, wielding a cruel whip.Quite often he had heard that things on the internet are not as they appear. He was so naïve by thinking, “That can’t happen to me.”After answering an ad on Craig’s list for a night of “fun with ropes, whips and paddles,” he learned how deceptive people can be. He quickly realized that he was wrong. It could happen to him.I guess “fun with whips and paddles” is an oxymoron. The words fun and whips sort of contradict each other, especially when the person using the whip in a devout sadist. There’s nothing fun about a brutal flogging. There’s nothing fun about having a cattle prod held to your testicles while you’re hanging by your wrists from the ceiling. There is nothing fun when a straight, heterosexual male is forced to suck a c**k rather than eat a p***y. Nick’s journey through life just goes from bad to worse. Every turn seems to be down an even rougher road. From drug dealers and pimps to sadistic killers and leather doms, he experiences it all. He is forced to endure more than anyone would ever think possible, yet he somehow seems to persevere.

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A Wild Ride by Patrick Richards ISBN: 978-1-942331-63-6 Cover Art ©Nunique - Shutterstock.com A Pink Flamingo Ebook Publication Copyright © 2015, All rights reserved With the exception of quotes used in reviews, no part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, by any means, including mechanical, electronic, photocopying recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the publishers. For information contact: Pink Flamingo Publications www.pinkflamingo.com P.O. Box 632 Richland, MI 49083 USA Email Comments: comments@pinkflamingo.com Introduction When something happens in life, we often call it an accident. The second time it’s merely coincidence, but when it happens over and over again – it is destiny. Nick Johnson was on a dead end path through life. He had missed all the opportunities that life had presented to him. Like many young men, he spent too much time partying and flunked out of college after the very first semester. Most guys are shocked back to reality and quickly figure out what they want to do with their lives. Some get jobs, while others join the Navy to see the world. But Nick could see no future. He had no skills or even a close family to fall back on. He was on his own, trudging slowly along in a fast paced world. Nick worked a few hours a week at McDonalds but couldn’t even hold a job as a clerk in a convenience store for more than a night or so. He was going nowhere fast and couldn’t slow his descent. One evening while on the internet, he discovered a site dedicated to Femdom porn. He was immediately intrigued and quickly drawn in. He looked at pictures of sexy leather-clad women, read stories about their sub’s painful experiences and watched videos of guys kneeling before their Mistresses, bound in chains and feeling fiendish whips to satisfy their lust. This excited him like nothing else in life. As he indulged in this fantasy, he became more excited than a s*x crazed teen in a college sorority house. Those stories and videos were an aphrodisiac to him. They, along with m**********n, were his total s*x life. Strange desires were constantly on his mind. He imagined that he was the victim in those stories and videos. He was the one in handcuffs. He was the one in chains. He was the one screaming in pain as the whips brutally bruised his ass. He wanted it more than anything. Then one evening he came across an ad on Craig’s list. Nick’s life changed forever when he answered it. He found his future. He found his dream, but it was not what he ever expected. Nothing could prepare Nick for what he had to endure. A dozen lashes from a woman’s whip was a mere tickle of a feather compared to the tortures and abuse he gets while on his journey. They say, “Life is cruel”. Nick Johnson discovered just how true that is.

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