Chapter 1 - The Perfect Luna

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It's early morning, still dark outside and I'm lying in my bed. I hear my door opening softly. It's Bret, I can smell him a mile away. I hold my giggle in, excited about my good morning kiss. I lay there waiting till he is right in front of me. I grab him by his shirt and pull him over me as I roll over and situated myself on top of him. “Adeline… you will make us late.” He tries to sound serious, but I can feel his excitement under me. “I know” I giggled. “I have been waiting for you” with a sly smile I lean down to give him a soft kiss. He grabs my face, deepening the kiss. It gets intense and the moment he lets go to catch a breath I take the opportunity to jump off him. “You will be the death of me” he sighs and falls down on the pillow. “You better get out of here before my father catches you.” I walk backwards towards the bathroom to get ready for our training. “He would be ecstatic thinking he is getting grandbabies.” He leans over in his elbow to face me. He has a boy scout look to him with his buzz cut and neat attire, even now when he is heading to the training grounds, he is in a button up shirt and dress pants. His devotion to our traditions and his duty to our pack is written all over him with his formal appearance and I loved that about him. “Without an official mating ceremony?” I ask and huffed out a chuckle. “He would kill you for dishonoring our family in that way.” I add. He gets up with a big smile on his face. “Like I said the death of me.” He wraps his arms around me, resting his chin on my shoulder. I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck. “I would like to avoid that”, I said, giving him one more kiss. “Now go, so I can get dressed for training. I am losing precious time here.” Bret and myself have been together since we were 14 years old. His father is the Beta of the pack, putting Bret next in line to become the Beta. My father, the Alpha of the Pine creek Pack, only had 3 daughters. Our Pack is still very old school and women cannot lead the pack. With no son, my father has no successor. As the oldest sibling, it makes me the Alpha born. This means my position as the next Luna of the pack is secured, and my mate… true mate or chosen mate, will be the next Alpha of our pack. When Bret and I started dating, we were sure we were true mates, but when I turned 18, my wolf did not recognize Bret as our mate. We agreed to stay together and be chosen mates, unless one of us finds our true mate. If that had to happen, Bret would still be my Beta. We promised to never abandon one another, as comrades or as mates. My only condition was that I would save myself until I choose to mate. Bret left my room and I rushed to put on trainers to meet him at the training grounds. After high school, I convinced my father to let me observe his Alpha duties, knowing my mate was not in our pack it was easy to convince him. I told him to uphold our traditions and the way he runs the pack I need to be taught by him for when I choose the next Alpha. Knowing my obedient nature, he agreed as long as it is only as an observer. My entire life I was prepared to be the perfect Luna. Honestly, it is not the most exciting job, but I understood the importance of this role and accepted my duties. Adding the Alpha observations was the highlight of my day-to-day schedule. One day when I observed the warrior training with my father, I was instantly obsessed. Convincing him to let me train was not an easy task, but at the end of the day the idea of leaving my life in the hands of an unknown person he agreed. His compromise however was that I do not train with the rest of the pack and only with warriors of his choosing. It turned out to be Bret alongside Elliot and Cameron. Elliot is tall and built like a bear, has surfer blond hair that reaches his shoulders with a slight curl to them. His sun-kissed skin and blue eyes has all the she wolves swooning over him, and he loves it. Cameron is about the same height as Elliot but with dark sleek black hair. He is less muscular than Elliot but still very ripped. They were in school with Bret, but I never really knew them until my father assigned them to train with me. In the beginning, they were very frustrated having to train with a woman. Women in my pack usually go into teaching, medicine, or culinary arts. I think once I proven myself capable of taking and throwing punches, we soon became good friends. When I get to the training ground Elliot and Cameron are busy sparring while Bret is overseeing their techniques. “Wow, a lady is 5 min late and you start without me?” Everyone immediately stops. “Im joking” I quickly said so they can continue, but they all just circle around me. “Honestly, I was joking continue” but no one was listening. Next moment Cameron launches at me, but I turn to the side to dodge his attack. With my back turned to Elliot he tackles from behind, taking me to the ground. I pick up my elbow and knock him in the face, allowing me enough movement to push him off and roll over on top of him. I straddle him holding my claw at his throat. “Now that’s where I like my woman” he chuckles. “man wh**e” I retort before I get the wind knocked out of me by Cameron jumping me again. We roll until he stops on all fours above me pining my hands down. I lift my knee knocking his jewels, making him fall off of me into fetal position. I stood up chuckling. “Not fair” he coughs out. “Well, I mean who plays fair on the battlefield”. Training is the one place I do not have to be perfectly presentable; I get to just let go all while still being calculated and tactical…It was the perfect combination of who I truly was, I loved it. Bret is clapping slowly as I dust myself off. “I have seen you do better” He comments while coming to hold me around my waist and giving me a kiss. “Don’t eat in front of hungry dogs, it’s been a while”. I hear Elliot from behind me but just chuckle in response. We continue sparing and doing some drills that Bret put together for us. At the end of training, I left to grab a shower and the men stayed behind to meet the pack warriors for their actual training. I rushed to get ready for my day. I showered and put on a light blue dress. Being short and very curvy in all the right places I had to choose dresses carefully to avoid looking provocative. This dress covered my breasts, shoulders and knees. Since light blue, yellow and green was our family crest colors and I love representing it, so I always dressed accordingly. These colors just so happened to compliment my complexion very well, so it created the perfect Luna look in my opinion. I was very tanned, with dark eyebrows, hazel eyes and almost white blond hair. Having such dark features always made everyone question if blond hair was really my natural hair color. I put my long hair in a side braid and put on some light make up to match. I stop to look at myself in the mirror one last time, giving myself a nod of approval, and head towards my father’s office. On my way to the Alphas office, I passed the kitchen and saw my mother with the kitchen staff. She is sending me a disapproving look. I’m sure its because I missed breakfast again, so I decided to go in and grab a muffin. “Don’t worry, I’m grabbing something to eat” She giggled. softly shaking her head… “I saw Bret leaving your room again this morning” She states. “Adeline, for 2 years now you have known that Bret is not your true mate. Why are you not out there looking for him, instead of being so set fast on making Bret your chosen mate?” here we go again. My mother and father are true mates and, since me and Bret stayed together after we realized we were not true mates… let’s just say my mother was not the biggest fan of our relationship. My father, on the other hand, agreed with Bret being a good choice as a future Alpha. He believed in true mates and agreed with my mother that I should be with my true mate if I found him, but with the responsibility of the pack on his shoulders and not knowing who or how my true mate would be. He preferred knowing who he was giving his pack over to. If my mate turns out to be ill suited or I decide to reject him, my father would have to fight to kill if he decided to stake a claim for the alpha position and the pack. “Addi, all I want for you is to feel what true love is. One can love others with all your heart, but it will never come close to what you feel with a true mate. You will never experience happiness like with a true mate.” She tries to convince me again. In a week I will be 20 and I have decided I will mate with Bret on my 20th birthday. “Mother, and where is this so-called true mate of mine? I do not see him here looking for me? It's not all on me” I grabbed a muffin and gave her a kiss on her head before leaving. I have made my point, and I do not want to hear it anymore. Before reaching the office door, I got a mind link "Urgent meeting! Alphas office now!" Blue Moon Luna by Aine, all rights reserved. Please let me know if you find my work on any other apps.
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