Chapter 2 - The Aberrant Pack

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I thought I would be the first to arrive at the Alphas office, since I was practically already there. I entered the office and was shocked when I was met with 2 werewolves I had never seen before. “They are scout wolves”, my father informed me. I guess the confusion was all over my face. “Are they the reason you called an urgent meeting?” I'm trying to put together what is going on. “Yes, they needed to go back on the road and I felt that we all should hear what they came to inform us. But let’s wait for the others before I explain more.” I know my place in these meetings, so I nodded my head in agreement, and took my place behind my father's desk, off to the side. I am allowed to observe not partake. Bret and his father, Elijah, walk in, and Martin, my father’s Gamma, follows after. They find themselves a seat ASAP knowing it's an urgent matter. My eyes meet with Bret but he immediately looks away. Being a woman, the men usually do not acknowledge my presence in these meetings, including Bret. With everyone here, my father ushers the scouts to talk. “Alpha Sterling, as you know, we scout and monitor the northern side of Pine Creek territory. We started seeing Boarder markers with the Aberrant Pack crescent showing up around a human town, Woodhill, that is about 2 hours' drive by car from Pine Creek. Knowing we cannot enter Aberrant territory, we decided to rather come back for specific directions before taking this further.” I have never heard of the Aberrant pack, and having them so close to home is making me feel very uneasy. “How is it possible that there is a pack in our state that is not part of the werewolf council?” I mind link my father. He freezes, and I can see he is not happy about my interruption. “The Aberrant pack was ran by a mad man, Alpha Blackwood. They withdrew from the werewolf community decades ago. It was never done before but those who opposed the withdrawal and stood against the Aberrant Pack were killed. Eventually, all the Alphas who made up the Werewolf council decided it’s best to agree with the Aberrant pack.” He is telling everyone but I know he is explaining for my sake. “I don’t remember all the details it was when my father was Alpha, but it comes down to the Aberrant pack is no one’s ally and no one’s enemy. They act within their pack rights and do not seek approval from the council regarding any decisions or punishment for actions against their pack.” My father was still explaining when Bret interjected. “How could the council agree to something like that? It is one pack against the council who is 20 of the biggest packs in America.” My father slams his fist on the table for the rude interruption, and I see Elijah pulling Bret back. “Not all packs were against the Aberrant packs request to withdraw from the community, some did not see the danger and did not see how it affected them. Those who did not agree with the withdrawal started a war and 2 packs were whipped out because of it.” my father explains to Bret but then continues from where he was interrupted before. “The Aberrant pack has moved around a lot, so no one knows their main location, all we ever find is territory markers with the pack emblem on. Last time I heard anything about the Aberrant pack was a few years ago when Alpha Blackwood died. Some outsiders were allowed to show respect to him after the pack finished the burial. Never seeing the new Alpha or any high-ranking wolves, it was made clear that nothing had changed with the death of Blackwood. To this day no one goes into their territory. Fear of not knowing the consequences of any actions taken inside their territory kept people out. Fear justified by the Pack's violent behavior shown in the past, and no one not even the Council, would be able to do anything without starting a war.” He stands up and paces around, then suddenly stops. “We have to inform all the wolves that Woodhill is off limits moving forward. I do not want any casualties, and I do not want to start a fight for nothing. These instructions are directed at the beta and Gamma and they nod in agreement. “For now, follow the boarder markers and map out how far their territory goes.” He indicates to the scouts. “Bring me these territory boarders as soon as possible to discuss. We will then decide if we are taking any further action and notify the council.” My father ushers everyone to leave and I watch as one by one make their way out. My father gave a big sigh and turned to me. “Yes Adeline…” I would always keep my questions for after the meeting to understand decisions and orders given. Pack meetings were no place for women according to our Pack traditions, but my father had no problem answering and teaching me when it was just the tow of us. There has been times that I would disagree and point out flaws. My father did not take that easily and would result in heated arguments, and today, I could tell he was not really wanting to hear what I had to say. “Father! A pack that does whatever they want, to whoever they want? They are right at our doorstep; you have to see the danger in this.” I don’t see any reaction on his face and decided to continue. “We know nothing about them. We do not know who their leader is, how big their pack is or where their main pack location is. We know nothing to determine how big of a threat this is or how to prepare. We cannot sit around waiting blindly.” He takes a deep breath. “Addi, every action does not mean war. Let me handle this.” I cannot believe he is telling me to bud-out! “Father, let me go into the town. Surely they would not feel threatened by one woman. Let me see if I can find out anything about the Alpha or their pack. Let me assess the situation, at least in the town closest to us.” My father’s eyes stretched wide with horror. “Under no circumstances are you to step foot in that town. They might not feel threatened by you, but you know nothing about the world Adeline. They can capture you, r**e you… If they knew who you are, they could use you to take over this pack” he looks at me, as if he could read my mind with all the plans running through my head. “THAT’S AN ORDER!” he is shouting now making me get worked up as well “I can protect myself; you have had me training with our best warriors, If anything, I am the best choice for this. No one expects a woman warrior. I can hold my own”. I try convincing him, but a slam on the table makes me quite immediately. I know this is him saying we are done, so I decide to walk out of his office. Regardless, I am going.
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