Another Meet

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I woke up with the sound of gunshots being fired outside my house. Three loud bangs followed by a scream and then everything fell silent. Like someone just didn’t shoot someone. It was so normal here. Like a routine. I had been living here from past seventeen days and waking up to a sound of gunshot was becoming very normal routine for every day. Just like breathing. Just another day in my neighborhood. Phew. I rose up from my bed to walk in the bathroom before I stripped out of my clothes and took a quick bath. The water was cold here and I was too lazy to warm it up, either. I quickly dressed myself in a sweater and jeans before slamming the door shut behind me. When I reached my destination, the man on the counter looked at me astonished. Shocked. After all, which sane woman would come to such a place, willingly? Elina Green, of course. She was insane, after all. “Elina Green.” I spoke stiffly, tapping my fingers on the counter and he rose his brows when I leaned closer to him. “I need to meet Benjamin.” His mouth opened in shock and I rolled my eyes, looking at him impatiently when he kept gaping at me like a fish. “I don’t have all day.” I gritted out and he snapped out of his trance before narrowing his gaze at me. “Boss doesn’t meet random little girls because of their fascination for him.” I rolled my eyes at him. I agree, I look younger than my age but I am not a little girl. I was a twenty two years old adult with height of 5′7". And secondly, Benjamin was forty eight. I didn’t had any fantasies for old man as such him. The thought itself made me nauseous. “I must assure you, I don’t possess any romantic or s****l fantasies for your Boss. Besides it’s for his own profit.” “What do you mean?” He pressed, irritation etching his tone and I smiled sweetly as I leaned further, meeting his gaze with my own. “I don’t talk with servants when the King himself is inside his kingdom. Now tell me his room number or call him, I don’t care. My time is very important and you’re wasting it right now.” “Benjamin will slit your throat if you continue being a smartass in front of him.” He warned and I chuckled lowly, shaking my head. “My worth is far more than your whole gang, sweetheart. Trust me, he’ll worship the road I’ll walk on instead of killing me.” “We’ll see.” He gritted out and I smiled sweetly at him. We’ll indeed see. ~~~~~ “Do you know the consequences of threatening my own people, Miss Green?” Benjamin asked and I simply laughed, leaning back in my chair. “Well, I am sitting unharmed here, aren’t I?” “You look too confident for someone who’ll be dying in next few seconds, Miss Green.” “I won’t be so foolish if I were you, Benjamin.” His eyes flared dangerously when I called him by his first name. “What do you mean?” He gritted out and I smiled smugly. “You have been trying to break into Carter’s system for a long time now but you’ve been unsuccessful, every single time. Tch." His jaw clenched in visible anger but that only amused me. "How do you know?" I waved my hand at his question. “That doesn’t matter, Benjamin. What matters is, you need to break in his system and I need your money. We need each other, Benjamin.” “And why do you think I’ll trust you, you could be an imposter, for all I know.” That I am. But you don’t know that now. “Employ me. Simple.” He thought for a while before agreeing to me. “A week. You have a week to break into Carter’s system. If you couldn’t, I’ll have your head on my table.” He threatened me and I simply smiled. You don’t know who you’re dealing with, Benjamin. “Five days.” “Huh?” “I said, I only need five days. Until we meet again, Benjamin.” Let’s just say, Benjamin was quite impressed from me. ~~~~~~ I was busy making dinner for me when there was a knock on the door. I had been living here for nineteen days now and nobody ever knocked on my door. Neighbors here, didn’t care about each other because our every second neighbor, either pulls a bullet in someone’s head or gets shot, themselves. So it was better if we all kept our distances. Holding the knife closer in my hand, I opened the door only to freeze in my steps. Standing in front of me was Lucian Matthew with a gun tucked inside his waistband, slightly visible to my naked eyes. Unlike our previous and first encounter, he didn’t had a mask on. His midnight eyes still held the same impassive look that was already imprinted in my eyes. I hadn’t seen him from our first encounter until now, after nineteen days. His black sweatshirt and black pants, made his skin look paler than before. Like the first time, he still mesmerized me. He clamped my mouth shut using his index finger before he stepped inside and closed the door by his heels. Embarrassment seeped inside me but that wasn’t my priority now. “What are you doing here?” I asked, drilling holes in his back as he walked towards my kitchen, inhaling the smell of my dinner. “Last time I checked, one doesn’t need permission to come in their own house, Elina Green." My body shivered when my name rolled out so smoothly from his mouth. I didn’t even dare ask how he knew my name. This time I knew who he was. “This isn’t your house—” “It’s under my name, Elina Green. Have you forgotten already or shall I remind you again?” The dangerous edge in his voice sent my courage flushing down as the headline flashed in my mind. Assassin. He is an assassin. And just like that I took two steps back and he chuckled, turning the stove off before he started walking towards me but this time, I held my place. My eyes matching his own, with the exact intensity, or at least I hoped, I looked a little bit intimidating to him. He stopped only a step away from me. I could smell his cologne that made him ten times even more enchanting and appealing. I gazed up at him and for the umpteenth time I felt his beauty hurting my eyes. He was too dangerous; his beauty hiding the malice of his heart and that was much more scary. “Looks like someone finally got to know about me, hm?” His ring rolled around his lips as he spoke, dark humor dancing in his midnight orbs. Never in my life I saw such perfect combination of danger and beauty. Until now. Until him. He was the perfect example. “I told you, Elina Green,” he leaned down, making my breath to hitch, “— you’ll regret every moment with me once you’ll know who I am. I am not someone you mess with.” Oh trust me, I know. “You don’t scare me, Lucian Matthew." My voice was more steely than I intended. But I was proud of myself when I reached forward to pat his shoulder, fueling his rage even more. “Because I know who you are but you— you don’t know a s**t about me.” His eyes burned dangerously at my words, making my smile to only stretch more. “True, Elina Green. Other than the fact that you’re now in my area, under my roof, you don’t exist anywhere else. No one knows any Elina Green with gray eyes, short dark hair, glasses on her nose and a very impressive talent of hacking." When I didn't speak anything, he continued making my eyes to widen and he was getting much closer to me now. "You are not even in the system other than some vague, bullshit profile. But then considering the fact that you're a hacker, creating a fake profile in the system wouldn't have been tough, right? I must say, you stunned me there, sweetheart." Fuck! But then I smirked. Because it was the only way, I could find to cover my fear with. I leaned closer, our bodies almost touching as I clicked my tongue, feigning fake amusement in my eyes. He was fun to tease and so dangerous to play. “Already obsessing over me, Lucian Matthew?" He scoffed, taking a step back as he again entered the kitchen. “You’re too..... optimistic, Green.” An involuntary shiver passed down my body when he took a spoonful of my food from the pot before placing it in his mouth. He savored the taste before turning towards me. “I’m hungry, Green. And you haven’t even cooked enough food for one.” I narrowed my gaze at him, walking towards him with long, determinant stride. “Well, please forgive me, your Highness. I didn’t knew you were stopping by.” I gritted out and he looked up at me intensely. Lord, his gaze— they were unholy spells. “I am an unforgiving man, Green. But I’ll make an exception, for you; just for you.” He wasn’t lying. From past few days, I’ve known things about him that could make anyone pee their pants. He was unforgiving and savage. He didn’t lie there. “And you still haven’t killed me.” I pointed out and he snorted evilly, taking a plate from the drawer before serving himself all the food, leaving not even a single grain for me. “I should have, right? But since you’re being so generous enough to feed me, I’ll let you live for now. Go and cook some for yourself.” He commanded and I scowled at him. “The food lacks a bit of salt though.” He again spoke, taking a bite and then another and another but I stood where I was, not obeying him. “Why not kill me when I was blackmailing you?” I asked again and he looked at me, his eyes making me shiver at my position. Lord! No wonder, people fear him. “Cook for yourself, Green." “You don’t get to order me under my house.” I gritted out, my fingers clenching in a fist as he was making me angry to another level. "Would you like to rephrase your statement again, Green?" The ring on his lips rolled along with his lips, distracting me for a micro second before I snapped out of it. “Tell me the cost and I’ll pay you. But after that you won’t step in this house.” He chuckled darkly, pushing the empty plate across the table before he stood up to only look at me. “You know what I do for a living, right? I get paid more than your little brain can even process.” I smiled bitterly, going inside to bring out the bag of money I had before slamming it on the table before him. He wasn't the only one with enough money. He rose his left brow at me, his arms crossing against his chest. His intimidating aura was pushing the Elina Green inside and was making Zara Larsson to crawl out. Snap out of it, damn it! “Oh, don’t be shy, Matthew. We both know money matters in our business. So, take this and f**k off.” "Tch. Tch. But the fun just began, Green." My eyes flared with anger as I gripped the knife to his neck but he didn’t even flinch as he stood there unfazed, bored. And it fueled my anger even more. “I am just a minute away from spearing your neck, Matthew. Take the money and get out from here.” “I would love to see you try that, sweetheart.” With that he gripped my wrist and within a second I was turned around, his left arm holding me captive against his chest and the knife was now pressed against my neck, the tip digging in my skin. My breathing was becoming harsh when he leaned closer, his breath brushing against my ear. "Do not forget who I am, Green." Your persona doesn’t even let me. I wanted to complain but held my tongue. He released me, making me stumble before I turned to glare at him but he just sat down on the chair, like he didn’t just press the knife against my throat. “Go and cook for yourself, Green. I don’t like seeing someone sleeping empty stomach.” Oh, so now you care. I, of course had to think out loud because he answered again, making me shiver. And here, I thought I was the only dangerous one. “Of course I care, sweetheart. I don’t even let my victims die with an empty stomach. I feed them before killing them. Then how can I let you sleep, hungry, hm?” I didn't knew if it was meant to scare me or make me feel better.
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