Assassin's Girl

enimies to lovers

Zara Larsson died in a house fire.

Elina Green was born from the ashes of Zara Larsson.

Lucian Matthew is an assassin.

He kills without a single thought.

But what happens when Lucian meets Elina?


“Go and cook for yourself, Green. I don’t like seeing someone sleeping empty stomach.” Oh, so now you care.

I, of course had to think out loud because he answered again, making me shiver. And here, I thought I was the only dangerous one.

“Of course I care, sweetheart. I don’t even let my victims die with an empty stomach. I feed them before killing them. Then how can I let you sleep hungry, hm?”

I didn't knew if it was meant to scare me or make me feel better.

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Meeting Lucian Matthew
Thank you for choosing the book. Please comment and let me know what you think of the story and the chapter. I was dead. The newspaper, television, everything had just one headline, ”Zara Larsson died”. I pushed my glasses on my nose, ordering the regular meal and the accountant smiled at me, gently placing my bill on the counter. “New here, young lady?” She asked and I nodded, slamming the money on the table. “People don’t really shift here. This is—” she trailed off, looking around her before she whispered lowly. “— not a safe place.” “Why?” I asked and she smiled, a really sad smile. “This town is the hub of all illegal businesses, if you cannot point out. I must warn you, young lady. Leave the place as soon as you can because once you see things you aren’t allowed to, you’ll be stuck here forever.” I can’t. “Like you are?” I asked and she laughed softly, placing my order in a neat parcel. “Stay safe.” After my death? Surely. The town looked like nobody lived here. Deserted roads, closed doors and windows; even the curtains were pulled together— from the fear of the criminals. My grip on the knife increased, inside my pocket as I crossed the area of safety and entered the area which was so popularly called as prohibited area. The actual hub of illegal businesses. I walked inside the lane, smell of cigar hitting my nose and my eyes narrowed through my glasses when I heard footsteps approaching behind me. And then I felt a force that sent me down on the ground, flying. My palms scratched, my knees bleeding through my jeans as my glasses fell down on the concrete and I glared at the person responsible for my blood. They weren’t just one. They were three. But they were running behind someone or from someone, I didn’t knew. But I had to find out. But then I saw something— or better someone behind the rusted gate. They were running behind him. Sweet. “Ay, you saw a man here?” The tall one with the beard asked and I got up, trying not to wince from the pain. “Yes.” I replied shortly and he took a step forward. “Where?” “Right here— in front of me.” I said pointing towards him and his lips curled in a malicious snarl. “You f*****g kidding with us, little girl.” Oh please, I am twenty two, barely a little girl. But I held my tongue as my lips turned up in a smile. A cruel smile. “What? Aren’t you two— men? Or you’re imposing to be a man when you’re actually a woman, Madame?” They didn’t like my joke because the next thing I felt was a strong blow on my face before the clapping voice that rung in the air. Well, I deserved it. I asked for it. “You want us to show how much of a man we are?” The third guy smirked, taking a step ahead and I smiled wickedly. “I would love that actually.” Before they could’ve realized what I actually meant, I rose my feet and kicked him, sending him down before I placed my foot on his throat, taking out the pistol from his pants into my grip as I aimed at the two of them, my foot still pressing the third one’s neck. Their eyes widened and I smiled sweetly, pressing the guy’s neck enough to knock him out, not killing him, of course. I am not a murderer, after all. “What the hell?” The tall one growled and I smirked, jumping off the third one’s, now unconscious body. “What the hell, indeed.” I said, hitting him with the back of the gun in my hand and he stumbled back. I threw my punch at him but he was prepared this time, his hand gripped my wrist before he pressed me against the brick wall and without wasting a moment, I kicked him where it hurts the most before removing my knife and pressed it, stabbing him in the skin enough to make him release my hand before I punched him in the neck. Two down. One to go. When I turned to the third guy, well— he ran away. Coward. Dusting my hands off my jeans, I walked towards the rusted gate before pulling it open as I smiled at the guy with a mask on. All I saw was his midnight eyes staring at me with nothing with coldness and hostility. Only if, I would have been a normal girl, his impassive look would have scared me. Only if. “They have gone, sweetheart. You can come out now.” I said, smiling darkly and he did obey my words but not before throwing me a harsh glare. He was taller than me but only by a few inches. He had wore a white shirt that now looked dirty and a pair of dark jeans. He was leanly muscular as I could see his muscles rippling through his, now dirty shirt. His face hidden behind the face mask, giving away nothing but his eyes— his midnight eyes. When he took another step, ready to leave me, I held his forearm, making him tense under my touch. “I would’ve said, a thank you doesn’t suffice, only if you would’ve been thankful.” He looked at me dead in the eyes, his fingers gripping my wrist as he jerked them off him, like my touch was an acid. “I didn’t ask you to f*****g play the knight for me, now did I?” He growled, his rough and deep voice, making me gulp. Not from the fear but because his voice made my lips to part. I had heard him for the very first time and I could really hear him for a lifetime that’s how luring his voice was. “But I saved your rude ass, didn’t I?” He glared at me so harshly that I almost flinched away. Almost. They were like poisonous daggers, ready to kill me. “What do you want?” He gritted out and I smiled, snorting through my nose. “Now that’s the tone I like, sweetheart.” I appreciated before getting to the point. ”Get me a house under your name.” At my request, he took a threatening step ahead but I just rose my brow at him, picking up my glasses from the ground. If his glare could’ve killed me, I would’ve been dead for the next ten births. That’s how deadly his midnight eyes looked at the moment. "You want a house under my name?” His deadly calm voice passed a shiver down my spine. But I kept my composure. My own gray eyes meeting his with the same intensity. “Did I stutter?” "Do you even know who the f**k I am?” I shrugged my shoulders, my lips lifting up in a smile while he was busy killing me with his glare. Oh, love. “Do you know who I am, sweetheart?” I repeated his words, making him glower at me, his fingers gripped my biceps as he pulled me against him. “I. Don’t. Care. And I am not your sweetheart.” “Exactly my point, neither do I care who the hell you are, not my sweetheart.” He stared at me cruelly before he let go of my arm and took a step behind. “You’re the playing with the fire, you’ll end up burning with.” He growled and I smiled sweetly, blinking my eyes teasingly at him. “Then I’ll gladly be the extinguisher to your fire. Now if you may lead me to my new house under your name, I’d be very pleased.” He glared at me but he did led us to a very sketchy lane before he pulled his half broken cell phone out and dialled a number. He started speaking in a foreign language, I didn’t understand before he disconnected the call. “I don’t keep anyone’s favor on me, girl. And here, we’re even. Keep your eyes and ears open from now on because you’ll soon know who I am.” He threatened me but I just smiled, taking a step forward. “Why don’t you just show me now, hm?” And with that I pulled his face mask off and he didn’t even stop me. I froze as soon as his face graced my eyes. He was beautiful. Like really beautiful. Two midnight orbs, tanned dark skin, his slightly crooked nose and his lips— his lower lip had a small ring as a piercing. A scar ran down his chin to his neck but that didn’t bother me. His sandy hair were falling on his face and I forgot how to breathe again. So damn beautiful. “Your pupils dilated just at the sight of me, sweetheart.” He mocked me, taking a step forward and now we just stood an inch apart. His minty breath fanning my face and my eyes were held hostage by his dark one’s. “I’d love to see your reaction when you’ll know who I really am.” “It takes nothing to make my pupils dilate, not my sweetheart. But a lot— a lot more to make my heart beat.” “And you think, I out of seven billion people will make your heart beat? Sweetheart, I am known to cease people’s heart, not the other way around and it’s time for you to know that.” The dangerous glint in his eyes made my mouth dry. I’d be lying if he didn’t made my pupils to dilate and not everybody could do it. I lied to him. It wasn’t nothing. “And they say world is too small.” I mumbled. ~~~~~~ I am Elina Green now. But I have nothing to prove my identity because Elina Green doesn’t exist. And renting a house would mean to prove my identity, which would lead me to another big problem. I had to stay undercover, away from the attention but what I did today was needed. I needed a house, very urgently. And that was the reason I helped the guy with midnight eyes; I am no social worker but I needed help as much as he did at the moment. Zara Larsson was nothing like Elina Green. Zara was a red hair with blue eyes and had an absolute gold for a heart but Elina— Elina Green was a dark haired, gray eyes and a stone for a heart. Zara Larsson was weak, naive, stupid. But Elina Green is smart, witty and heartless. I placed my laptop down on the tattered sofa and removed the meal I purchased and started to eat, I was hungry. I removed my laptop, logging in as I started to work on breaking in the system of Zara Larsson. Yes, I was working to break in my own system but it had to be done. It was easy to guess that I was a hacker. Nobody, absolutely nobody knew about my hacking talent and I was really grateful for that. I was working furiously when something popped up from the news app and I accidentally clicked on that. I was about to close the tab when my eyes fell on the familiar midnight eyes on the screen. Looking as beautiful as he was a few hours ago, his picture was printed on the website and my heart froze. My fingers on the keypad curled as I stared at the screen, gaping. WANTED. Assassin, Lucian Matthew is wanted by the States after another mysterious murder. He has once again succeeded in running away from the custody. The government has put a reward on whoever helps the government to catch him. Assassin? What the f**k? Did I just blackmail an assassin, few hours ago? Oh, Lord. Why can’t you ever be on my side for once? 'I'd love to see your reaction when you’ll know who I am.' His voice rung in my head and I clenched my eyes. i***t. You’re an i***t, Elina. Of course, I had to help an assassin and then actually have the audacity to blackmail him. No wonder he looked wounded and so furious when I kept on blackmailing him. I damaged his assassin pride and no way he would forget that. But then he could’ve killed me easily. He was an assassin, after all. But he didn’t. Why? Shaking my head, I knew I got myself into the mess that would only increase with time. Damn me!

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