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LUCIA   “ He is an asshole! ” Mia exclaimed with anger while she finished braiding the left side of my head, after realizing I had a messy bun that looked a lot more like a bird's nest than actual human hair, she insisted on doing a half updo with braids, at first I was hesitant in letting her even near my hair considering she has half of her hair dyed in purple, but I have to admit that she is doing a great job. “ I know he is, but you don't have to retaliate with my poor head! ” I tell her after she pulled my hair a little too harshly. We are currently on a free period since our anatomy professor didn't show up to class, so Mia kept pressing me to tell her more about Joshua and I have been filling her in all the details of our history together. “ Oh, sorry Lu! I just can't believe you let him treat you that way ” “ If you are mad at that, then I can't even imagine how you would react after I tell you the worst part, ” I tell her frowning while I reminisce on the past. “ Wait! It gets worse? ” she asks me while moving to the right part of my head to continue with the braiding. “ Yeah, unfortunately, it does, ” I tell her while pressing my lips together. “ Okey, then what are you waiting for? Spill the beans! ” “ Well, after he pretty much ghosted me that summer I thought that he would at least apologize after coming back, and of course he never did but instead he continued to avoid me, and I'm not a clingy kind of girl, so I gave up rather quickly. And then, one day I was heading back home and saw him with a lot of boys I hadn't seen before, they were hanging by the pool and even after I tried to walk fast and avoided looking that way, they still noticed me and started calling me, well it was pretty much catcalling, so I shoot daggers with my eyes on their direction but instead of making them stop, it was the complete opposite because they got even more loud, so I looked at Joshua waiting for him to say something but then again, he stood there watching me get embarrassed by his friends and did nothing but smile, so I turned around and left. I thought we will never talk again after that, but boy was I wrong. The next few days he kept looking for me and tried talking to me but of course, I wasn't having it, so I gave him the cold treatment, I still had to be polite because of my mom, her job, and the situation we were, but he didn't give up, he kept apologizing for the ghosting and for what happened at the pool, and after days of that continuous nagging, I believed him again, so we started talking but this time was different, he was different, it seemed like somehow he gained confidence on that camp or I don't know, but he was really flirty with me and kept praising me for everything I did, always found a way to be near me or talk to me , and I can't deny that I was falling for him, hard.” “ Of course you were! That kind of attention directed at a fourteen years old girl with a lot of problems at home had to work out in his favor, but please tell me he is just a bipolar jerk and he wasn't doing that on purpose ” Mia says with a concerned look on her face. “ Yeah, it was on purpose , I didn't know it at first and I was so flattered with all the attention that I didn't notice the small signals, like the fact he didn't want me anywhere near his friends, or how he would talk to me like he usually did when we were alone but once he saw one of his friends near he would transform into this Casanova type of boy, with the half-smile and everything. I thought that he was just jealous of his friends' interest in me and that he was been protective, so I decided to jump headfirst and ask him if he would want to come to my quinceañera party, you know it is a huge deal for Latin families, and even though we were going through a really hard moment, my mom didn't want to let my fifteen birthday to go uncelebrated, so when I asked him he hesitated, but later that day he came back and asked me if he could bring his friends too, I thought it was weird that those rich kids would want to come to a staff member's birthday party but as long as he was coming I didn't care who else came along. I remember running back home to my mom and telling her about the news, she got really excited and nervous, and start calling all the people she knew to see if she could borrow some things to decorate the house, and also a quinceañera dress for me, she even started planning the food and everything, it was like our little escape from our problems. And when the day came, it was on labor day weekend, everything was settled on the cabin, a few of the staff members came as well, along with my mom closest friends, and I was anxiously waiting for him on my purple dress with my tiara and the whole party but he never showed up, my mom told me to stop pacing because I was making her nervous, two hours later he hadn't arrived and I was at the verge of crying because I was feeling stupid and the disappointed look on my mom's face was impossible to bare, she had done all of that just because of them but it was all for nothing, I was starting to get angry when the phone rang, my mom called me and whisper “ It's a young man asking for you, I think it's young master Joshua ” so I rushed and pretty much snatched the phone from my mom's hand to answer, and it was indeed Joshua, he told me that he was very sorry for being late, that his friends decided not to come but that he was going to meet me underneath the big oak tree that was half way from my house to the mannor. I told my mom that I was going out for a brief moment, she was hesitant at first but since it was Joshua she agreed at the end. When I got to the oak tree he was standing there waiting for me, but he didn't seem happy or anxious like I was, he seemed tensed and when he saw me he forced a smile on his face that looked really fake, but of course I didn't see it in that way at the moment, I thought he was just in a hurry or something, we said hello to each other and then without a warning he came really close to me, took both sides of my face and kissed me, it was my first kiss and I was dancing on cloud nine for those three seconds until I heard giggles, I turned my head to where the sound came and he tried to stop me by saying I imagined that, when he tried to kiss me again, this time a little too harsh I realized something was wrong, and then I saw a shoe peeping out of the bush where the giggles came from, I started walking towards the bush but he grabbed my wrist and with a frantic almost maniac look tried to convince me not to go there, and then told me that he could explain everything, but I didn't understand what was that thing he needed to explain, until one by one all of his friends started coming out of the bushes laughing hysterically, I immediately froze and was trying to comprehend what was happening when one of them said “ I knew that if someone could get the maid's prude of a daughter fell it was you big Jay! ” and that comment was second by other one who said “ well, he did f****d four chicks in one single summer camp, a kiss from a poor virgin it's nothing compared to that ” “ OH MY GOD! No, he didn't !!! ” Mia was almost yelling at this point, which caused people who were passing by to stare at us, I tried to calm her down, but she was deep into a rant of curses against Joshua. “ Please tell me you kick him in the balls, ” she said after taking a breath. “ No, I just stood there frozen watching one of his friends handing him a wad of bills, he didn't want to take them at first, until one of them said “ don't tell me you are now feeling sorry for the maid's daughter ” and they all started laughing while I felt a huge indescribable pain in my chest and a growing void in my stomach, but then it got worse when he just laugh, looked at me with disgust and said “ Nah! I was just thinking that it's not enough money for stepping so low as to kiss her, at least the girls at camp were hotter ” after he said that I just felt my feet moving towards my house without even thinking and I heard them laughing as I walked away, I didn't even notice when I entered my home until I heard a few people gasping and my mom asking me worriedly “ Lucía what is going on? Why are you crying? Tell me what happened! ” but I had no words, I just went to my room and locked the door.  I didn't go outside the house for a week, but then Ben got worse and he had to be hospitalized, so I understood at that moment that my priority was my family and I needed to be strong for my mom and Ben, I never spoked to him again after that, he tried to come near me a few times in the following months but I always ignored him and at the end his father sent him to a boarding school because he was failing a lot of classes at school and getting in trouble all the time, I saw him when he was about to enter the car the day he left , he stopped when he saw me and I stood still just long enough to watch him open his mouth to say something but I immediately turned around and left, and that was the last time I saw him” I finish telling Mia my story, and found her standing in front of me with a sad look. “ He is a dementor! ¡A soulless creature that doesn't deserve even a little bit of your time, so promise me that you are going to avoid him now that he has came back! ” Mia says with determination on her voice and I laugh at her face. “ Don't worry Mia, I will definitely avoid him, he is trouble and that is the last thing I want, besides, I don't think he is going to try to befriend me again , he mustn't even remember me ” I answer her pretty sure that his comeback won't affect my life.
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