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JOSHUA   The flight back home was exhausting , even if you are flying on a private jet it's a long - ass journey , 14 hours to be exact , and I have never liked close spaces , it's not like I have claustrophobia , but long trips aren't my thing. I look outside the windows and watch how the city views start unfolding in front of me , it has been 3 years since I left but everything seems to be exactly how it was , the same boring city , with the usual lame people. I have been to boarding school and after I graduated last May , I went to travel around the world for the summer vacation , now I am back home so I could start classes at the university here. I had to come back to pursue a law and public policy career according to the deal I made with my father. I am not in the slight interested in that career , I have always wanted to play the piano and go to a conservatory in Europe to learn from the best , but my father has always opposed to that , he sent me away to boarding school because I was about to be kicked out of school due to my lack of interest in my studies and the troubles I kept making , it's not like he was so concerned about my education as he was about how that will reflect on his public image. He has always wanted me to follow his steps and become a politician , but what I actually want is far away from that. He is currently running his campaign to become a state senator , so he needed me here to show the “ perfect family ” image to the public , and of course , he needed his firstborn to be seen attending university and pursuing a law degree just like him. I refused at first , but then my brilliant mother came to the rescue with an idea that would benefit all of us : I would come here and study what he wanted while the campaign was on its course and after he gets elected I can study whatever I want on the school that I want and he would pay for everything , so I thought what harm can a year studying here could do ? I was so immersed on my thoughts that I hadn't realized that we had arrived home , the big white construction stood tall and proud and I couldn't avoid the chill that ran down my spine , God I forgot how much I hated this place , and then my gaze fell on the welcome committee that was waiting for me at the front door , my mom and sister were standing there with two very different expressions on their faces , my sister looked bored and my mom had a huge smile on her face and was already doing little jumps on the spot , I couldn't help but smile , she is the only person in this family that I had missed on my time abroad , even though she came to visit me a couple of times , I still missed her loving personality and sweet smile. “ Welcome home! ” she squealed as soon as my foot touched the ground and then came running to hug me and kiss me “ Hi mom ” I answered a little embarrassed with her outburst in front of the staff members gathered at the entrance. “ I have missed you so much , darling! I am so happy that you are here, well we are all really happy ” she says giving a knowing look to my sister who was still standing there and hadn't made a single move to come to greet me. “ Sure, you have been missed bro, ” Zara says with a fake smile while walking towards me to give me a slight hug. “ Yeah, I can tell ” I answer rolling my eyes at her, clearly , I was right , and nothing has changed around here. “ Come inside darling , I had the chef prepare your favorite lemon pie dessert, ” my mom tells me while tugging her arm in mine. The lemon pie made me think about Lucy , the daughter of my mom's maid , the first time I saw her she was at the kitchen trying to convince Arnold , our chef , to give her a little piece of lemon pie, he was red and teary from laughing at her strong arguments while she had a decisive expression on her face and was pouting at him , Arnold then tried to explain to her that even though he had always love feeding her , this time it was impossible because the lemon pie was specially made for me , since it was my favorite dessert , to which she replied with an “ it is my favorite too! Couldn't he share? Or is he going to eat the whole pie by himself? ”  “ I will definitely eat the whole pie ” I answered while entering the kitchen , her eyes widen with shock at first but then she frowned at me and told me “ I will like to see you trying ”, so I ate a whole lemon pie by myself while she stood there with her little arms crossed in front of her chest watching me complete her challenge , when I finished I gave her a proud smile and she nodded at me with a solemn expression and then walked away from the kitchen without uttering a single word. Needless to say , I got sick and expend the whole night hugging the toilet seat of my bathroom, the next day, when Lucy's mom found out , she brought her to the manor with a bowl of homemade chicken soup and forced her to apologize to me , she was protesting and arguing with her mother when I heard them coming closer to my room “ how is it my fault mom? I didn't force him to be a selfish fool who would eat a whole pie just to avoid sharing a piece with me ! ” “It is not your place to be demanding to be fed or to be given desserts here Lucia! You are a staff member family , not the owner , the sooner you realize this the better we will all be , now go inside there and apologize for your disrespect! ” When she entered the room after knocking a few times I tried to pretend that I was perfectly fine, but she saw right through me and told me “ well, selfish looks bad on you ” her mom paled and twist her arm while whispering “ Lucía! ” so she rolled her eyes and started apologizing, and it has been the fakest apology I have ever heard in my entire life so far, which made me liked her instantly. After that we became friends and would play in the manors' gardens, ate lemon pie, and fight about what we were going to watch on the little movie theater we have at the manor if it was going to be Harry Potter - which she was obsessed with - or the lord of the rings - which I loved -, she also liked to sit there and watch me play the piano and sometimes she would even attend one of my lessons. We were eleven at the time, and my mom was really happy that I made a friend because she was concerned about my lack of them at school, my sister on the other hand didn't like Lucy a bit, so when she wasn't pretending we didn't exist she would lash out to Lucy and called her a lot of names and mean things which resulted in me defending her and fighting with my sister while Lucy scattered out of the house in tears. My dad was never home so he wouldn't know about my friendship with the maid's daughter, otherwise he would have fired Marina, Lucy's mom in the instant. We became really close from that moment until we were about fourteen when I started hanging out with some boys at the school and playing video games, Lucy would come sometimes and play with me when the boys left, until one time when she came early and my friends were still at my room, they all looked at her with wide eyes which caused a bright pink blush rushed to Lucy's face so she mumbled a faint apology and run out of the room , as soon as she left the boys started talking about how pretty she was and I felt a strange rage bubbling inside of me, so I told them with disgust “ Oh please! Don't tell me you all are fantasizing about the maid's daughter ” and I was really proud with the silence that provoked my statement, but then that feeling was quickly replaced with guilt when they all started laughing and making cruel jokes about her, it's not what I intended I just wanted them to stop talking about Lucy in that way that made me so uncomfortable, but the alternative was so much worse that I thought. The following days I started ignoring her and tried to keep her as far from my friends as I could, being as smart as she is she noticed really quickly that I was avoiding her and she stoped coming to the manor, I was restless because I truly wanted to see her, so I made my mom insist on Marina that she should bring her to my birthday party, my family always made a small party with only family and some staff members, but that year I had no idea my mom was planning a surprise party with all of my friends from the school, when the party started and I realized the huge mistake I had made asking my mother to invite her, I tried to tell her to please call Marina's house to tell them not to come, at first my mom was confused but when she saw me glancing nervously at my classmates she assumed I would be embarrassed to have her at my party and gave me a disappointing look before looking at the door and telling me “ it's too late, they are already here ” My whole body started shivering when I saw the mischievous looks my friends were giving her, she entered the house bringing a lemon pie on her hands, with a big smile on her face and a pink bow on her head, she was wearing a dress that looked from the ninety's, but she looked pretty, really pretty. I tried to hide behind my mom, but she came forward and told me with a proud look on her face “ Look! I brought you lemon pie because I know it´s our favorite, and I made it myself! ” after I made no sign of moving my mom went ahead and took the pie from her hands while telling her “ Oh that is so sweet Lucy! I'm sure Josh will love it, isn't it right Joshua? ” my mom said while glancing at me with a frown. At that moment everything went silent while everyone was waiting for my response, when I remained quiet my classmates began to whisper with each other and pointing at Lucy's clothes and shoes, her smile started vanishing and she looked really uncomfortable while looking at me with expectation on her face, I knew she was waiting for me to stand up for her as I did with Zara every time she would bully her, but I didn't, I just said “ My chef already made a chocolate cake ” and I was about to turn around to go to my friends side when I saw tears welling up on Lucy's eyes before she ran outside the house, all my classmates started laughing and I gave them a small proud but fake smile, my sister was also laughing but my mom looked so sad and disappointed. The next following days I tried to reach out to her to apologize but I didn't know where she lived and she wouldn't come to the phone when I called her house, her mom started avoiding me when she was at the house and, at some point, she even pretended not to speak English, I was really sad and kept thinking about the hurt on her face. A couple of weeks later my mom told me that Marina had given her a resignation letter and that they were going to go back to Colombia, I felt all the blood draining from my face and felt like the biggest i***t on earth, but when my mom saw my guilty expression she quickly explained that it had nothing to do with what had happened at my birthday party, that her little brother Benjamin, who was a toddler at the time was diagnosed with cancer and they couldn't afford to stay here for his treatment, so I immediately started pleading my mother to help them so they wouldn't leave, and she gave me a sweet smile while telling me “ I knew you weren't that kind of person! And don't worry darling, I already refuse to accept her resignation and offered them to pay for the treatment but Marina wasn't really keen to accept, so she did it under the condition that it was not going to be a gift but a loan , and from now on they will live at the staff's cabins, they will move in tomorrow, so if you want you can go there and bring them a welcome present, and maybe an apology as well ” I did as my mom suggested and the next day I presented myself at the cabin with a lemon pie that I did myself – with a lot of help from Arnold - as a peace offer, at first , Lucy was weary of me , but when she saw that I was truly sorry she was quick to forgive me. The following months we didn't saw each other as much as I thought we will when I found out they were going to move to the staff's cabins, but I knew she was really busy helping her mom taking care of Ben, and it got worse when her shithead of a father left them alone with so much as a lame excuse that he was going to look for another job to pay for the bills, but then he never contacted them again. Every time I met with Lucy, I tried to distract her from her problems at home and for a short moment, she seemed like the old Lu I had grown to like. It was all going really well between us, we had started acting more like a couple than friends without really noticing, but then my father saw me getting close to her and send me to a summer camp where I met some boys that weren't the best influence, I had promise Lucy I was going to call her but never did and that's when I met Alisson and had s*x for the first time. By the end of the summer camp I had already slept with three more girls, got drunk a couple of times and smoke some m*******a as well. When I got back home I started avoiding Lucy again, but this time I didn't felt guilty about it, and a couple of weeks later when some of the boys I met at the summer camp came to my house to spend the last week of the summer, we ran into Lucy who was heading home and one of them tried to convince her to join us at the pool at which she reacted giving us a nasty look and walking away, I smiled at that, but then I noticed that instead of been angry the interest for her grew on them, so they started making bets about who would get to kiss her first, and when I remained quiet with a deep frown they all started giving me crap about it and saying I was jealous, I denied it, of course, but then one of them said: “ if you don't like her, then why don't you join us in the bet? ” “ Because I don't fool around with my staff members” I answered smugly and thought that will settle it, but they kept insisting so I ended up giving in and joined the bet, what I did after that is one of the few things I still regret to this day.
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