One : Her

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Owls hooting...   Fireflies roaming around the forest...   Moon is shining brightly...   Leaves are brushing along with the soft wind...   It is a sin, I know. I do not regret anything. I will do this kind of sin again if I was given a chance. Just for him and him alone. If they say that it was a crime, I'm not scared to commit a lot of these crimes again if it was for him. I really do love him.   "You're the most beautiful thing that ever happened to my life Cassandra. I love you" hearing those words from him makes my heart flutter. He touched my hair and caressed my shoulder. We're both naked under the leaves of amazonian tree. Yes, we made love and it's a sin. The two of us are bound to be apart. But here we are now, we have proved to ourselves that we can change the path that they told us to have.   "I love you more, Dylan" I gave him a sweet kiss on his lips to show him that I do love him back. I brushed off the hair in his forehead and I stare at his greyish eyes. I am drawn to this attraction. I don't want to lose this man. He loves me despite of our differences. He loves me for who I am and he believes in me.   After all the years that we’ve been through together, he also made me believe. Believe in love, believe in the goodness of every people, believe in him and his promises that no matter what, as long as I’m with him nothing wrong is gonna happen. I feel comfortable and safe in his arms. I don’t want to be detached by his warm body and sweet soul. I was drawn into this kind of sin that feels so good and unexplainable. He always gives me butterflies in my stomach whenever I’m with him or whenever he touches or kisses me. I’m deeply in love with this man. I should not be, but I really can’t control this feeling of mine.   “Cassandra, can I ask you a question?” he whispered to my ears while playing my hair.   “Yes my love, what is it?” I touched his face giving him an assurance that he can ask whatever he wants, and he can also do whatever he desire to me. He owns me. I’m his, and he’s mine.   “It’s been three years since we met and you know that I accept all of you right? Vampire or not, I accept you” I’m actually confused by the purpose of him saying those things but I just nod my head as an answer.   “And Cassandra… you also know that I’m weak compared to you. I can’t protect you from all the harm that werewolves or even your kind, vampires, can do.”   Why is he talking about that? I can see in his eyes that he’s getting disappointed to himself.   “Dylan, it doesn’t matter okay? Those kind of things are none of your consent. I can handle all of those. Don’t worry okay my love?” I touched his chin reassuring him that everything is under my control.   “But your relationship with your mom, the queen of vampires, is ruined because of me. And... and…you are the only hope and heir of your kind. Everything has changed because of me.”   I really don’t understand why he’s saying all those things. I feel sad hearing those from him. It feels like he’s blaming himself from everything that happened to me but all in fact it’s my choice. All of the sacrifices I made for him is all worth it. I don’t blame him for that.   “Dylan, please don’t say those words” I touched both of his hands for him to know that I’m totally sincere of what I’m saying. I don’t want to see him like that.   “Don’t you regret choosing me? I’m gonna look old in the future and you’re still gonna be looking young and beautiful. Then I can’t offer you a luxurious life unlike your mom”   “What?! No! Never, I never think that way. Dylan look at me okay? None of those matters to me. I never regret anything. If I was given a chance I would choose you again and again and again without any hesitation okay? I really love you and there’s no--”   He didn’t even let me finish my sentence. He grabs me closer to him and kissed my lips. He's kissing me passionately and I give in. I indulge myself with his sweet kisses. I closed my eyes and just feel the rhythm and pleasure that he’s giving me. In every kiss and heavy breathing, I can sense his burning love.   As we move apart from each other, he stares at me seriously. He’s giving me a sincere and gentle look. “Marry me, Cassandra”   WAIT WHAT?! DID I HEARD IT CORRECTLY? HE… WAIT IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING TO ME? I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. HE PROPOSED TO ME?!   I looked at him with a surprised face. He is waiting for my response showing me a golden ring. I’m still trying to go back to my senses. I really feel so happy right now and I’m about to cry. I just can’t believe it. He really wants me to be his wife! I’M GONNA BE MRS. GUILLAUME!   “Yes! Yes!!! Yes Dylan! I’ve always wanted to marry you” as I say those words I saw the sparkle in his eyes. He is so happy while he is wearing the ring to my finger. My tears crawls down from my eyes. I’m genuinely happy right now. We stood up with our naked body and we hug each other tightly. As of the moment I feel like we have our own world that no one could ever enter or ruin. Once again, we kiss each other’s lips leaving a sweet mark. I really feel like I’m above the clouds right now. My happiness is beyond compare!   Woosh!   What’s that noise?   “Ahh! My arm…” before I knew it, I already saw Dylan’s arms bleeding because of an arrow that struck it. I don’t know where it came from. My happiness changed into madness quickly. I feel furious right now. No one should hurt my lover!   I look around, my eyes automatically see a vision from afar. My eyes are very clear at night, near or far. That’s what vampires are. I saw a lady figure running towards us. Instead of me running away, I used my strength to jump on her. I held her neck so tight leaving her so helpless as she lie down on the ground.   “How dare you!” I told her with so much anger. My fangs became so visible because of what I feel right now. I saw her face under the light of the moon. Her eyes are green, she has fangs in the lower teeth, she has some kind of fur in her face. Wait, she is a werewolf!   Growl!   She pushed me so hard that’s why I flew away and see myself sitting on the floor. She’s strong, just like me but I’m not scared, I want to kill her from hurting my future husband! I run towards her, I’m about to kill her with my own hands but she ran away. What?   I never expected that. Is she that scared? She left her bow and arrow from here.   “Cassandra, let’s go. Here are your clothes, wear it”  I heard Dylan's voice, that’s when I realized that I’m still naked. I ran towards him, which is already wearing his shirt and pants, and I get my clothes in his hands to wear them. I saw his arms, it’s still bleeding. I can’t help but to be mad to that werewolf. If I see here again I’m gonna kill her.   “Are you okay?”   “Yes I’m fine, it’s you that I’m worried about. Let me heal your wound” I said as I touch his bleeding arms. I can smell the sweet aroma of his blood from here. I almost want to sip it but I controlled myself.   No Cassandra, you’re not like that anymore. You don’t drink human blood , you don’t like it. Pig’s blood is better. You don’t like human blood okay? YOU DON’T CASSANDRA! YOU’RE A CHANGED VAMPIRE REMEMBER THAT!   “L-Let’s go home, there’s a first aid kit there”   “No Dylan. Let me do it. My blood can heal your wound quickly” I said as I bite my hand. It hurts but it’s fine. Vampires can easily heal themselves for just a few minutes. When my blood crawls down from my hand, I applied and put it in his wounded arms. I tried not to breathe and look at his blood because I’m being tempted, really tempted to have a sip.   “Ahh! It hurts! It… stings”  I can see on his face that it hurts so bad. I don’t want to see him hurt like that.   “It’s fine Dylan. Eventually it will feel better”   A few minutes passed, his wounds are healed along with mine. I’m just so happy that I have this kind of ability. It is very helpful. But with all of these strengths and immortality that I have, there’s only one weakness. It is metal. My skin can’t be burnt by direct sunlight and I’m not afraid of garlics or holy water. Just metal. I can die by the stab of a metal knife to my heart.   Other vampires are afraid and can die from sunlight, garlics, and holy water but not me, because I’m the heir, a princess of our kind. I have a distinctive blood that is very unique compared to other vampires. Our dynasty is the strongest among all. And also, another thing is that I can’t make a human to become a vampire. If I bit them in the neck with my fangs, it’ll kill them.   “Cassandra…”   “Yes Dylan?”   “Do you know the woman earlier? What is she? A werewolf?” he asked me casually while we are heading home, in the city. It’s his place. It is far from our magical world in the middle of the forest. He lives alone because his parents died in a car accident a long time ago. He has a brother but he lost him when he was 7 years old. He still can’t find his brother as of today. It’s only me that he has, and for me, he’s the only one left that is so precious to me. And I’m very much contented about it. I’m willing to live a normal life with him.   “I actually don’t know her but yes, she’s a werewolf. I’m sure she aimed that arrow to me but I guess she’s not good with it so she accidentally got you”   “Oh, okay” I saw his face getting sadder as he heard what I said.   “Why are you looking so sad my love Dylan?” I touched his face, I look at him in the eyes. I don’t want my love to feel sad around me.   “It’s just that… I feel like I’m useless. I can’t protect you--”   I kissed him. He’s thinking that way again. We already talked about that earlier. It’s not his fault.   “If you say that again, I’m gonna tickle you!” and I started to tickle him in his armpit. It’s his weakness. He can’t stop laughing. He ran away and I just chase him showing my hands that are ready to attack him at the very moment.   ----- Kriiiing! Kriiiing!   Kriiiing! Kriiiing!   Kriiiing! Kriiiing!   I was sleeping when I heard the telephone ringing. It is located downstairs but I still heard it loud and clear. I looked at Dylan, he’s still sleeping next to me. He’s not bothered with the telephone because I guess humans don’t have super sensitive ears like mine. I looked at the clock near our bed and it’s 2:57 am. Who’s gonna call at this time? I’m wondering.   Kriiiing! Kriiiing!   Kriiiing! Kriiiing!   I went downstairs to answer the call. The sound of the telephone really buzzes me off! For Pete’s sake it’s not the right time to call whoever it was. All are probably sleeping at this time especially mortals or as we know, humans.   Kriiiing! Kriii---   “Hello?”   “…………”   OKAY? I’M TOTALLY CONFUSED! NO ONE’S TALKING ON THE OTHER LINE?   “Helloooo?”   “…………”   So what’s this, is it a prank or something? In the middle of the night?   “Hello? If you’re not going to answer me, I’ll just hang up--”   “It’s time, my child”   Wait what?   w-what… that voice. I know that voice. I’m familiar with it. It’s been a very long time since I heard it. It’s…   My mother!   When I realized that it’s her my heart immediately beats so fast, and the telephone that I’m holding earlier fell into the ground. This… can’t be. How did she do that. How did she know our telephone number? How did she know our place? It is very far from the magical forest and it is a city. Immortals like us don’t actually go in this place, it’s for mortals. We don’t have telephones in our place so how..   Wait… that means..   She’s here?!   “D-dylan” as I spoke his name, someone from the back grabbed me and I feel something stung my neck. Wait, is it an injection?    “NO! DYLAN!” I still able to shout his name before I get dizzy. I am trying to fight this dizziness that I’m feeling. What did they do to me?! “Dylan..” I feel weak… everything I see is rotating. This can’t be. I’m an immortal! What’s in that injection?   “Cassandra!” it’s him… my love… I see him running…   He’s running towards me looking so worried. My love… my love… please save yourself…   ----- fire is crackling   Owls hooting...   Leaves are brushing along with the soft wind...   I woke up seeing nothing but darkness. I just realized that I’m being blindfolded. I can only hear some noises like the owls, wind, and some fire. I can sense that there are also some vampires around me. They might not be saying any word but I know, because I can smell them.   I moved and I can feel that my hands and feet are tied. I tried to untie it on my own but it seems like I’m very weak right now. I don’t feel my strength. I DON’T FEEL MY STRENGTH! HOW CAN I SAVE DYLAN?   Where’s Dylan? I can’t see anything! I need to get out from here!   “I must say that you’re a weakling right now my darling” as I heard her voice I immediately felt angry and my fangs showed up.   “Where’s Dylan?! Mother, where is he?!” I tried to stand from my seat but I can’t. I’m getting weaker and weaker. I really hate this feeling.   “Why don’t you find him yourself? I bet you can’t untie yourself right now, you’re weak.” She’s near me. She said those words on my ears and it pisses me off!   “What did you do to me, mother? What did you do?!”   “I gave you a shot that contains some molten metal. But of course it’s not too much because I don’t want my only daughter, the heir of this kingdom, die because of me”   SHE’S SO EVIL!!! SHE’LL LITERALY DO ANYTHING JUST TO GET WHAT SHE WANTS! I HATE HER! IF ONLY MY FATHER WAS STILL ALIVE!!!   I wish my father was still here!   “I hate you mother!” I’m struggling on my seat trying to release myself but I can’t. I really can’t no matter what I do. My body is very weak right now and I’m getting so dizzy again.   “I love you my daughter. All I want is what’s best for you…”   “No! You don’t know what’s best for me!”   “What do you think is the best for you? Marrying that human?! You’re a princess! The heir, the hope of this kingdom Cassandra. I don’t want you to live a lowlife with that mortal! Look at you now! You’re too weak! And you decided not to drink human blood because of him!”   It’s my very own choice. All my life she was the one choosing for the things that I should and should not do. It’s my life, my happiness… I won’t be exchanging that for all the wealth in this world! If I just have my strength right now, I can get out of here to find my love… but I don’t. I don’t even have the guts to argue with my mother anymore. I just need to see Dylan. I just need to know if he’s fine.   “Mother… please where is Dylan, please… I’m begging you mother, where is he?” If it is the only way, I’ll beg… beg for mercy.   “Do you really love that mortal? Despite of everything?”   “Yes mother, he’s the most precious thing that I don’t want to lose. Please I feel very weak… I need to know. Where is he please” I start coughing and I feel like my throat is very dry and painful right now. I’m thirsty.   “He’s on the other side of this forest at the edge of a cliff. If you’re as weak as you are now, you won’t be able to save him. In order for you to heal from the thing that runs inside you right now, you need to drink a human blood. If you do that, you’ll be able to help your love” AT LAST! IT WORKED. I can say that my mother is not too evil after all. Drinking human blood is fine with me as long as I won’t bite anyone. I’ll have to drink a blood which is in the glass.   “Fine, mother… I’ll drink.”   “Guards, untie her” I felt someone touched my arms and legs and untied me. I feel free, but still dizzy. They also get rid of my blindfold so I am able to see them already. There’s my mother, and four vampire guards around him. If I just have the strength I can beat them all!   “Where’s the human blood?” I asked looking for a bottle or a glass.   “Oh no my dear, I won’t get easy on you. Inside this forest there’s a human running around with a bag covering her head. Her hands are tied so she couldn’t fight you. You need to find her and drink her blood. After that you may go and save your love”   WHAT? OH NO. I TAKE IT ALL BACK. SHE’S STILL PURELY EVIL!   “But mother?! You want me to kill an innocent girl? My bite could kill her!”   “It’s a matter of choice my dear, goodluck”   With that, she turned herself into a bat and flew away along with the guards. As of now, I can’t run so fast, even the ability to transform I can’t do it. I’m getting so much weaker. I don’t know I’m so confused. It’s been a very long time since I bit a human's neck, thinking about it makes me feel ashamed of myself.   But if I won’t do it, I might not be able to save Dylan. Is it really this difficult? I need to choose between love and morality? I really hate my mother for this. What do I expect? She's wicked.   I can’t help myself but to cry, my hands are getting so numb right now. Everything around me is rotating in a very slow pace. It shouldn’t be like this. No I need to be strong for my love. Once I overcome this it’ll be over.   “I need to bite her”  I started walking , touching every trees near me to support me from falling. I made up my mind. I know I will regret this but for the sake of love, I’ll do it.   “Lady? Are you here? Show yourself to me!”  I shouted hoping that some human will show up.   I shouted again and again until I felt so weak to even speak. After a few minutes I smell something, a scent of human flesh. I walk weakly following the trails of the smell. I also feel the thirst. My throat is still painful. I’m craving for blood.   I need this to be stronger, I need to save Dylan.   After following the smell, it gets nearer and nearer until I saw the human that my mother was talking about. She has a bag covering her head and she’s tied. As of the moment she’s kneeling down on the ground.   “I got you now” I said as I try to run towards her. I grabbed her arms that are tied and look for her neck. “I really feel thirsty right now, weak, and dizzy. I’m sorry but I need to do this” I didn’t try to get off the bag on her head because I don’t want to see her dying. My fangs automatically showed up ready to bite her.   I took a deep breath before I indulge myself in the blood that I suck from her neck. I can’t even heard a word from her but I felt like she’s trying to touch my hands. Her blood is so sweet , I can’t get enough of it. Every sip that I make, the stronger I become. The dizziness, the thirst, the weakness, it’s all gone. I feel so refreshed.   I stopped sucking the blood out of her when I feel that I’m already feeling good. I can see clearly now and my strength came back already. As I observed, she’s now dead as what I expected. I was just surprised that she died holding my hands. I can’t imagine the pain that I caused her.   I was about to detach her hands from mine when I notice something…   Wait…   Am I seeing this right? It’s clear, my eyes are clear now. I… haven’t noticed it before maybe because it is too dark and I was weak but…   Wait… no…   This can’t be. NO WAY.   She’s wearing the clothes of…   Dylan   Wait… is it really SHE?   OH NO, NO, NO, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I’M THINKING RIGHT NOW ISN’T TRUE.   NO WAY! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! THE BODY IT’S… OH GOSH NO!!!!   I tried to observe and touch the body. It’s a very familiar figure… I’m starting to cry please… no.   “The… only w-way to figure out if I am correct is to… see your face” I blurted nervously. My hands are getting too sweaty. My heart is racing. I’m wishing that I’m wrong. I slowly pull the cover in her face…   What I saw next made my whole body collapse…   Everything falls right in front of me…my dreams…future…love…   Tears crawl down all over my face.   It’s all been a lie. I clenched my fist as I feel the agony, pain, and grief. My mother… My mother made me kill my... lover…   I killed the most important person of my life… I killed him… There’s no SHE because it’s HIM all along!!! My mother even tied his mouth in order for him not to make any sound. I cried so drastically while I’m holding his precious lifeless body... No... I'm a fool. “What have I done!? No!!!! Dylan... it is y-you... Dylan... please open your eyes... I didn't mean to... to do that... I love you... You know that right? Dylan!!!!!”   Loud cry…   Rain falls…
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