Chapter 2

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Chapter 2   Alpha   Theodore 'Theo' Rasmus     THE night is cold and restless again. I can feel the cold wind of November, making me very much uncomfortable. The small and ragged blanket not even helping me to ease the weather. I hugged my body, just to catch a little bit of a warm, but there was none.   I just remember how skinny I am, with pale skin, and a white hair, and plum lips. I was like the weird gay cursed of our pack. My grey eyes are really boring, and I was like... How ugly can I be?   Again, the gush of the wind makes my breath hitch. I am trying to survive with my best... But I almost felt miserable, until I passed out.     I was awakened by the warm sunlight. The heat radiating outside is so different with the cold wind every night of November.   I am on the same old dog house I have been living in for months? I was here because the alpha told me too. I don't want to get out of the pack, and run away yet because I am too scared.     I am scared of what awaits me outside of the wood I live for eternity. Have I already told everyone? Our pack is made out of almost a village or town size of population. There is a school and market and so many things that a normal human community has. Although the fact is, I never go out of our territory. I never encountered any humans either.   "WHY are you still there?!" The alpha knocked my small crumbling shelter with force. "Stop sleeping like a f*cking princess!" he exclaimed.     My heart is beating so fast. I am scared, really scared. I cannot count how many times he beat me almost to death. There was a time I wish I would never open my eyes again.     Even though I am still extremely terrified. I still manage to get out of the small dog house near Alpha's Manor.     My eyes gazed upon him. He still has the physique that I was attracted to at first. He has a height of 6 feet tall. His icy blue eyes make me shiver, and remember me the cold night I felt last night. His skin is just sweet caramel tan like, paired to his raven black hair.     With the way I was mesmerized, my fantasy stopped when I felt my lips bleed from his punch, that made me fall into the ground.     "Stop checking me out you faggot!" he spat with an obviously disgusted tone.     I sighed and got up weakly. "I-I am so sorry..." I muttered.     But he just grinned and left me with a warning glance. I know what he means, I should not slack off. I have a lot of things to do.     I walk straight to the backdoor of the pack house. The kitchen was busy again. Some helpers from the pack throw shady glances upon me.     The only person who is still civil and a little bit close to me is Mariah. She is a voluptuous woman with a white skin and orange hair. She has a warm motherly like smile. She is one of the reasons that I can still get through every day, even if it feels more than hell.     "Darling come here! Let us wash some dishes here," she said to me, and she never waited for me to speak and she pulled me fast away from the crowd of people, who'd still look at me with sharp glances.     "Thank you, Mariah. I don't know what to do again, if I will still be there for a minute and extra." She sighed like the usual. "You know what? You really don't deserve those shitty things happening to you, them throwing shades towards you. How can they be so stupid and easily manipulated by our homophobic alpha! I hope he gets an STD for f*****g all of those walking sluts outside. Ghad!" she exclaimed. She and her usual nagging.     I frowned. "Tone down your voice, Mariah. Someone can hear us. We can go caught in a trouble."   She says, "And I care like hell! I am so enough with the bullshit of our pack. Like how they can be they so easily be manipulated. This pack seems very peaceful, and better, and safer before. I hope our old alpha and luna did not die with the last war. We might not living with the same bullsh*ts today."     I calmly bite my lips. "Maybe if I wasn't a curse chi-" She cut me off with her words.   "Curse what?! Don't put their words into your head. They aren't speaking truths. They are always living with those hearsay. And this pack? It will forever change into a terrible land full of walking drama. They can't be serious about throwing blame to you. Are you manipulating the war? Are you the mastermind behind those rogues that night? You aren't!"   I brought back to the silence. I never know why I always feel bad about myself. Maybe because Mariah said it was right. That I am so used to them blaming me, so I am blaming myself too.       I just brought back again in reality when Mariah held my hand. "You know what? Did you still remember the first phase of the rebellion? The gay members of this pack before, leaving because of our homophobic alpha?" she asked. I can still remember that. It happens a month after the great war.       "Yeah? What about it?" I curiously asked.   "My sister is a lesbian, so she is basically one of those runaway werewolves. She didn't go rogue nor on the other pack neither. She is living in a community of a human faraway from here! You can come with me! Please make up your mind."     What Mariah said makes me thorn into two sides. I am happy because I can finally escape from this hell hole, set by Tyrone... On the other hand, I am also sad. I practically grew up here. I gain lots of good memories here... And me being so sentimental isn't helping.     "I will think about it Mariah!"   "You better be."     Our small talks stopped when alpha came out from nowhere. He is looking at me with the same hatred.     "Go back to work." He looks stern. Anger is evident on his voice, so we head back doing our things.     After doing my part here in the kitchen. I was assigned to bring food and drinks to the practice ground on the west territory of the pack.   I am struggling to hold the big jar and basket. I am too weak to be a werewolf.            
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