Mayor as My Mate (Boyxboy) (English)


Being an Omega in a pack of werewolves is very rare. There is an extremely rare chance of being an Omega with white fur. But unique doesn't mean special. Because people believe that omega with that kind of color is cursed, they are often called an omen, and they are the curse creatures made by Luna.

To say that Theodore, born with a particular case of being a white omega in their pack, acquiring all the insult and hardship he could gain, as he realizes that he is so different from the others.

Theo was blamed for the tragic war between their pack and the rogues. It happened when he was so young, and many werewolves died because of that war. Members believe that the tragedy occurred because of the bad omen.

Finally, at the age of 18, he is officially kicked on their pack. He left Zidian forest with fear and some wishes that his life will be better now, way better.

He traveled towards the furthest city he can live, where ordinary people inhabit, where it is far away from his past, where he can restart his life again.

He gains friends and new life, and it is so good for Theo that he can feel he belongs somewhere.

He thought that finally, he could live his life normally. He was making his secrets stay in a deep slumber. Not until the day he finds a job and found himself drowning with the intoxicating scents of lemon and mint is also the day he found out that his mate is no other than the mayor of the city, Marcus Smith David.

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Chapter 1
  Chapter 1   Omega Theodore 'Theo' Rasmus     I DO remember when I was still younger, I used to listen with my mother's storytelling. The story is all about mates, how fascinating having a mate as a werewolf is. Someone who will protect each other, provide life and compassion. Like a fire in the middle of the winter, and a blanket in the middle of a stormy night.     Two mated pairs intertwined on each other, like it is all written on the stars. Mated, like it was destined to be bond. Not every wolf was too lucky enough to find their mate. It has no definite chances. It is not too easy to find our kind of destined soul.     My mother used to tell me how she remembered the first time she smelled that sweet vanilla cream with the scent of daisy's in the morning. And my father fell in love with the scent of the fresh morning baked bread...     As they meet for the first time. They knew to themselves, they were destined to begin with. They were chosen by our Goddess Luna to be mated. They live happily and wonderfully on the pack of Zidian.     My life is as wonderful as I can't ever imagine anymore. My life before with my parents can be compared with a warm cardigan. Everything is so fine, until tragic things happened, like a flash of lights- it is so fast it happened.     I just saw my parents die because of a war between the pack that we are belonging to, from a big group of rogue wolves.   I can still clearly remember that time. I was just like 14 that time. I cried to my heart's content, and my sadness feels like forever. It is unending, the pain is unimaginable. It cannot be subsided. I love them too much. And they died protecting me... I lost them that time.     When I was 15, I learned what type of pack member I was. And when they said I was an omega, everyone was so shocked... Rumors spread like a wild fire so fast. In a second, my life begins to be more painful than pain.     I REMEMBER the tale about the Omega who have white fur, by the way... I have a white fur and I am gay. I learned that I was gay when I was 13 years old and our pack is so opened with gay relationships before.     Back to the omega story with white fur. It is said that it is a rare chance of having an omega with white fur. It was like a curse and a blessing. It can be both, or just one. And because of me being the only omega of the pack... I was labeled as the curse.     People throwing shades of me. I can still feel the bruises from them, throwing rock on me... Leaving purple bruises and dark scars.     I lost my life, my parents, my best friend and my own fairy-tale that time.     AS I walk through the pack's territory. I can see the disgust on the face of the majority. I am labeled as the curse of the pack. As I go through the right age, I will be kicked here. I know that I didn't belong here nor anywhere else either.     My home that before was a warm and a safe zone, was just abandoned. I was restricted to my old house. I was living in the small dog house that Alpha made for me. I know, too humiliating right?     While I am heading to my shelter. I saw the disgusted face of my best friend, my old best friend Arcana. Where her bright green eyes were filled with disgust. When we were little, we used to play, and he was my best friend, and those are the best moments.   Until I confess to her that I am gay- and I have a huge crush to our soon to be alpha before and the current alpha now, alpha Tyrone.     I did not know that time that she likes Tyrone before. It is the start of her hatred towards me. She outed me on the whole pack. And I learned that time that Tyrone was a freaking homophobic werewolf. And the peaceful, balance and welcoming community or pack that we used to live, changed.     Walking to the ground full of old and brownish leaves makes me feel forever. I was shocked when Arcana- my old friend mockingly smacks my head, making me wince in pain.     "Such a twig! What is your body? A d*mn scarecrow?" she insulted with venom on her voice.     Those arms that protected me before, inflicting pain tk me now. So ironic, that the girl friend I once know, is the one who makes me feel miserable.     "I don't want to fight," I said calmly. She smirked before violently griping my jaw.   "Of course, you can't even put up a fight though. I just want you to know that we all wish you to just lose. Aren't you disgusted with yourself? You are the curse of this pack that we won't forever forget. Because of you, a lot of people died! Because of you Luca died!" She is talking about her little brother.     I didn't know that I was silently crying. Not because of her physically hurting me. But because my conscience is killing me now.   Maybe they were true. I was a damn curse! If I never was born, there is no one gonna shed those bloods that day. Maybe it is true, I am just good for nothing.     "I am sorry," I whimpered.     "No you're not, because if you feel really sorry. You will just die or just f*****g evaporated in the thin air!''     She did not know that I wished it would happen. But I always survive, whenever I am trying to take my own life. I know it is wrong, but even my existence feels wrong. I will be forever hunted.     One day, I will leave and you won't remember my name.     Arcana pushed me on the ground and gave me a strong kick on my ribs. She grinned before leaving me like a crumpled paper.   I wish I am not cursed, I wish I never been an omega...                                  

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