Chapter One:

1810 Words
Amber’s POV: “Wakey, wakey, Amber.” A voice whispers. I smile into my soft, feather cushions and I pull the duvet closer to my chest. This makes whoever is there laugh and start tugging at the other end of the plush linen. I pout my lips and hold firm onto my end. It’s so warm here and my eyes are so happy to be closed. “Come on, baby, it’s time for you to wake up.” The voice says again, this time I feel gentle fingers rubbing against my cheek. I lean into the large hands for extra warmth. I know these hands. “I don’t want to get up.” I whisper again and then swing my body to face the other side. Why would I want to climb out of this cocoon of comfort? “Hmm, I guess I will just have to explain to everyone why there are birthday cupcakes at school today WITHOUT a princess.” The low and sultry voice says. My eyes shoot open and when I spring up, Dean is standing in front of me with a large smile on his face. He looks so handsome in his black, ripped jeans and his grey shirt. Thank goodness my mom brought back some of her fashion sense from the Human Land. Dragons are dressing a bit less archaically than when she was younger. “CUPCAKES!” I squeal and Dean chuckles and comes to sit closer to me. “Yeah, my mom and I made you cupcakes. I know it’s only your official birthday tomorrow, but it’s the last year that we can have school celebrations for you.” Dean says and I fling my body into his. Dean has been my best friend all my life and for the past couple of years, he has also been my heart's greatest desire. We have no idea if we are mates or not, but with how close we are and with the way we have always been in sync, both we, our family and friends all expect us to be fated. Just one more sleep and I find out at midnight tomorrow. Dean pulls me close to him, my body flush against his and his hands squeezing tightly against my waist. “I love you, Dean.” I whisper and Dean’s hazel eyes light up at my words. This only makes my chest fill with happiness. I really do. “And you know that I love you more than anyone else in this whole world, baby.” Dean replies and butterflies form in my stomach. I try to lean away from him to get off the bed, but he’s too quick for me and I find myself pinned underneath his large and muscular frame. In a split second his hot lips have found mine and his hands are brushing down the side of my waist. I groan into the kiss as he snakes his way to my backside. His tongue slides along my bottom lip and I smile at the comfort it brings. “You’re so, so beautiful Amber.” Dean says and leans away from me, his eyes in their reptilian form as he looks at me with longing. It has been a tough couple of years of waiting. Mates are so precious amongst the magical and even though they are rare, we have both grown up with fated parents who are proof of how amazing a bond can be. Dean and I feel a connection, so we are so sure we are fated, but we decided that sleeping together would not be allowed until we know for sure. “Tomorrow, Dean, we will be each other’s for eternity.” I whisper into his ear and I feel his chest vibrate with a growl. “I can’t wait to see all of you writhing and moaning under me.” He groans out as I brush my fingers down his back. A flame of desire builds inside me at his words. “But, first let us get to school and enjoy the day?” Dean smiles and I nod and bite my lips. He always knows what to say to make my body hot for him. He quickly jumps off me after a final peck on the cheek and then leaves my room for me to get ready. It doesn’t take long before I am out of the shower with my mom’s old, vintage and denim mini skirt on, white sandals and a beige-colored, feminine top. I fluff out the natural curls of my bright, blonde hair and I arrange the random, red-colored streak on either side of my face. My hair is identical in texture to my mother's and has the same sort of wildness, but it seems my gold dragon turned what was supposed to be red hair, into pale strands instead. I feel sort of odd, having different-looking locks to both my parents, but I have been told it is what makes me unique. I quickly add some light mascara to my eyes, which have definitely become the talk of the Lands. I smile as I move from the blue eye of my father to the bright yellow one of my mother. “You ready?” I hear Dean calling from behind the door. A quick slide of see-through lip gloss and I am done. “Coming.” I announce and then bash through the door. Dean’s burning gaze eyes me up and down and I feel my skin shivering under his heated stare. Breakfast is same old, same old and the little trip to school goes by quick. It is almost the end of the year, so I am starting to feel like I am tired of the familiar routine. Next year I begin my studies towards being the Queen and I take on some really interesting roles across the Land. I want to be trained to fight alongside my people, as I feel every Queen should, but I also really want to be smart, so that I can be the brains of the Land too. My parents have been so balanced in how they have run their people, always leading with their heads, hearts, bodies and soul. I can only hope that I too may be like them. “What are you so deep in thought about, baby?” Dean asks and I realize I have been daydreaming the whole walk to the school. His eyes are watching me curiously. “We finish school soon and I was just thinking about where to next…” I admit and he nods. For Dean, his future is also set. Both of his parents have lived and served as top warriors and guards to the throne and Dean has developed his fighting skills and expertise under them. “You know that we all think it will be an honor to serve under you, right?” he says again and I smile. “I know, I know, it's just that I am the Gold Dragon and every storybook tells us about the miraculous things that this dragon does for the magical creatures of the world. It’s been eight years since I shifted and nothing has happened yet. It is a lot of pressure.” I frown. Memories of the multiple times I have caught my father in heated discussions about the Dark land and the impending horror of what is happening to people around us start swimming in my head. “Not to mention all the Darkness lingering about and capturing so many souls. I wish I knew what to do for them all.” I say a bit quieter. I feel my dragon turning at the mention of the Darkness. Am I not supposed to bring light? “Just know we will all figure it out beside you, Amber. You don’t have to worry about this by yourself. We all care about you.” Dean offers words of comfort, which I take wholeheartedly. Thank the Dragons I have him and all the friends I do. I can’t imagine what my mother must have felt like, living in loneliness all her upbringing and never having anyone to guide her in times of need. The closer I get to school, the more I feel myself relaxing at the idea of seeing all my friends. When I enter through the large, white doors everyone who is my nearest and dearest is waiting around for me with trays of cupcakes for the class that Dean made. “Amber! We are so excited to celebrate your birthday tomorrow!” Leslie squeals and I laugh and hug her hello. Even Luke’s young son, Brett, comes to wish me well before heading off to the junior school side of the school. He is going to be my second one day, so we have been friendly to one another as he grows up. “Thanks, guys! I am really excited.” I admit and everyone laughs. We don’t even make it to the first class before tasting a cupcake. I try and snatch a bite from Leslie, but Dean quickly pulls my hand away. “Dean!” I moan and he chuckles and pushes me against the wall. I eye him curiously as he takes a cupcake off the tray and dips his finger into the icing. My mind is in such a haze, that I don’t even notice me sucking the chocolate icing off his finger until my body is vibrating with heat and my friends are giggling from the other side of the hallway. When I look up at Dean’s hazel eyes, they are dark slits and watching me in desire. “You like them?” He husks out and I nod with his finger still in my mouth. I quickly glide my tongue along the side of his finger before popping it out my mouth, leaving him in a mess of lustful thought as he watches me lap up the last of the sweetness. He tries to lean in for a kiss, but the school bell rings and both of us are brought out of reality. Dean and I aren’t in the same classes, so we head off in our separate ways. As I sit and daydream in class, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am. My parents are the best role models, I have the best friends and Dean by my side to help me after this all. Of course, I also have myself and my dragon to guide me in the future. Turning eighteen is such a huge responsibility, as it signifies the start of learning to take over the throne. Am I ready for that? A deep and hot flame feels like it has been lit inside my soul and I smile. My dragon is ready, that is for sure.
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