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“I got word from some of the guards that numbers in the Werewolf Land have been dwindling. Just this past week, five wolves were lost to the Darkness and all took afoot to be in the Dark Land. The week before, we received word from the witches that they had lost ten in one month to the same.” Charlie announces to his King. Dominic looks out the window and takes in a sharp breath of air at the news brought to him by his third in command. He pounds his fist on the table as he turns around to face Charlie. This is the last news he needed on such a day. Today he is supposed to be celebrating the birthday of his child and the future Queen of Dragon Land, but instead, he cannot help but feel responsible for the doom being faced across the other lands. Yes, the war ended many moons ago, but everybody knows that this never stops evil from lurking. Although Seraphina was brought to an end and despite all the Lands being at peace as they have found balance, the Darkness has still managed to birth itself in so many corners of the magical’s hearts. More and more creatures are being consumed, but the source cannot be found! “Thank you, Charlie. For now, we are needed down in the groves for Amber’s shift, but first thing tomorrow I need us to have a meeting to discuss the measures we can take to help the other Lands. They look to us for guidance, especially since the Darkness is yet to infect anyone here. There has to be something behind all of this. We just need to find it!” King Dominic booms and Charlie nods. “Yes, my King. Come on, old friend, let us go celebrate your daughter for now. Listen to how the people roar for their future Queen!” Charlie laughs and Dominic pats him on the back as they slowly edge out the office. He is excited for his child, but this news disturbs him deeply. When will this darkness end? The sun began burning brighter as it lingered at the highest point of the sky in Dragon Land. Cheers could be heard as Dragon energy pulsated through the humid air and the Dragons were thumping their feet in rhythmic stomps against the floor in excitement for their beloved Princess Amber. Her body was lying on the damp moss of the forest floor, only surrounded by the eyes of her closest friends and family. This was the moment the whole of Dragon Land have been waiting for since her birth. Ten years of innocence has been achieved, but now the little Princess will shift into her Dragon and the Land can celebrate the birth of the heir to their throne. Charlotte and Dominic looked at the crumpled figure on the floor, her screams were loud and her cries muffled into the dirt of the floor as she dripped of sweat. Charlotte so wished she could provide more comfort to her little baby, as she remembers too how painful the first shift is. All she has to be thankful for is that her upbringing has allowed for this moment to be prepared for and controlled, unlike her sudden outburst. Dominic watched his daughter with a puffed-out chest. Finally, he knew what it is to have that pure and extreme pride for a child. She is laying on the very spot that he, his father and the many royals before shifted on and the moment is momentous in nature. Scattered into the mix of people soothing Amber with their words of encouragement, was the former Queen, Luke, Charlie, their mates, Simon, Lacy and their son, Dean, who had already shifted into a fierce and vibrant charcoal-colored dragon like his father. Little Dean's eyes watched as his best, best friends whimpered against the grass and he leaned down to whisper in her ear. The adults all watched on as he stroked her back with shaky hands and watched on with fear for the little Princess. They had always shared a very special bond. Princess Amber turned her body over, her blonde locks drenched in sweat across her face as she groaned. When she opened her piercing and uneven eyes, everyone could see flashes of her dragon peeping through. First, the brilliant, blue orb turned reptilian and then the yellow one followed. Amber may have been born with very peculiar hair considering her bloodline, but her eyes were a mix of her parents and shone in uniqueness. “Daddy…” She groaned and the adults gasped as her skin began to break open. The air shifted again and the people of Dragon Land quickened their stomps and cheers. They could feel the increasing energy of her shift. “Shhh, just let it happen my Princess.” Dominic knelt down to rub his daughter's head. She nodded and closed her eyes again, this time focusing on the form of her dragon. A few more screams filled the air and a blinding ray of light began to illuminate from where the Princess’s body lay. The air became thick as the light turned more sharp, making all who were around her look away in fear of being blinded. A few seconds continued and just as the King and Queen looked her way, so the cheering stopped and the air temperature dropped. The whole of dragon Land became still as they watched the opening of the forest for any sign of their new royal. Some even looked up to the sky, thinking perhaps she had already shot up into the air in between all the shouting. The people standing behind the curtain of trees could see the truth though and gasps of astonishment filled the air around Amber, as she stood in powerful glory in the form of her Dragon. Her form was shimmering against the speckled sunrays that peeped through the trees. Her scales went up in glittery sparkles of gold as they ran up tall across her full torso. “A gold dragon, Dominic, what does this mean?” Charlotte asks her mate, who is watching his daughter with a look of shock and admiration. He looks at his Queen, the mother of their child and offers her a small smile. One that seems concerned. “Yes, our baby is the Gold Dragon.” He says softly, battling to get the words out and feeling emotional having watched his only child finally shift. “yes, but what does it mean, Dominic? Is our baby going to be fine?” Charlotte asked again and a panic filled her heart as she remembered the difficulty she faced being a rare dragon herself. Charlotte didn’t know much of Gold Dragons, for almost none ever existed! “It means she is the bringer of light, my Queen.” Lacy announces and Charlotte raises an eyebrow. “The Gold Dragon is born into the lands to bring light into the dark times. She is to bring life to the dead. To fill even the most rotten places with energy.” The former Queen smiles in awe at the concerned parents. A shiver runs up both of their spines as they look at their daughter. She is still sitting in silence as she recovers from the pain of her sift. Both of them move closer to her, wanting to offer her a warming hand and they touch on the brilliant scales of her golden frame. The contact makes Amber open her eyes and look around. Everyone looks so small and tiny as they look up at her. “We are proud of you, my little baby. You are so beautiful! A golden Dragon.” Her mother says and runs a soothing hand over her new and unscathed scales. Amber wonders why everyone looks so concerned, yet in awe? She feels the fire burning in her blood and urging her to take off into flight. With a long and powerful dragon call, her first ever, she announces her shift to the whole of Dragon Land before shooting up into the skies with rays of golden shimmer following behind her. It is as if the sun is burning down brighter as she lifts further and further into the air, the folk of dragon Land shifting into their own dragons and following their princess up to mark the occasion of their next dragon heir being born. Amber scoops between the clouds, loving how the clouds dissipate against her golden flesh, how the trees turn into a brighter shade under her shadow and how the flowers bloom and face her large wings. The royal parents watch as everything blossoms beneath their little princess and how everything comes alive from under her movements, but this doesn’t stop the knot in their souls. Their baby is the Gold dragon and this comes with a heavy burden of responsibility. King Dominic couldn’t help but think of his meeting with Charlie just before Amber’s shift. A heavy fear settles in his heart as he imagined what this could mean for his little girl. The whole of the Land cheered as Amber’s energy and pure soul could be felt by all. For one day only, Dominic chooses to celebrate this fine moment. Tomorrow he will worry about the rest. Tomorrow he will figure out what all of this means. The whole of Dragon Land flies in perfect harmony up across the skies, the rooves of their homes and the fluffy tops of the forest trees peeping through every few feet. The Kingdom has finally gained their dragon princess. The kingdom has finally seen the next to sit on the throne. A Gold Dragon.
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