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Luxor Ville is a small town that is entirely surrounded by miles and miles of forest and the last place that 17-years old Soleil Sharpe expected to ever be. Soleil was used to the warm sun, the desert and everything else that she had grown up in Arizona.Until her mother came home from work one day and announced that she had been offered an amazing job promotion that required them both to move.Soleil tried to keep a smile on her face until her mom said that this new town is nothing like Arizona.In fact it's the exact opposite.I'ts the cold, rainy and surrounded by forest.But Soleil just has to grit her teeth and bear it, ever since her dad died five years ago her mother just hasn't been the same. And maybe, just maybe, Luxor Ville could be a new beginning for both of them. Asher Barden was the soon to be Alpha of the Crescent Vile Moon pack.To onlookers and anyone that anyone dared to cross, Asher was a cruel,ruthless Alpha.But to his family and friends,they all knew that he wasn't really like that.Asher had been searching for his mate ever since he turned 16, but now two years later he still hadn't found her and is starting to loose hope.All his friends found their mates, even his younger sister found her mate when she was 16.Asher is starting to think that he would never meet her and fall inlove. But maybe his luck will change when a new girl comes stumbling into Luxor Ville that has his wolf screaming "mate".
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