Maybe It Won't Gonna Be So Bad

658 Words
"Are you excited?"My mom asked me as we unpacked all the moving boxes. "Yeah," I lied easily."I really am."But honestly,Luxor Ville was the last place I wanted to be back home in Arizona, with the sun,not stuck here in this small town. But I had to remind myself that I was doing this for my mom.She needed this change,and this promotion was a huge deal.So I just had to grit my teeth and bear it for now. "I know it's not the same as back home,"my mom sighed."But this house is a lot bigger and better than before, plus everything is within walking distance here.No more rush hour traffic."She joked, trying to lighten the mood. She was right.This house was huge,it had way more than either my mom and I needed.I was excited about her. When she told me, I could pick any room I wanted.It was a four-bedroom house after all and there were just the two of us.I chose one of the biggest bedrooms. It was also the same size as the master's room my mom chose. It had a walk-in closet and was right next to the upstairs bathroom, which was basically all mine considering my mom's room had a walk-in bathroom.The walls of my new bedroom were painted a light blue by the previous owners,and my favourite part of the small balcony had that face the forest.It was the best bedroom in the house. "I know mom,"I said softly, unpacking plates and cups."Luxor Ville will be good for us. I saw a small pizza place just up the block that looked pretty good and I was thinking we could order from there tonight." "That sounds like a great idea,Soleil. I'll go place an order and grab a few things for tomorrow while you keep unpacking,"my mom kissed my forehead while grabbing her purse and walking out the front door. I simply nodded my head and smiled. I started to bring some of my boxes to my room and unpack them for school tomorrow.I wasn't looking forward to a new school,especially in a small town like this where everyone already knew each other.I was going to be the new girl,and I was worried that no one would talk to me and I would just be a loner. I know my mom kept saying that I had nothing to worry about,but I was still nervous.I wasn't exactly popular back home,but I wasn't at the bottom of the food chain either.I was somewhere in the middle, and I was happy with that.I got decent grades and I had good friends who i love like family.Saying goodbyes to them was hard,I spent half of the day crying,and the other half laughing at all the the stupid memories we had together. "Soleil, pizza!"My mom called out.I was so lost in my head that I didn't even notice her opening the front door. "Coming!"I called. I dashed downstairs to go eat and spent the rest of the night unpacking as much as I could before my mom ushered me off to bed, saying that I needed a goodnight's sleep before my first day at school tomorrow.I didn't bother to argue and tell her that I wouldn't get much sleep tonight anyway.I would be up half the night tossing and turning,thinking about how my first day would go tomorrow. I knew that she wouldn't listen,my mom was so stubborn and so was I.Before my dad died, he used to joke that there was no use winning in an argument against me and my mom. "Goodnight, Soleil, I love you."My mom called after me as I went back upstairs. "I love you too,"I shouted back, closing my bedroom door. I sat outside on my balcony for a few minutes just taking everything in when I heard a howl in the distance. Hmm,I didn't know that Luxor Ville had wolves.

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