Little sister

542 Words
Hong Xie came down from the car with her parents, wanting to take her luggage with her. "leave it to the maids" her mother reminded her. ' oh, I forget am now a young miss ' she thought. they walked into the house. ' welcome master, madam ' could be heard from every corner of the house. " let me introduce my daughter who had gone missing since age three, she is the first miss of the Hong family " Hong Pu said. " welcome young miss " they greeted in unison. " sweetheart, come over and have your dinner after you freshen up, okay " Shi Ru said. Hong Xie was led to her room, she took her luggage from the maid and locked the door at her face. " gosh, am so tired " she fell into a deep thought of what had transpired today, just then her phone ran bringing her out of her trance. " little xie, how do you find the Hong family. is it up to your taste " the person at the other side of the phone asked. " for now " she said, giving a short reply. " okay. Am in Mo city now and won't be going to the capital anytime soon. let's meet up and chat, remember if the Hong family is not up to your taste, the Xie, Mo and Pu family is ready to cater for your welfare " he said. " okay " before the person at the other side could reply, she hung up. ' what an heartless kid ' he laughed. ' knock knock ' a sound came right outside her door. looking at the room made of pink, she sighed. " come in ". A maid came in with her head lowered. " young miss, dinner is ready " she said, not daring to lift her head up. " I would be there in a minute, thank you " she replied politely. The maid was startled. 'did the young eldest miss just tell me thank you???? ' she stood frozen. " is there something else? " Hong Xie asked, lifting her eyebrows at the maid, making her look cute. " No.... eldest young miss " she replied and ran off, making Hong Xie sign loudly this time. Hong Xie came down from her room and saw her parent already sitting down at the dinning room, seemingly waiting for her to show up. glancing at a sit, she saw a young boy looking exactly like her. she could guess he was one of her brothers. "little xie, this is your twin brother, Hong Shen " her mother introduced. ' twin brother? ' she never saw that coming. " hello " she greeted expressionlessly. Hong Shen looked at her, wanting to find if she would show any emotions but quickly retracted his gaze. " hello, little sister " he smiled at her. When he was three years old, his twin sister got kidnapped and since then his parent had been looking for her. looking at her face he could be so sure that she was his twin. though he was older than her with few minutes, he felt he was the younger one here while looking at her.
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