Miss Hong Your Identity had Been Uncovered Again


Hong Xie, a girl who had been kidnapped from age 3 was brought home when she was 17.

thinking she was from the countryside, her brothers and family protected her.

first brother, a CEO: little Xie what do you want, I will buy it for you

second brother, a lawyer: anyone that slander my little sister shall meet me in court

third brother, a doctor: little xie, beat them up, I will just treat them

fourth brother, an actor: little sister, how about a show with your handsome brother

fifth brother, her twin: fourth brother why are you shameless, little xie is mine.

a certain possessive man: *chuckled* but she is pregnant...

written by Joyosas

@ f******k : joy osas

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Going to Mocity
Hong Xie walked through a lonely path, Nobody could be seen along the path. getting to the village, she saw a white Benz parked along the roadside. Narrowing her eyes, she thought 'these people are back again, am really not interested in there wealth'. Walking faster to the house that she had lived all her life, with her grandmother. " Isn't that little xie, wow. So she is from a powerful background" a villager said. " I heard she is the long lost daughter of the Hong family in Mo city' another chirmed in. When Hong Xie was 3yrs old, she was kidnapped and sold to the countryside. Her parents tried all they could do to find her but couldn't. Hong Xie has five brothers, her mother almost ran mad after she went missing. Hong Xie went into her grandmother's house and saw two people she was expecting, which brought her no surprises. People might not know but the original Hong Xie died two years ago, while leaving the body. 'Hong xie' soul came into this body, it really was surprising. " Grandmother" she called out. When she first came into this body, it was this woman who had helped take care of this body. " My child, your parent are here to take you home, I know you might be unwilling but you are going to eighteen soon and need to write your college entrance examination. You need to go so you can get into a better University" she said. " Don't worry I would send maids and servents to help take care of your grandmother, and we already bought a house for her" her mother said. Looking at the woman who looked exactly like her,her heart softened a little. " Thank you" she said expressionlessly. Looking at her daughter's distant and polite attitude, she frozed for a moment before her eyes got red. Hong Pu brought his wife close to his body and hugged her a little. " It's fine now, little xie is by our side now" he consoled her softly. "Grandmother, take good care of yourself and I would come see you when am free" she said before standing up. " It's fine, grandmother is old already" Wang xu chuckled. This kid was stronged face but really a kitty. She smiled while looking at Hong Xie. Wang xu stood up and escorted the family of three to the car before going back into the house. Hong Xie looked out of the window as the car got further and further away from the village. When they got to Mo city' it was almost dusk. "Little xie, how have you been all these years" Shi Ru asked. Shi Ru is the name of Hong Xie's mother. Seeing that her mother was trying to start a conversation with her, she softened up a little bit, not wanting to embarrass her. " I have been living fine, all thanks to grandmother Wang" she said. Hong Pu looked at the expression of his wife, just as he predicted, was dark. Looking like she was about to cry again. They arrived at a huge mansion in the middle of the city, looking outside the window, she could see rows of maids waiting for them. "We have arrived master, madam, young miss" the driver reminded them.

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