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CHAPTER 2 "Seems like you might have a habit of bumping into people Alec" Mel said jokingly, As Alec released himself from his grip almost immediately, he replied "ah, I'm really sorry, I'm usually not like this" "Last night was a little tiring for me" he concluded, Mel who saw this, replied "is that why you keep seeking out coffee?" "And I see you are still wearing my shirt" he continued, Alec who is now realizing that Mel is no longer wearing his shirt, he was in another shirt, it was a red short sleeve shirt, while Alec's was a dark brown long sleeve shirt, "Ah sorry, I'm still busy with the day's classes so I haven't had time to dry-clean it yet, and what happened to my shirt" said Alec "Oh that" said Mel while he took a glance at his shirt, "I already sent it to a dry-cleaner, it's will soon be back, I'll just return it when you return mine" Mel continued, "Oh, I see, your shirt will be better before tomorrow, but if already had a clean shirt lying around, you could have notified me Mel Mavis" said Alec while he slightly squeezed his straight and slightly hairy eyebrows to show that he was a little pieced of, "(Laughter), don't be angry Alec, you're too cute for that, I was just observing, let say, I wanted to see what you would come up with" Mel said will getting coffee from the vending machine, but he got 2; Alec was about to question him for calling him cute because he didn't know how to feel as well as why he got 2 cans of coffee, but he let the thought go as soon as it came in, seeing as he could thing of one billion reason why, But Mel walked 2 steps closed to him, and placed the coffee can to his chest, "its cold" Alec thought, then he lift his head up to look at Mel, Alec was about to yell at Mel, but then their eyes met and once again Alec was lost in his eyes, This time Mel saw the way Alec looked at him and he felt flattered, and not just on a small scale, but his kind of personality didn’t let him show it. "That coffee is for you, try not to keep on bumping into people, they might not be as lenient as I was Alec, and do something about your eyes" Mel said in a soft tone. "My eyes? how? And the coffee is cold!" Alec yelled, but half of him thought he might not have heard him because he already covered quite a distance from him and the hallway was filled with people. Then Alec looked around him and realized the situation of the atmosphere, because people were already staring at him, and he felt embarrassed "I just yelled in the middle of the hallway way, they gonna think I'm crazy”, he thought, "Mel, that punk! He said and walked to the classroom where TD will be held. Unknown to him, among the people who were at the hallway at that time, some of them who knew him spoke among themselves saying, "wasn't that Alec Cross, the A+ student; he's not one to be loud, just who was that guy?" "I know right? Alec Cross is usually quiet and doesn't really show emotions, he's quite aloof sometimes" Another said, "yeah, don't you think it's weird, he's got a really cute face, a nice body and he's also the best student in our major but he doesn't have people around him" said another student, "yeah, he doesn't have people around him but Andrew Davis who's quite popular" said the person with a loud laughter "I mean Andrew's really protective of him, I wonder why?" He concluded with a laughter. Andrew and Martina were already done with their team's meeting and now Andrew was on his way to the TD class, he was worried about Alec, because no one knew Alec more that he did, and Alec could appear rude and aloof, but he's quite meek and doesn't really know how to defend himself. Just as Andrew was about to part from Martina and say his byes, Martina held a part of his clothes and said, “you wanna go get some food, you still have some time before your nest class", "ah, I'm sorry Tina, I have to go get Alec, that guy is like a nine year old kid, even though he's nineteen, sometimes I wonder how he made it as an A+ student" Andrew replied. Martina felt a little disappointed, but she hid it with a smile, and told him it was alright, she just wanted to eat with somebody but it was alright; "its not like I'll die if i don't" she added with a chuckle and the both laughed it off. At that point Andrew left Martina, "I can't believe my rival is a boy, I wish I would be the one on his mind just as you always are Alec", she mumbled to herself in a sadden tone. Andrew finally caught up to Alec, at the TD classroom, and like always he looked shy and quiet and aloof as well, "he looks like a homeless puppy" thought Andrew as he was looking at Alec who was at a seat in front row. "Lec!!" Andrew called out to him as he walked to toward Alec, but Alec didn't answer, Andrew noticed and laughed "sometimes you can be some mean you know" said Andrew with a cute face "but that's also one of your cuteness" Andrew continued with a serious but handsome facial expression, Alec saw this and then said "your also another pretty thing". Andrew heard that and smiled cause he knew how Alec felt toward pretty things or people, As soon as Andrew became seated, the teacher Entered and as usual started the with the teacher introducing their self. Back at the teacher lounge, Mel Mavis was visiting Sidney Whales who was one Alec's lecturers, "hey Sid, how's your day going, I was passing by I thought I should drop by, my bro said HI, he said you should drop by sometimes" After Sidney heard this, his facial expressions went sad for sometime, then he said, “how’s Annabelle, how's she doing? "If you really wanted to change the topic, you could have asked something else" Mel said with a frown "you know like if I woke up with wings or if I could make fair dust or something" he said while trying to lighten the mood, Sidney giggled upon hearing that and continued "really, is it that bad, she's your wife you know, you've been married for 3 years now are you just gonna let it end like this?" After hearing this Mel became displeased and a sad, but he tried to hid it, "how old are you anyway,26 right, you're still really young though, who knows it might be for the best" Sidney continued; Mel gave a shallow smile and said, "you're not that old yourself you're just 34, you should go find yourself a partner" Sidney felt a little shocked but he let it go "ah, I'm sorry I was a little agitated, you forgive me Sid, hm?" Mel said, but Sid just gave a slight nod and little fake-like smile then Mel continued, saying "the problem is that I still love her, but she says my feelings for her are not what I think they are and it took her 3 long years to find out"  "she said it with sadness in her eyes, it made me feel so f*****g guilty. I didn’t know how to react" Mel lamented while wearing a sad expression on his face, like he was about to cry, but he didn't. Sidney took one look at the surroundings of the teachers' lounge and suggested that they moved to the rooftop of the architecture block, he didn't want to stair up any gossip, Mel was also a lecturer at Milford University he thought Biochemistry and psychology, He was that good, and for Sidney to see someone who teaches Psychology to breakdown like this, it meant he needs help and he needs to be contained. So Mel and Sidney moved to the rooftop, when they got there, they both rested on the pavement, for a moment, Mel and Sidney just stood there, as the breeze whooshed through their face and made way to their skin, the felt calm, then the looked at the blue clear sky with plain white clouds, for some reason, they felt comforted but they both knew there was a joke inside their hearts, like a vacuum of emptiness, a space that just needed to be filled up. Sidney and Mel stayed like that for five straight minutes, not uttering a word to each other, then Sidney brought out a pack of cigarettes from he's left pocket opened it and directed it toward Mel and said "you wanna smoke" Mel replied “normally I don't smoke, but now I think I need a cig" as he said so he pulled a stick of cigarette out of the pack, Sidney was now have trouble finding his lighter, “I’m sure it was in my right pocket, did I drop it off somewhere?" He questioned, then he asked Mel if he had a lighter on him, then Mel brought out a lighter from his right trouser pocket and handed it to Sidney, "I thought you said you don't normally smoke, how come you're with a lighter now" Sidney said so as he chuckled, Mel looked at him and smiled, "a man's got to smoke sometimes you know”; the both of them lighten up their cigarettes and solemn started to smoke. "Hey, why don't you wanna see my bro these days, he said you've been quite distant ever since he got that marriage proposal" Mel started to talk after some time, but Sidney didn't feel like answering, he just quietly smoked his cigarette while wearing a sad expression on his face, "Hey man, maybe you should carefully think about what Annabelle said, I think she might be on to something" Sidney told Mel in a serious tone, on hearing that, Mel felt a little shocked, then he took a glance at Sidney who was by his side and then let out a deep sigh with a fog of smoke coming out his mouth and nose, Both Mel and Sidney had issues, and the were not ready to be open about it and didn't know how to solve it on their own, As Mel and Sidney quiet smoke at the rooftop of Milford University's Architecture block all the could think was; "I need A break". At this time Alec and Andrew were done with their classes for the day, it was around 6:00pm, meaning it was already evening; Alec and Andrew were on their way home, as Andrew walked beside Alec, he noticed a different smell come out from the shirt Alec was wearing and it didn't at all smell like him, it's not like it was a bad smell, it actually smelt quite good, but it didn't at all smell like him, he wanted to know how that came to be, because for reason Andrew felt a little infuriated; After a long term of feeling different emotions, which was exactly not like him, he decided to ask Alec what was on his mind, "Hey Lec, is this your shirt, it doesn't quit smell like you, you know or...? Andrew questioned "First, what are you, my hound or my boyfriend for you to start asking what my shirt smells like or how what I wear doesn't smell like how I usually do?" Alec replied Andrew, then he continued saying "and Drew you're my bestfriend, don't creep me out okay" After hearing this, Andrew laughed, then walked closer to Alec until he was really close to him, looked him in the eyes and said, "I don't know about a hound, but what's stopping me from being your boyfriend, I literally take care if you Alec", As, Andrew said that to him and that close, he felt somewhat intimidated cause Andrew was quite tall, he's was quite taller than "maybe just as tall as Mel, or maybe Mel is taller than him...wait why am I thinking this in a situation like this?? "Anyway Alec, moved back a bit, you're in my face nut head, we gotta get home, I have to make dinner and I don't know if we still have supplies" Alec said as he took 4 steps away from Andrew and walked forward, Andrew followed behind while laughing, "he's reactions are the best" Andrew thought. After a 30 minutes’ walk, they finally got to their apartment, Andrew and Alec were both staying together, their apartment was close to their school, so they didn't exactly need to take the bus or anything like that, As soon as Alec opened the door Andrew rushed and yelled "I'm beat! so f*****g tired, what a day" as he threw himself on the 3 seater sofa, Alec just walked towards the kitchen though, he was tired as well, but if he doesn't cook, no one else will, it's just the two of them and he wasn't gonna start depending on Andrew for the cooking, he thought, "Drew completely sucks at cooking" Alec mumbled and then let out a little chuckle, Alec then checked around the kitchen to see if they had any of the ingredients needed to make spaghetti, but to his disappointment, there wasn't and that's what he predicted, He let out a little groan, then told Andrew he had to head to the grocery store for just a bit, "oh! really, lemme go with you then" Andrew said as he was getting up the sofa, But Alec saw the state Andrew was in and decided to let he off the hook, he wanted Andrew to follow him but he said "look at you, you look like a dead log, stay there or you're just gonna be dead weight for me Drew" Andrew heard this and was like "I care about you too Lec" then giggled a little, "this kid, he's quite cute" Andrew thought then told Alec to be careful, that he was just a 19year old, and it getting quite dark outside; "you know, you don't really have the ability to defend yourself" Andrew added, after hearing this Alec was a little bit mad but he said "hey, I'm not as weak as I look", "and I'm not a damsel in distress, PRINCE Andrew" he added sarcastically and left the house, Andrew just smiled and went to sleep. The grocery store was only a 15 minutes’ walk from their house, and it was only just 7:15pm, then Alec wondered why Andrew would be so worried over nothing, that he let go of that thought, considering the fact that Andrew was always like that since they were little, Alec finally got to the grocery store, he walked in and got everything he need for the spaghetti and more groceries since they were almost out; After getting all that he wanted to get, he walked to the counter with the intention of paying for the items he bought, but the he came across the same coffee brand Mel got for him earlier today; "I wonder how that guy's doing, I still have to return his shirt, he looked like a really calculative person, it'd be best not to get in his was...but he was really beautiful man" Alec thought, "anyway I haven't drank the one he gave me, no use buying another, I need to save" he said to himself as he walked towards the counter, Alec, who was now in thought, intercepted with a figure, but stopped himself before he made impact with the figure, the he raised his hard to look at what it was, and to his greatest surprise, it was Mel who he was just thinking about, Mel looked at him and was like "since I already crossed paths with you 3 times in one day, that's it, we should start hanging out, and you still haven't done something about your eyes pretty boy" Alec, who was in shock felt excited and relieved to some extent but he didn't know why and he didn't notice it, but he smiled a little and Mel was mesmerized to the site he saw and for some reason, the sour feeling he felt from earlier today slowly started to fade away as he saw Alec's cute smiling face; "BEAUTIFUL" Mel thought.
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