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"It's a pretty blue sky today" Alec said as he looked up while on his way to college; only for a brief moment, he thought, "only if my life were as pretty as this" while walking through the streets of Canada. He was just about to make a five minutes detour to a café where he was a regular at, it was just a few blocks from the school it was called "pleasure is pretty". By the time he got to the entrance, he paused for a split second to look up at the Cafe's sign board and it read "Pleasure is Pretty café". "Maybe that's why I'm so keen on this café, the coffee's not exactly exceptional and the café beside my major's block make better cakes" Alec mumbled "anyway I need a coffee now or I'm gonna doze off in class and I'm a little late, I wonder if Drew's already in class, I didn't see him when I woke up this morning, that fucker; I told him to wake me up, but he totally hung me out to dry" he said so with a little frown on his face. while walking into the café, after ten minutes he walked out of the café with a cup of warm coffee in his hands, he would have made it hot but Alec wasn't really a fan of hot things or hot weather. Now he was looking at the watch on his left hand and it read "9:45". "s**t! He exclamated "class' in fifteen minutes if I don't run now I'm gonna be f*****g late, it just had to be a Monday, hope the rest of my week doesn't suck as much as this" said Alec as he ran straight to his major block but he unfortunately ran into a man just at the entrance of the architecture block. Normally, this kind of thing doesn't always happen to Alec, he's a little quiet and he usually thinks things through, but the problem here was, this man didn't look like a student, though, he looked young and really handsome, he was wearing a plain white sleeve shirt with a black low pants trouser and they all looked expensive, and money isn't exactly a luxury he had. He looked composed but still couldn't be able to hide the look of disgust in his eyes, Alec took one look at his eyes and felt both mesmerized and flustered at the same time, but he didn't have time to scan him, he had less than five minutes to get to class 'cause he took a glance at the man's really expensive looking watch on his right hand and it read "9:56" So he has to think of a way to solve this and fast, time wasn't really favoring him, and the class he was about to be late for was one of his really important classes that had a large scale effect on his GPA; While Alec was still drowning in thought and panic, the man  maintain composure and took a step back from him cause the were too close at that time, looked at his shirt and frowned a little but for a second, As soon as Alec saw that frown; cause he was really good with he's eyes , immediate he yelled "I'm so sorry sir", "what can I do to to make you feel better, we could exchange shirts, then by the end of today, I'll return your shirt in a cleaner state" he said, "I would have just given you the dry-cleaning money or better yet just buy you another shirt, but you see, both time and money is a luxury I don't own...just yet" he continued with an embarrassed look on his face. The man who was now calmer, outed a little laughter and said, "it looks like you're a little late for a class, right? Alec nodded in affirmation to his question, still feeling embarrassed and even more puzzled as to why a man who looked as composed and stern as him would laugh in a situation like this. "Okay, let's move to the restroom, but do you think you're shirt would fit right on me, I mean I'm quite bigger than you are" he said with a smile on his face as they arrived at the men's restroom, Alec who was now staring at him in awe, obediently said yes to him with eyes that looked like the eyes of a kid who found a very precious possession, Alec was lost in his eyes; Noticing this, the man felt surprised and a little flattered "what a weird kid" he thought, then he let out a little cough, as if to lighten up the atmosphere or bring Alec back to earth, Immediately Alec came back in shock, "ah, I'm sorry ,I was a little carried away in some thoughts" Alec said "oh, is that so; I guess your a little worried about your class" the handsome man replied, that's when Alec realized he's completely late for class and he had totally forgotten about it, that's what he came back to his senses, He said "sir let's quickly change clothing, I mean just the shirt of course" "then give me your number you so I can contact you when your shirt is clean" Alec concluded, Then the man started to remove his coffee stained shirt in agreement to Alec's suggestion, Alec who was a little taken by surprise was a little flustered and turned to back him and yelled "ah! sorry! Excuse me!" Then he outed a little laughter again and smiled saying "are you gonna be okay with wearing this shirt, it might be a little uncomfortable for you" Alec, who was already undressing replied "don't worry about it I'm okay, it was my carelessness and hastiness that caused this, I'll  take responsibility, once again...I'm really sorry sir", "Hm, it's Mel" the man said "huh" Alec replied "I mean, my name's Mel Mavis not sir, you must be a polite one" he continued, "oh, pardon me, I'm Alec Cross, a sophomore in Architecture, sir may I have your number now" Alec concluded, but the man had an expression on his face  that looked like he wasn't pleased. but only for a short moment, Alec noticed this and quickly corrected himself saying, "ah, sorry...I meant Mr. Mel" Mel smiled a little while saying "so you are polite and very observant, that's good, I would also like to have your number, I've taking quite a liking you" Alec was a little surprised.. maybe carried away by Mel's words, but then he realized how Mel intended those words and replied him saying "Thank you, but we have to hurry...I still have a class to be at"; At this point they had already finished exchanging clothes and phone numbers, Mel Mavis was the first to leave the Men's restroom, while Alec stayed behind and used water to fix up the shirt so he wouldn't feel too uncomfortable as Mel had said, it got a bit better and at the very least, Alec was able to where it to class. As Mel walked through the men's restroom door, Alec looked  at him from behind; "He's a beautiful man, what a pretty thing", he mumbled.   Now, finally at the classroom, Alec took a quick look at the watch on his left hand and it read "10:10" but the lecturer wasn't in class, he wondered why ,but just as he was about to sink into thoughts again he heard a familiar voice calling out "Lec!! Lec!! Alec!!! Then he turned to the direction of the voice and saw it was Drew calling out to him from a seat three rows back, he was pointing at a seat which was beside him, by the right, as if to say; he had saved a sit for him, Alec walked up to him and said, " You fucker! you think saving me a seat at one class will let you off the hook, well no s**t-head, you know what I went through today?" "yeah what did you through, you look like a mama dog who just gave birth to three  other dogs" drew said with a laughter, Alec looked at him with a sarcastic smile saying "anyway why hasn't class started yet, I'm like 10 minutes late", "oh I don't know too, I just came in like 5 minutes ago" replied Drew with a puzzled face. Just as Drew was about to as a fellow course-mate who was behind him, the lecturer walked in as he said "Good morning kids, I'm a little sorry for being late, but I'm sure it favored some of you" with a little laughter, Alec felt a little guilty as he heard that and thought "dear God". As usual the teacher introduced himself, "I'm Sidney Whales, I'm your architecture teacher for this semester and maybe next or more to come, who knows" he started, "as you know this semester is already three weeks in, but this is only your first class in this course, meaning we have to work hard to catch up with the school calendar, so I can't assure you that this semester will be swift for you" "now let's begin the first subject matter of today's class, we'll learn your names as the semester carries on" Sidney Whales concluded. After hearing this Alec's mind drifted a little, back to the time at the restroom "he said his name was Mel Mavis" he thought, "this might just be a hectic semester for me" he mumbled. Three hours passed and the architecture class with Mr. Sidney Whales had just ended, Both Alec and Drew were just about to leave the class together, the had Technical Drawing class together just after lunch, they were part of the same major, As light toned voice called out "Andrew Davis! Drew turn back immediately on impulse  also noting out his good reflexes, to see who called. As he turned, he found Martina Clouds, another course-mate and the happen to be part of the  same club, the sport club, specifically under the basketball team. Martina Clouds was one of the cheer leaders while Drew was part of the team. "We have a meeting now for the purpose of the upcoming game, the coach want to talk to  us"  Martina spoke out "Oh! come on Tina I was just about to go get lunch with Lec and you're only telling me this now, tell me who's gonna take care of him huh? Drew lamented, "Hey, shithead, we were both there when coach was announcing this...I just told you so we could walk together and besides Alec is a big boy...or aren't you Alec? Martina questioned, "Hey Drew, we're gonna meet in one hour at TD class.. come on, you ain't my mama and I ain't some 9 year old mom" replied Alec with a slight laughter, after that he placed his hand on his back and pushed him in the direction of Martina Clouds, Martina's eye brighten up a little bit in show of excitement, but no one noticed but Alec who had really good eyes, "You sure you gonna be okay man, you quiet brain-yard" Drew questioned Alec with a little sense of seriousness in the tone of his voice But Alec nodded with a smile on his face and pushed him towards Martina, Drew looked at him as if to show some concern or distress for Alec, but Alec gave a warm smile and did the peace sign to him, then Drew saw that and felt calmer and smiled back with a wave. Just as Drew turn to his back, Martina face Alec's direction and moved her lips to say thank you as silently as possible. Alec saw this and gave her a smile too and thought "I wonder if drew is aware of her feelings for him"..."he maybe just a pretty as a girl" was what Martina thought as she saw Alec's smile. As soon as Alec saw Andrew and Martina leave the classroom in the opposite direction, he turned around and went the other way of the hallway, because it was towards the direction of the classroom where TD class Will be held, "oh I still need coffee, I spilled the first one on that guy and I still have to was his shirt" he thought to himself, "anyway let's he'd to a vending machine I need coffee somehow" Alec said to himself. As soon as Alec got to the the vending machine, he was about to bump into another person in front of him, cause his head was faced down, so he wasn't looking up straight, but luckily for him, the person caught him, and when he looked up he was shocked and surprised all at once. It was Mel who had caught him.
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