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Bellamy pov □□□ Pushing the dark door  ,I run amid all the darkness surrounded around me My legs feel like they are on fire as I rush through the doors ,on my way As I hear his footsteps follow me , the sound of his steps ,getting louder every second "I'm going to chase you down ,Bellamy " I hear his threat amid my heavy breathing And my heels clicking the cold floor "Please I did nothing " I cry out , a helpless cry  as I reach the end of the room and that's the end ,as I see no further way to run from him ,i stand helplessly as I hit my head against the wall A small sob escapes my eyes as I watch his shadow, through the corner of my eyes And I hear his loud laugh ,as he takes his step  closer towards me Each of his  step towards me , makes me feel soft acted like I'm  chokinh on myself I don't see his face ,but I feel his presence behind me ,as he stands inches away "Please I did nothing " I plead him with tears rushing down my eyes But he shows me no  mercy ,as his eyes narrows at me with a hate behind those dark eyes Even though he's wearing a face hood ,I can notice the way he clenches his jaw as he pulls out the knife,  out of his black suit as he points it at me "No Please " I beg him as I shiver under his look ,as he brings his hands around my neck as he shouts his words at me with rage "I'm going to kill you " ×××××××××××××××× "Noo…." I scream out as I wake up from my dream, like almost everyday The nightmares , leaving me shaking for my own  life My hand reach around my neck as I myself hold on to my neck ,  to feel any pain But all I feel is numb My whole body feel strained and I notice the blurness in my eyes as I feel my eyes wet Tears rushing down my cheeks ,even without my knowledge or my control I gasp as the window cracks open , but it's no one just the cold air My steps are slow as I reach ,myself next to the window as I stare at the dark sky out Trying to breathe in and out properly, as I feel my breath getting harder with each and every step I take Another new place ,new room ,new house But something remains constant The fear of being watched, the fear that someone Is watching you through the dark No matter how hard i try to push those thoughts, each night my fear only increases But it's not just my thoughts Everyday the nightmare returns and I know, I can feel his eyes Sometimes, I can see the shadows ,but when I try to reach the shadow ,he is quick enough to leave Without any trace behind him Every single day , he follows me Once I thought I was dreaming as I noticed his dark eyes ,under his face hood As he stood at my window glaring at me I noticed the way his eyes looked at me ,as he clenched his jaw For a second, I thought it was my dream ,my illusion That my mind is just playing tricks on me but his shadow was gone  ,  I rushed towards the window ,there were no clue left , but I smelled his cologne And I knew it My thoughts were not any illusions but It was the hard truth After that day , i feel like i have turned kneel a coward I feel my heart racing whenever I try to get to that door and check out the person But no, my fear has got me My stalker has got me Being the  Benjamin Caron's only daughter, I should be the bravest Because my father owned the mafia for years but couple years ago  he decided to quit and go clean Sometimes i think , maybe someone is watching me and my family Sometimes, i think i have gone crazy with those thoughts which I can't make sense to anyone Breaking the doors of a Caron family is a impossible task But…. But , I feel the fear Constant Several times ,i tried to bring this topic at home The stalker has  been ,following me  since years now But my father always laughs it off ,saying that I have been dreaming about it and everything is my illusions And asked me not to watch any horror or thriller movies or read any such books "Bella , don't start your child stories again No one can even dare to enter our house without my permission Just stop dreaming things for once " This was the exact words that came out of my father's mouth ,the day I persisted that I have been stalked constantly But I know for the fact that it's true That I have been watched and I feel hopeless as I can do anything about it Other than my family, who else will be ready to help me ? Police ? No way Caron's reaching police is a dream talk We don't trust them ,never have They don't trust us either They always have their doubts on my family and our activities When I say I have no body, I mean I have no men who will scoop me up in their arms, and take me to a safe place It's not the fact that my father doesn't want me to have a boyfriend But it's Lucas My step brother, Lucas When my father got married to Ilma( my step mother ) , Lucas was eighteen. My father ended up adopting Lucas too ,when the marriage was over My childish behaviour , then fifteen year old brain ,was restless and rebellious I was pissed that my father got married to someone else And I wanted to do something rebellious That's when Lucas got close to me He showed his displeasure on his mother's marriage too I found lucas nice And somewhere even now ,he feels nice There are two faces for Lucas and I like the good one That makes me put up with his bad face But I don't have a choice other than to put up with him He has got his hands on my life and my body too I wanted to spoil the trade deal for my father as my revenge act And Lucas, helped me At the end ,my father suffered huge loss And his own team turned up against him Which made my father , retire from his position ,made him give up everything That night ,when my father was breaking his head for his loss I was happy and partying with a sense of accomplishment I was drunk, till my ass off When I look back to that night, now I'll never want that to happen again I made my worst decisions that day I was fifteen ,too drunk for my age And I lost my virginity to my step brother When the night was over and the mistakes were done There was no going back for me Till date no body knows, it was me who was responsible for that one phone call that screwed up my dad's business and position Except Lucas He didn't only seek my virginity but also ,my freedom and my peace He used it as his weapon to blackmail me when I was not pleasing him My beautiful stepbrother turned out to be my night mare and my biggest regret till date His sweetness was soon replaced with hatred and obsession for me Sometimes I think , if I could get away with a murder like my father I would never think twice to kill Lucas But at the same time , he wasn't  bad Atleast not inhumane like now ,in the past He seemed nice and there were days where I had him ,as my comfort As day changed, he changed too He turned into this new person ,I never met before Everything changed in life….. But one thing remained constant My step brother  abuse to me And those stalking eyes who watches me with a hatred and revenge ,behind those hooded  mask 
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