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Dark love and lies - when the predator falls for his prey Gabriel McGregor is on a undercover duty ,who is sent as a English professor in the name of Mr.Knight ( Gabriel Knight) ,with a mission to find the details about the Caron' family The family which ran the mafia in the past But the FBI as its doubts and the best agent is on his way to find more . Bellamy Caron is starting her high school With a burden on her back , which she is carrying her from the past which includes her obsessive step brother, her unknown stalker and a constant fear for life But more than her problems, she's got a new job to do now That is ,seducing her English Professor who is too sexy to be a high school teacher and too sexy to be anywhere around her ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× GABRIEL MCGREGOR Becoming her teacher ,was part of the plan Reaching the Caron's family, while having her as my bait was part of the plan I expected her to be rebellious and arrogant being Benjamin's daughter ,the man who owned the mafia But her confidence, her beauty was not something I expected This is wrong I'm not only breaking my etiquette but breaking every single rule I have been following in my life. She looked like a storm as she leaned over my desk , and whispered " I get what I want And I want you Mr.Knight " But she's more than what she pretends to be She's running with fear, in the dark And she needs a comfort From all those demons she's trying to fight But can I be her comfort ? Or a new demon in her life? BELLAMY CARON New city and new school , was part of my year plan But Mr.Knight wasn't His sexy ass ,his cocky attitude and the charming smile ,he is perfect in all way but the only problem is ,he is my English professor who looks at me ,like a f*****g puzzle which he wants to try his hands on In my whole life of eighteen years I have seen many things like money ,power nightmares, dead bodies, drain of blood and also my stalker who watches me every single day,my stepbrother who never misses a chance to have his hands on me But nothing like him and none like him He doesn't want me because I'm his student Or maybe I'm too young for his thirty year old self But" I ,the only daughter of Benjamin Caron pledge that Mr.Gabriel Knight can have my body ,my soul and my everything And I'll make sure ,he does " ♡♡♡♡♡ Extract from the story :- Bellamy I bang on his house door as anger infuriates my senses "Ms.Caron ?" Said Gabriel, with a confusion behind his voice "f**k Y.O.U " Bellamy stressed her words as she raised her middle finger in the air for her english professor ,who stood tall in front of her "Did you come all the way ,to tell me the words which I already knew ?" Asked Gabriel with a smirk on his lips and a amusement behind his sleeky voice "Yes Fuck you Fuck you " Bellamy blurted out "Well you can't " Teased Gabriel with a smile on his lips as he watched her "Well , professor You don't know me " Bellamy said as she turned around to leave But Gabriel was quick enough to grab her ,by clutching on her elbow as he pressed her small body against the wall "Task accepted, Ms.Caron " with that he smashed his lips on hers ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× Authors Note 1. it's a pure romantic and a suspense thriller story 2. 18+, the story includes mature scene and suitable for appropriate audience 3. Your comments are highly appreciated 4. Welcome to the word of Dark love and Lies. ( if you want to check my other works  Check out my new book "My Broken Billionaire" ,a story about two high school students in a contract marriage ,which is free to read for now. Like the story to follow and to support)
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