One | Her.

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POV | Ace  I watched on as Father settled another disagreement between two of our pack members "Thank-you Alpha, Beta" They spoke as we continued back to the pack house. Father was someone I had always looked up to, regardless of who he was to many he never failed to show everyone the same amount of respect. He held himself with power and pride, something I had learnt to portray through myself over the years. Father spoke breaking me from my thoughts "Ace, now that you're 18 I would like you to be more involved in the role I hold as Alpha of this pack. You have done nothing less than prove yourself not only to me, but every wolf here that you are more than capable when the time comes"  "Thank-you Father, I can assure you I'm ready to take on more responsibility" If there was one thing I was sure of it was becoming Alpha. Walking into the pack-house we were greeted by Hunter, the Delta of the pack and my Fathers best friend. He used to hold Rank of Beta when I was younger, but agreed to step down at my fathers wishes of me gaining more experience and knowledge as essentially the heir the be Alpha. Though he stepped down he lost no respect from the pack when it came to the warriors and Hunters, them instead welcoming him in taking a more hands on position with them, a position I used to love. "Alpha, Beta" He spoke making my father laugh at the formalities "Hunter, there is no need for that you know this" He waved my father off, Though they had been friends for years Hunter held a great respect for my our family and pack, and felt that all positions deserved to be acknowledged "Alpha Black, with all respect.. stop telling me what to do" Father patted him on the back with a smile as we headed into the office.  "Ace, would you mind calling the Lead Warriors in here with us?" I nodded to my Father before I linked through to Kane and Col, they were both considered our Lead Warriors. We tried to give one the role but them being the inseparable twins they were, neither would take the position from the other. Father decided the best thing to do was get them to work together, though when I step up to Alpha we are going to have to attempt to separate the two into their Beta, Delta positions. Of course, something that was going to be my job and the thing that father joked to me would be my first hard decision as Alpha.  It didn't take long for them to come pounding into the office, these two were big balls of testosterone and untamed energy "One day you two are going to break down that door" I joked as they walked over to me, it didn't take long for father to clear his throat bringing the room to silence. "Thank-you for all being here, as you all know in just a few years I will be stepping down as Alpha of this pack. In turn Ace will take his rightful position as Alpha, from this point forward I need you three to start understanding the importance of the roles you will soon be taking on. Kane, Col, I need you to respectfully accept Ace's decision as to who will be his Beta and who will be his Delta" The both nodded in understanding before father looked to me "Ace, I need you to bring me your decision within the week so we can begin the necessary training"  "Yes Father, I will" He nodded before waving us three out of his office, I walked out first with Kane and Col following closely behind me. They could sense the tension radiating off of me and walked up either side of me "So Boss, who's it gonna be?" I groaned "I wish you guys weren't so similar, it would make my job a lot easier" They chuckled before they locked eyes giving each other a look, stepping in front of me they crossed their arms "What?" I looked between them waiting for an answer "Let's race for it" Kane spoke as I furrowed my brows "You want to Race for it? You guys are as fast as each other, how would this work" Col chimed in, pulling his shirt over his head "No, we will race each other to catch you. Whoever catches you is your Beta"  Kane Chimed as he too began undressing himself "And you get to clear your head at the same time, what do you say?" I looked on at the two men who stood before me in nothing but their underwear, pulling my shirt over my head I nodded "You're on" without a second thought I shifted into my wolf and started in the direction of the woods, I was actually excited to see who could catch me first as neither of them ever had. Running always helped me clear my head, now with fathers blessing the only goal in my mind was ensuring I was at both my mental, and physical peak to take over his Role as Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. I felt the burning pain coarse through my muscles as I pushed myself to run faster through the woods. I could barely hear the paws of my pack mates, and best friends, Kane and Col behind me as I gained on my speed.  'Ace, dude slow down you need to give us chance at least' I heard Col chime in through our mind-link, Kane laughing on at the banter as I growled back at him ignoring his words and pushing myself harder. It wasn't until I smelt it that I felt my concentration stumble, the sudden pull I felt was unlike any other. Both Kane and Col noticed as they tried to link with me again, the scent so overwhelming it blocking them out. Halting my steps I pushed my paws into the dirt before changing my direction. I could feel them trying to get through to me but I kept pushing them away, I needed to follow this scent. It was like a drug and I was addicted yet it was the only time I had ever come across it.  It didn't take long before I could feel the pull of the scent only metres away, curious I slowed myself down hiding in the trees as I turned from my wolf back to human. Despite the pain of my bones cracking back into place I kept my eyes in place looking out into the opening ahead, I stood dumbfounded in the trees as I looked onward the scent slowly pulling me towards it. I began stepping closer to the opening only to be pulled back by a pair of hands on my shoulders.  Snapping from my daze I looked back to see Col and Kane looking as me as they caught their breath "Ace what are you doing?" Kane questioned letting go of me, I shook my head before the scent filled my nose once again. It wasn't until I heard a giggle that I felt my wolf come forward. My eyes glazed over as I growled lowly, turning my head back towards the opening I finally spotted where this alluring scent was coming from "Mate" was all I could manage to say as I stepped out from the trees towards her.  I could feel Kane and Col behind me keeping their distance, As soon as that word left my mouth they knew what I was hunting down and knew not to interrupt. I had heard stories from many about the days wolves met their mates, they often described an overwhelming scent mixed with allure of their other halves heat and lust. I half expected myself to rip my clothes off and jump on my mate the day we met, yet I felt no urge... no desire for that. I took another step closer to her, the scent becoming clearer and more intense as I did. There was only one word to describe it, Pure.  I watched on as she remained unaware of my presence, the panic began to rise in my chest. How could she... my own mate not sense my presence, my scent? Fear began to swell inside of me at the thought that although she was mine, I wasn't hers. I stumbled on my footing falling to my knees on the grass, the pull I felt from her was immense and the thought of it being one sided overwhelmed me with fear. Me, the future Alpha consumed with fear because of a girl I hadn't even laid eyes on yet.  I sighed closing my eyes letting her scent fill my nose, it bringing me ease from the painful thoughts. Taking a breath I composed myself as the scent grew stronger, as if it were right in front of me...Wait. Shooting my eyes open I had to hold in the growl that wanted to erupt as both my wolf and I laid eyes on her, our mate. Her long brunette locks of hair cascaded past her shoulders and her eyes sparkled blue and green like that of an opal. I took in all her features as she smiled down at me, my wolf howled inside wanting nothing more than to hold her.  I pushed him back as her innocent eyes looked on at me with curiosity, although I knew she was mine I also knew she couldn't feel the pull of me. I sighed as the reality of this settled in, my mate that stood before me wasn't of age... rather the opposite. The reason her scent was so pure, so untouched, was because she was a child. I felt my wolf whimper inside me as my thoughts ran, them stopping as a sudden pulse of energy burst through my cheek running down my neck and flowing through my body.  Focusing I realised she had placed her hand on my cheek, even if she couldn't feel what I did, she knew her touch had an effect on me.Reaching up I placed my hand over hers, relishing in her touch as she giggled. The sound of her soft laugh making me feel warm as a smile tugged at my lips, pulling her hands back she covered her eyes while continuing that adorable giggle "What's so funny?" I asked, eyes still covered she shook her head at me.  "Um... Mister, you're naked" She opened her fingers slightly gazing at me through them, I could see the light sparkle in her eyes as she did. I laughed looking up at her adoringly, her innocence was pure beauty in my eyes. I respectfully covered myself with my hands, although I felt completely comfortable being exposed to her I felt no desire to lust after my mate "I'm sorry sweetheart" I saw her smile at my words as she lowered her hands from her face, my chest warmed knowing that even without the pull of the mate bond she was still somewhat comfortable around me. I smiled back, finding myself in a daze as I continued to take in each feature on her face. It wasn't until I saw her bright eyes flick behind me that I fell back into reality, I already knew who it was from their scent, Kane and Col.  Her eyes flicked back to mine as if to warn me of the presence behind me, I nodded letting her know it was okay before I turned back to them. They were approaching us slowly and fully dressed holding what looked to be a pair of shorts, I had assumed they had returned to the pack house to retrieve some clothes for all of us. They halted theirs steps as soon as they got into view of her,  their gaze flashed from her to me as the realisation of the situation settled in for them. I stood reaching out a hand for the shorts, Kane threw them to me before scratching the back of his head awkwardly. I looked down at my mate realising now for the first time just how small her frame was compared to me, I pulled on my shorts before looking back to her.  I felt that familiar tingle in the back of my head, I knew they were trying to mind-link me. I sighed letting them in not really wanting to hear what they had to say, Col spoke first asking the most obvious "Ace, Is she... your mate?" My wolf growled into the link at his tone, my reaction being answer enough. They both stood in place not wanting to get any closer at chance that my wolf, Xerxes, would react badly in order to protect our mate.  My attention was brought back to the beauty that stood before me as she spoke "Hi, my names Aliah, what's yours?" The sound of her voice pulled me to my knees, both my wolf and I crumbling into the pull at the sound of hearing her voice for the first time "I'm Ace, it's a pleasure to meet you Aliah" she smiled brightly at me before I questioned "Can I ask what you're doing all the way out here by yourself sweetheart?" She looked down and began playing with her fingers, I reached out my hand placing my finger under her chin tilting her head back up to mine. Such a small touch sending jolts up my arm, I was lying if I said I didn't have to fight the urge to pull her into my arms. "You can tell me anything, I promise" she seemed to relax under my touch and my words before turning back to the small forest pond that she was sitting by earlier, as if looking for something. Turning back to me she tilted her head as if contemplating what to say, I chuckled at how adorable she was before I asked "Were you looking for something?.." she nodded silently in response, standing up I looked over at the water wondering what she could possibly be looking for. Feeling a tug at my hand I glanced down to see she had stepped close to me, I let her guide me to the water "Promise you won't think i'm silly?" She spoke with caution, had someone doubted her before and called her silly? My wolf growled inside me at the thought. I nodded ensuring her I was giving her my full attention before she finally spoke "I-I um.. I came here because something told me too"  "Something told you too?.." I asked almost in a whisper, she let out an adorable sigh whilst she nodded "Yep. But whatever it was went away as soon as you got here" I hoped in my heart that this possibly had something to do with me and the mate pull, but from the way she was looking towards the water I felt there was more to this story. A moment of silence passed before I lent closer to her and whispered "I believe you" Her face lit up at my words "Really?" she said excitedly. "Of course sweetheart, why would you have any reason to lie?"  she pressed her finger to chin looking up in thought before crossing her arms "Well you are technically a stranger to me and I could say whatever I wanted" I let out a chuckle before mimicking her actions "Well you got me there, but still, I believe you"  She smiled up at me before taking one last glance towards the water, turning around she grabbed my hand in hers. We both went still for a moment at the sudden sensation that sparked between our palms. Both my wolf and I knew in our souls that she felt it, even if it only lasted a second. No words needed as I smiled down holding her tiny hand in mine, we began walking back to the trees in understanding of our unspoken words. I finally looked up to see Kane and Col watching over us, them both holding faint smiles at the sight of Aliah and I. As we neared them Aliah looked up to me before looking back to them, I felt her tiny hand softly squeeze mine as if asking for an introduction. I chuckled lightly at her actions, yet so impressed with how this tiny human held herself in front of my Pack mates.  "Kane, Col, this is Aliah. My uh.. my friend" They looked at my quizzically, they both knew that Aliah was in fact my mate. I gave them both a look, to which they nodded in response before smiling at my little angel "Hey Aliah, Lovely to meet you" Col spoke first, she raised her free hand waving to him with a bright smile before Kane chimed in "Sup Little one" She giggled before leaning closer to me while her hand still held mine firmly "Sup!" She chirped out, I watched as Kane and Col relaxed their Warrior like persona's at the sound of her voice. "I like her" Kane nodded in approval, Col and I shaking our heads at him in return before Col cleared his throat "Sorry to interrupt Boss, but when we gathered our clothes Alpha Black requested your presence immediately" Col spoke bringing the mood to a serious one. "Alpha Black?" My angel questioned beside me, all eyes going to her "Do you know him?" I asked, she shook her head at my question scrunching her adorable button nose as she did "No, not personally. My father was coming here to meet with him.." She was cut off as Kane spoke over her delicate voice, I sent him a disapproving look as he did  "Sorry Boss but.. Aliah, your father, is he Alpha Stone?" She nodded up to Kane, my body tensed up as she did. Father had told me he was coming, and why. I looked down at Aliah now understanding her presence on our land, I felt my chest pull tight remembering her words 'Something told me too' Glancing back to the water I spoke in a tone that brought worry to Kane and Col "We should go"  "C-can I come with you?" I glanced down to my little beauty, seeing her face with such worry caused me pain. Xerxes surfaced at the sight as Instinct took over, he bent down placing his hands on her waist picking her up and pulling her to us, holding her protectively close. I heard her let out a little gasp at the sudden change before she relaxed against us,  her scent becoming overwhelming, making it impossible to pull Xerxes back in. Him instead leaning in close to her breathing in her scent, a growl escaped his lips as he whispered "My Little Angel" I felt her jump in our arms at the sound. I fought with Xerxes warning him not to scare her to which he growled again, I feared the thought of her wanting to run away. Xerxes was me but 10 fold, his dominance would surely overwhelm such a delicate creature as our Angel.  I tried to pull him in again only to stop at Aliah's sudden reaction, she reached up her hands placing them gently on our cheeks. I felt Xerxes calm at her touch letting me take control again, I watched her smile as I surfaced, it was as if she could tell the second we switched. I adjusted her in my arms making sure she was comfortable, her eyes staying on mine as I did "I will never leave you behind Sweetheart" I finally answered, her lips curving into an adorable smile. I looked back to Kane and Col remembering they were still here, them both smiling at me and Aliah.  "You two ready?" Col asked, Aliah nodded enthusiastically at him earning a chuckle as we began heading back to the pack house. Ten minutes into the walk I felt Aliah rest her head on my shoulder while her arms attempted to wrap around me, I held her tighter enjoying having my mate in my arms. I was going to enjoy this for as long as I could, though she was my mate she was also the 10 year old daughter to the Alpha of the Blue Stone Pack. 
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