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Preface. Ace is the 18 year old Beta, and son to the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. His only goal in life was to one day take over his fathers role as Alpha, he had trained every day of his life to ensure he would be nothing less than equal to the strength and ability of his father. He took pride in the pack that would one day be his and carried himself with utmost respect, It was safe to say he was very liked amongst all. Ace not only took care of others but took great care of himself, if not for his position in the pack his looks would definitely be reason for why so many lusted after him. Though many girls and women showed their interest in him he never thought much of it, his father had taught him from day one that a mate was a sacred gift given to them by the Goddess herself and it wasn't something to be played with or taken lightly. As one day his mate would in turn become his, and his packs Luna. Ace had always played out scenarios in his mind of how he would come to meet his mate, though he never once imagined it being close to how it was. As on the day Ace met his mate the scent that surrounded him was young and pure, not one of lust and heat as many had described to him before. And although the moment he laid his eyes on her, both he and his wolf Xerxes knew she was theirs, her innocent eyes looked back with curiosity at the man crouched in front of her. They both knew she didn't feel the pull of her mate. Ace took in a breath feeling somewhat happy yet conflicted at his sudden discovery of his mate, as his mate was none other than Aliah Stone, Alpha of the Blue Stone Pack's 10 year old Daughter. "Hi, my names Aliah, what's yours?" And with the sound of her voice Ace crumbled into the pull, he knew in his heart that one day she was to be his. He vowed to himself and to her that he would wait 8 years for his mate. He vowed and promised he would watch over her as she grows into a woman, into her wolf... His Luna, His Mate.  Waiting for someone you love is never easy, especially when the one you are waiting for isn't aware that you are waiting. But waiting is a sign of true love and patience, and waiting for true love is worth it even if it takes a lifetime because in return a lifetime of love will be waiting for you.
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