Part 1

850 Words
"Mr. Hanse, the king would like to see you." One of the guards say bowing down. "What is it this time?" Hanse mutters under his breath. He walks out of the kitchen to his father's office. After he knocks twice, he waits for his father to grand him entrance. "Come in." Jaejoong says fixing his position in his chair. Hanse places his right hand on the cold doorknob and twist it open, he walks in, closing the door behind him. He turns around and slightly bows. "Father, you summoned me?" He says more like a question. "Sit down, Hanse." Jaejoong orders, motioning to the chair infront of him. Hanse takes a seat, half laying down, waiting for his father to speak. "Is something wrong father?" He asks not sure of why he's here. Jaejoong chuckles in disbelief. "Hanse, how many times do I have to tell you, that you can't go out killing innocent mundanes?" Jaejoong lets out, raising his voice. "What makes you think it was me, father?" He asks with a confused look on his face. "Because I know everything Hanse. What I don't understand, is why you disobey my orders given to you!" He says getting frustrated with the situation. Hanse rolls his eyes before answering. "Well father, your orders are a waist of my time and well, pretty much f*****g useless." He says pushing himself off of the chair. "What did you just say to me?" Jaejoong asks, not sure if he heard right. "I said, your orders are a wais-" Jaejoong cuts him off by rushing over to him, gripping Hanse's throat with his right hand. Hanse chuckles a little with amusement, trying to gasp for air. "Say that again." Jaejoong warns. "They are *coughs* use- *coughs, trying to clear his throat* useless." Jaejoong tightens his grip, cutting off more oxygen for Hanse to inhale. Hanse grabs his fathers arm that's around his neck, trying to get him off of him but fails. "Say that one more time and I will make you regret ever being born, got that?" He asks through gritted teeth, his pale face starting to turn red from anger. Hanse nods, still struggling to get oxygen. Jaejoong lets go of him, making Hanse fall to his knees, coughing and gasping heavily for air, rubbing his throat. "You're dismissed." Jaejoong says walking back around his desk. He sits down and watches as Hanse drags himself off of the cold concrete floor and leaves his office, still trying to get the oxygen back that was cut off for what felt like ages. "Byungchan!" Jaejoong calls out. After a few minutes, Byungchan walks into his office bowing when he enters. "Father?" He asks looking back up. "Keep an eye on your brother, and report his actions back to me." He says, folding his arms around his chest. "Yes, father." He slightly bows. "Anything else, father?" He asks. "No, you're dismissed." Jaejoong says getting back to his work. Byungchan leaves his office walking out into the hallway, he closes the door behind him. "Yah! Why did he call you in? Did you also kill a mundane? Didn't know you had it in you." Hanse says walking up to him. "No! I'm not a murderer like you." He says rolling his eyes. "Watch your tone little brother." Hanse says unamused. "Whatever, I don't see how whatever faher talked to me about has anything to do with you." He says turning around, about to leave when Hanse grabs his left wrist with his right hand, causing Byungchan to stop in his tracks, he pulls him closer to him. "I asked you a simple question, DON'T have an attitude towards me!" Hanse says. "What is going on here?" Seungwoo asks, walking into the hallway where the two brothers are standing. "Stay out of it Seungwoo." Hanse says glaring at him, his grip still on Byungchan's wrist. "I'll ask again. What's going on here?" Seungwoo says more stirnly, walking closer to them. "And I said, stay out of it. It's got nothing to do with you." Hanse says. "Hanse, let go of our brother, now." Chan says as he passes by. Hanse rolls his eyes and lets go of Byungchan's wrist. "f*****g prick." Byungchan says rubbing his wrist, he walks off to his room. "What was that about?" Chan asks leaning against the old, red covered wall. "Hanse's being a pain in the ass again." Seungwoo says giving Chan a look. "f**k you Seungwoo." Hanse spits out. "As if. I have to get going. *He walks closer to Chan* Try talking some sense into your stubborn brother." Seungwoo says softly walking off. "His your brother too you know." Chan says after him. "Only half." Seungwoo says back walking away as he turns the corner he disappear. "What's up with you lately?" Chan asks standing up straight. "Why do you care?" Hanse asks irritated with the whole situation. "Because, I'm your brother, Hanse! Something's up with you, what is it?" Chan says with a worried expression. "Nothing I can't handle." Hanse says walking off, disappearing quickly behind his room's door.
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