Part 2

694 Words
"Come on sleepyhead, if you don't get up then we're going to be late for class." Taeyong nags as he tries to wake up his still sleeping roommate. The only thing that can be heard in the room are muffled noises. "Yah! Yuta get your lazy ass out of bed." He tries again, this time pulling the covers off of Yuta. "Nooo. I'm tired, go away." He complains covering his head with his pillow. Taeyong gets on the bed, grabs both of Yuta's arms and pulls him up, causing the pillow to fall to the ground. Before Taeyong sits a unamused Yuta, his hair all over the place. "Now that you're up, get dressed. We're leaving in 20 minutes." Taeyong says. "Do I have to go to class today? Can't I skip it please?" Yuta says with a pout. Taeyong lets out a small laugh and smiles. "Kawaii." He says and leans forward a little and ruffles Yuta's hair. At this moment they are only a few inches from each other, Yuta can smell his aromatic cologne, the smell of musk taking over all of his senses. He feels his heartbeat starting to race, warmth creeping up his neck to his cheeks. "Get up and go get dressed." Taeyong says standing up quickly, he picks the pillow up off of the floor and throws it at Yuta's head. "I'm getting up, calm down." He says watching his best friend leave his room. "Oh my god." Yuta falls back onto his bed staring at the ceiling. He pulls himself off of his bed and heads over to the bathroom. He starts with his daily morning routine. "Yuta! If you're not here in te-." Taeyong gets cut off by Yuta almost falling into the living room trying to put on his shoes. Taeyong tries not to laugh at the sight infront of him. "I'm here." He says putting on the last shoe. "Okay, let's go." Yuta says standing up straight, smiling widely. "You are such a dork." Taeyong says opening the door and grabbing his keys. The two of them leaves their two bedroom apartment. On their way to the University they decide to take a different route. Instead of walking along the main road they cut through the park. While walking on the pathway, talking about random things, someone bumps into Taeyong knocking him to the ground. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there." Taeyong apologizes immediately to the stranger, still sitting on the ground. "I'm the one who should apologize, not you." The stranger says helping Taeyong back up onto his feet. "Jerk." Yuta mutters softly. "Are you okay though?" The stranger asks putting his left hand on Taeyong's right shoulder. "Yeah, no, I'm fine. Sorry once again. I should start looking where I'm going." Taeyong says with a little shy laugh. "I didn't catch your name." The stranger states tilting his head to the left a little, his eyes focused on Taeyong. "I'm Lee Taeyong and a complete idiot." He says scratching the back of his neck. "You are not an i***t and I'm Kim Jong Hyun but all my friends call me JR." He says with a hint of a smirk in his smile. "I'm Yuta." He says stepping half infront of Taeyong, his hand out to shake JR's hand. JR just looks at Yuta expressionless. "Okay." Yuta's faint smile disappears as he turns to Taeyong. "We need to get to class." He says taking Taeyong's hand in his. "I'm sure we can be a few minutes late." Taeyong says, his eyes still fixed on JR's. "You should listen to your friend Taeyong." JR says. "It was very nice meeting you JR." Taeyong says with a wide smile. "You too. Be safe." JR says with a smile before leaving. "What a f*****g asshole!" Yuta says still holding Taeyong's hand. "I thought he was nice." Taeyong says smiling to himself. "Are you kidding me? He bumped into you, making you land on your ass on the ground." Yuta says throwing his hands in the air. "It was an accident. Come, we're going to be late for class." Taeyong says pulling Yuta's arm.
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