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We've got a big mission tonight. We're going to mess up one of Torres' shitty shipment. He won't see it coming. I'm gathering all of my equipment in the basement with everyone else of the team. Finally we're ready and you couldn't distinguish one from another. Only black masks, black clothes and guns. *At the docks* "Everyone's ready?!" Dad is standing in front of us, towering in his 6'2. Even at his age is body is muscular and ready to fight. He's the only one that I've never beaten up, but it's not the strength it's the technique. Everyone nods and the silence is broken by a bunch of guns and rifles loading. "Listen carefully. Gavin and I are gonna distract them right at the entrance of the dock. Katherine, Marcus you're going to search for the shipment and take care of it" He is so serious, his eyes are so cold and concentrate and his tone won't admit any mistake. That's the rule, and I live by that. "Torres won't be here tonight but that doesn't mean that his men are going home alive. Savannah, take your guys and kill anything that moves. Am I clear? Nobody of that motherfuckers will leave on his own legs. Now go! They will be here at any moments."  I'm standing beside Marcus, we are in our work mode, we're death machines. We look ate each other and we star walking together, me facing in front and him covering my back. Within seconds the air is full with guns' smoke and shooting sound. We make our way out of that mess and inside one of the containers. All the wooden cases are accumulated in the back and I til my head in that direction. My heart is pounding in my chest, adrenaline running through my veins. Marcus start placing all the fuses and explosive while I'm at the door. As soon as he's done we're out of there, running and shooting, dodging bullets and dead bodies.  We reach the van just in time to see Torres' precious materials going into a million tiny pieces. I take off my mask, panting, and I smile. Marcus looks at me and pats me on the back. Thats us, the perfect team. *A few hours later, at the east safe house* Everyone in hanging our club house, drinking and cheering, someone even while getting stitched up. I'm drinking a beer, finally letting the tension leave my body. Oh I feel so great after every mission, it' like my body needs that. To be concentrated, alert and ready. It's like a drug. "Great job kids. Torres won't know what hit him. You all have the night free." dad is standing in the middle of the room, and even he seems a little bit more relaxed. He glances at me and then at Marcus before leaving, and I see my best friend nodding with the corner of my eye. I can't believe that, why do I always have to have a bodyguard? I just f*****g detonated a whole container and still, they think at me like a baby. I can fill my stomach tensing up but a low whisper on my neck interrupts me. "Wanna grab another drink before heading home?" with one hand on my hips and the other wondering on my thigh he really thinks that I'll forget what I just saw? Of course not but if he wants to believe it, why not play a little? I turn around on my stool and wrap my legs around his waist pulling him close by the collar of his shirt. He laughs and I lock eye contact with him. "Yeah, why not? The night is young, isn't it?" I lower my voice and I can see Marcus eyes changing shade, becoming darker and full of lust. I roll my eyes in eye mind, oh Jesus, men. It's too easy. "And maybe if tomorrow I'm hangover you can try to beat me in training" I let him go pushing him away and I giggle as I see the light of the dare in his eyes. He is so full of pride, so full of himself. Only my father can beat me, just because he knows my weak spots. But I'm a cheater, I love low blows, just like my mother did. She was a great fighter and fought till the end. She taught me everything she could and she used to say "when you can't beat them, play by their rules and win at their very own game". *Next morning. 6:00am* I punch my alarm off my nightstand. I hate to wake up this early on a Saturdays. As soon as I open my eyes I let Nathan into my head again. Yesterday I forced myself to concentrate on the mission trying not to screw everything up. It's even possible to miss him so much? I barely know him, but everything about him is so intoxicating. He's everywhere. His chocolate smooth voice, his messy hair in which I just wanna run my finger as he goes lower on me.. his mouth.. f**k Katherine! Get an hold on yourself! You can't be fooled by a stranger. I smack myself a couple times before jumping in a much needed cold shower. I get out and tie up my still wet hair, tossing some training clothes on. Downstairs Marcus is waiting for me in the kitchen, shirtless and he winks at me while scanning my body wrapped in my tiny top and bottoms. I roll my eyes and glare at him, warning him that I'm not in the mood. He hides his smile behind his coffe mug as I devour two pancakes and a small coffe. "Ready?" Marcus is leaning on the kitchen counter, tensing his abs and showing off. I start to run and when I pass him I punch his arm, making him almost slide off. "Bring it on!" I laugh running and he races me to the gym but I'm faster and more agile. As we enter the sliding doors he finally caches up and grabs my waist, lifting me off the ground and dropping me on the mattress. He's using his height to overcome me but I manage to put my feet on his chest and slam him to the wall before quickly get up.  "Your legs are stronger." He stretches his neck preparing his muscle and I do the same with my arms. "Afraid little p***y?" I smile knowing that he will make the first move, like always, I know him like my pockets. He launches toward me pinning me to the ground and I hit him with my elbow in his ribs. He leave out a small sigh and I beat his stomach with my knee. He rolls over letting me go and wrapping his arms around his abdomen. "Already tired Miss? I'm not even started!" I get up giving him time to get back on his feet. He tilts his head and smiles. "Oh relax, we have all morning!" His trying to distract me, putting his hands on his hips and circling me. "Stop playing around and start fighting like a man." I follow his moves and when he rubs his hair I get hit by a flash: Nathan, doing the same movement. He chooses just the worst time to pop in my head, getting me distracted. That eyes, so deep. And his body. Holy f**k, his smoking hot body. s**t. I lose my breath as my mouth starts to water and ever my lower parts... good God.  Suddenly I can't move Marcus from above me. I didn't even felt him hitting me. He blocks every limb and a large, proud grin crosses his lips. "Are you going soft on me this morning?" I'm totally shocked and pretty pissed. "You wish, don't you?" he lowers on me, placing his mouth on my ear. "Then I suggest you to concentrate and to stop thinking about that guy." I'm completely speechless. How? What? I shake my head but words won't come out. "Don't even try to lie Katie. I know since you wore diapers." He gets up leaving me laying on the floor, trying to catch my breath. Was it that obvious?? Crap. I need to stop acting like this. I'm a f*****g hire of a f*****g huge empire. Get your s**t together Katherine! I close my eyes a couple of seconds, regaining myself. "'Im sorry. Let's continue." I get on my elbows and Marcus gives me a hand to get up and we start all over again. *That afternoon* "What do you mean?!" Maddie almost spits her juice as I'm repeating this morning's events. "Exactly what I said. Marcus completely caught me fantasizing about Nathan. He said it was written all over my face." We're at our favorite cake shop, eating cupcakes. The sun shines through the large windows painting like liquid gold on my best friend 'I'm up to something' kinda face. I roll my eyes and dig in my cupcake. "He got me so much distracted that Marcus actually beat me. And I never lose. He will reproach this to me for at least a year." I'm so frustrated. I don't like losing. Never, in anything. Maddie laughs and I smile back. She's impossible to resist. "Oh Kate! Then you really have some sort of emotion! I think that you should go for it." She hides her smile in her mug, looking at me sideways. "You know that I can't bring him into my word Maddie. And my father would certainly kill him or me. He accepted you because you won his trust. But you know that he trusts no men out of our circle. For f**k sakes, he wouldn't approve not even me and Marcus." I bury my face in my hands, I can't be so distracted, my dad didn't raise me like that. "Yeah yeah I know. But this is so unfair! They can't prevent you from living your own life!" She seems frustrated but there's nothing she can do. "You would be surprised Maddie.." I sigh and let my eyes wonder in the cafe, normal teenagers living f*****g normal life. Oh, the luck they don't even know they have. **** Monday arrives way too soon. Only positive note? I'm gonna see Nathan. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I don't think that I ever zoned out like I'm doing right now, Marcus kept snapping me out of my thoughts.  I'm walking into school, for once I'm not late, but as soon as I set foot in the aisle, everything breaks down in pieces. That view was making me sick. Nathan leaned over his locker, or better, over Alexis, in her sexiest top, all over him, flirting. I clench my mouth and by instinct I raise my shoulder and close my fists. I see Maddie coming to me from the other way. Her jaw drops when she follows my sight and stare at them.  "Kate!" she calls my name and her scream makes Nathan look in my direction. Before anything can happen I take off running all the way to the P.E. field. Last thing I hear is him. "Katie! Wait up!"
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