What have we became?

friends to lovers

Marcus once told me that I deserved a love story like in fairy tales. But for people like me and Nathan, fairy tales don't exist. In my word, if you have a crush, you take a bullet.

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Welcome to my life
It's funny, how life can suddenly change. It takes only a few miles, a few years. And everything you knew it's now gone. Sweetness and innocence have left my life way too long ago, along with Nathan. Oh Nathan. If you only knew.  I used to be caring, but I "needed to harden my temper" like my father would say. Carson Seth Moore. He was the strongest man I knew, and after they took my mother, Erin Moore, away from him, he became even more hard. On himself, on me, on his men. And I had to watch, helpless, while he ripped me away from my life, my city, my love. He convinced me that this was for the best, that I needed to be trainer like the boss that I would become. I trusted and loved him with every ounce of my soul till his death. I'm in charge now, I'm the heir of the Moore's empire. I'm The Boss. And I'm back. 12 years ago.  "KATHERINE MORGAN MOORE! Get your ass down here or you'll be late for school!" I hear my dad yelling from the kitchen. Jesus. Same story, every morning.  "Jeez dad I'm coming! No need to scream like that. You made me train this morning, it's your fault if I'm late!" I rush down the stairs, stille dressing myself. I open the kitchen door just to bump into my dad standing still, with his arms crossed.  "Don't test my patience young lady! Hurry up! Harrison will drive you, I have to go to work now." Yeah, as usual. Work work work. Nothing else matters. "You know that I can get to school alone dad, I don't need one of your men. It's pretty embarrassing. I'm 17 years old, I'm not a kid anymore." I stare at my dad and his eyes narrow.  "Katherine, don't even start. We already discussed this. Torres' men are out there only waiting for you to be alone. You'll go with Harrison and that's final." I glare at him but he won't budge. "UGH. Fine!" I grab my backpack and I get out, slamming the door behind me. Sometime that man drives me f*****g crazy. *SCHOOL* I'm walking trough the parking lot as fast as I can, everybody looking at the lonely girl with that strange family. I see a group of people that cannot stop staring at me and I flip them off. "Hey bestie! It's not even 8:30am and you're already pissed off?" Oh, her voice, like a gust of fresh air. Maddie. I smile at her and I hug her tight. "Let me guess.. your father?" Maddie. My best and only friend. She's the only one brave enough to stay with me despite my name. She knows everything about my family and never once judged me. She knows that I have to do some dirty things for my father but she doesn't care and never forced me to tell her. Maddie loves me for who I am, and I fully trust and love her. She's a force of nature. We first met in 8th grade, both of us alone, when we made eye contact we knew that our friendship would be forever. "I swear, since mom died he gets every day more suffocating." She laugh and pushes my away still holding on my shoulders. "Wanna hear a good news?? We have a new guy in class!" I roll my eyes  "Yes! Another i***t!" She nudge at me and laughs a little. "Don't be so pessimistic! Let's get to class, I don't think that I can stand a Miss Brown's lecture so early in the morning for being late."  I put my arm on her shoulder as we walk together and whisper "We're already late Maddie." Her eye widen " f**k!" I die in laughter as se runs as fast as she can to class. One thing I owe to my name: nobody messes with me. Everyone knows that my dad is a powerful man, sometimes ruthless. They suspect illegal activities behind his company but he is smart enough to never leave loose ends. We both rush into the classroom panting, five minutes late. "Well look who finally decided to grace us with their presence! Miss Johnson, take a seat next to Mr Garcia. Miss Moore, next to Mr Walker." Oh Miss Brown is visual representation of nails on a blackboard. I can't stand her. Before I can control myself I whisper "b***h". She turns to me red like a tomato. Ok, MAYBE, I wan't whispering. "Enough! I'm sick of your behavior! Detention!" she thunders and I roll my eyes as I sit down. "I agree." the voice came to me so smooth and low, touching me in a way that I never felt before. I turn to the guy sitting next to me "Excuse me?" but as I'm talking I look in his jet black eyes and words die in my mouth.  "I met her for 5 minutes when I got here this morning and she was already bossing me around." He smiles at me and I blink a couple of time before being able to speak.  "I have a target on my back since 6th grade, Welcome to my life". His mouth hypnotizes me and his eyes settle on mine as he talks "What do you mean?" I'm lost studying his angelic face and I don't notice the shadow casting over my desk. "Good Mr Walker, I see that you can't understand what you're supposed to do in class. Maybe an hour of detention will help you to clear your mind? What do you say?" The teacher in standing in front of us with her hands on her hips. Before I can reply I hear a squeaky voice behind me and I don't have to look to know who this is. Alexis. "That slut! She has already put him in trouble. Just like her father. Nothing but trouble. No wonder why her mother committed suicide." Anger takes control of me and all I can see is f*****g red. I jump from my chair and slam my hands on the table. " WHAT DID YOU JUST SAID?! You're too coward to repeat yourself on my face?? Don't say another word on my family if you love to walk on your own legs!" As I'm turning around Walker reaches out and grabs my forearm, firm but still gently, trying to calm me down and preventing me to go on. Miss Brown cries at the top of her lungs "MISS MOORE! To the dean's office! NOW! I can't tolerate this language!" as she pointed her finger at me. Rage is boiling in me but before I can open my mouth a hand pushes away her finger from me. "It's not her fault! Miss Moore was just defending her family! It shouldn't be her to be in trouble, just because you're upset with her!" The boy was standing over me by a good foot, his muscles were all tense under his shirt. "If you care so much, Mr Walker, you can join Miss Moore out of my class! Immediately!"  That slut of Alexis! I storm out slamming the door behind me only to find myself in tears. Not sad tears. It was anger. So much anger. She knew nothing about my mom. She doesn't have the right to talk about her like that! It took all my will to not to grab my gun from my backpack and put a bullet between her eyes right there. Only because he stopped me. Like he knew what was crossing my mind. But I can't let him near me. Oh god, my father will kill me now. I hear the door open and see his tall and muscular figure coming to me. I wipe off my tear and stare at him. He starts "I'm sorr.." but I raise a hand to stop him. " Don't. I don't need your pity. You didn't need to react. I could have handled them by myself." he looks at me confused and makes a step closer. "It didn't seem like that." What? How does he dare?! I point my finger to his chest and I feel so hot for the rage. "I don't need a knight in a shining armor, thanks. Stay out of this. You don't know anything nor me."  I don't know why but it hurts like hell to talk to him like that. Usually I don't give a f**k, if it's not Maddie or my father. But I can't let him sees my weak spots. "Don't let emotions weaken you. Shut them out. You don't need them" always says dad. "Well, that's something we can fix. I'm Nathan. What's your name Miss Moore?  He grabs my hand and a jolt runs through my skin and makes me shiver. What was that?! I stare into his deep, black eyes and for a moment, a single moment, I think that nothing is so heavy anymore. Watching him right now, I feel lost in his eyes but at the same time at home. I suddenly snap out of my thoughts. "You don't know what you are getting yourself into. I'm not exactly the best of the influences. You should listen to Miss Brown. I don't want you to get hurt." And before he can say anything I run away. I feel so bad. The look in his eyes, so confused. For leaving his hand. It made my heart drop down to my feet. I'm not used to all these emotions. I needed all my strength to shut them off and with only one gaze he has released them all. Like it was nothing. I was so confused. I have never felt this way before. Not even with Marcus and our nights together. I run out, ignoring the order to go to the dean's office. I have to clear my mind. What the hell just happened to me? No one, and I mean no one, can make me feel like that. I don't allow it. I reach my favorite spot, on a hill, and I lay down on the grass, letting the light of this March's sun warm up my skin. I close my eyes trying to remember my mother. She was so sweet. She used to say that love is the most powerful thing on earth. No weapon, no cruel words, no death can defeat it.  I stayed here all day long. When the sun started to set I heard footsteps approaching me. I jump up, grabbing my gun, ready to shot.  "Hey beautiful. Feisty, aren't we?" I would recognize those oxygenated hair even in a crowd. Marcus. I put back my gun rolling my eyes as soon as I see Marcus with his hands up. Such a p***y. "I'm not your beautiful. What do you want? Why you're here?" Marcus shakes his head, he knows that sometime I can be rude. "Hi to you too. Boss is worried sick. And so mad. You will need all the help in the world to face him back home." I start gathering my things, I really didn't want company. "No need to worry. I'm fine. I bet he has everyone out there searching for me." "Yep. This is the only place where your phone can't be traced down. Want a ride home?" guess that would be quicker than walking trough the city. I stand in front of Marcus and I dig my finger in his chest, pushing him back. "Fine. But don't tell my father about this place or I will rip your throat open." Marcus laughs and puts his hands up again. "Woah woah calm down! How long it's been since the last time I banged you for good? You seem to need to relax." I pinch his harm and start to walk down the path. "Say another world and I won't wait to have an excuse to peel your skin off your bones." I hear his laughter behind me as he catches up with my pace. "Just kidding babe. Save this kind of strength for the meeting with the Boss" "I told you I'm not your babe. It's only for fun and you know it. My father would kill you if he only knew that you touched his baby girl in such a dirty way. So, if you like to walk on your own legs I suggest you to keep your pretty mouth shut." I smirk at him as he put his arm around my shoulder. "Always so straightforward. That's why I like you. Well, this and your f*****g hot body. But this is not the time. Let's go home and face the devil." I sigh and we head home. I had known Marcus for all my life. He his my father's right hand son, Gavin Allen. When I'll be the boss, he we'll be my right hand. He is pretty hot, and he knows that. He is also a player, but I don't care at all. I only need some fun and distraction sometimes, and he is always ready for that. I don't need to explain anything to him. He doesn't study because he is three years older than me and he already works for my dad, but still he has screwed almost every girl in my school and many others in bars and clubs. Except for Maddie, she is f*****g off limits. She's not like me. I don't want her to get hurt or to be involved in this s**t of illegality that is my family.  Too soon, we're home. I heard my dad's screams from outside and I gulp trying to reach out to all my courage. As I open the door I see him almost running towards me. I froze. He stops a few inches from me. Staring with his piercing green eye into mine. We look so alike. Same features, same temper. Only the hair are different, I've got my mother's dark red waves. "Good job Marcus. You can go. Tell the others to come back. We'll see you tomorrow."  "Yes boss. Goodnight." Marcus walks behind me and he imperceptibly leans on me whispering, with a grin on his face "And good luck, I'll be in my room if you want." I'm alone with my father. He makes a step closing the distance between us and then he does the most unexpected thing. He hugs me. So tight. I bury my head in his chest and then I hear him. "I was freaking out. My baby girl. Don't do this to me never again. Never. Am I clear? I started thinking about your mother and.. and.." I look at him "Dad calm down.. I'm here, I'm fine, I'm not a baby anymore. I know how to defend myself and I always have my gun with me. I just needed some air. I'm sorry." He lets me go, still holding on my shoulders. He is aging too fast. "What happened? Who do I need to kill?" I smile. He is back. The strong,  emotionless Boss is back. I explain broadly what appended that morning, leaving out Nathan obviously. He wouldn't like that. "That Alexis. She needs to learn how to behave. And that damned Miss Brown!" "Alexis is so stupid dad. She can't even tell the difference between a cow and a horse. It would be wasted time. You know that she lives on his father's money." My dad makes a small laughs "Well me too, he's a great business partner!" I smack a kiss on his cheek before heading out. "I'm going in my bedroom dad. I'm pretty tired. Goodnight." I take off my clothes making my way to the shower. Maddie called me a thousand times. I'll write her a message. And just like that Nathan popped in my mind. His eyes, his fawn, messy hair. His tall and muscular figure. His touch, his voice. I tossed and turned for a good hour in bed before deciding that I needed a distraction. I grab my phone. "Ehy are you awake?"  "Yep. Need something?" Marcus in munching over some chips, as usual. "Can I come over? I can't sleep." I can almost see the satisfied grin on his bad boy face. "I know the perfect remedy for your insomnia." I roll my eyes and hang up the phone. I get up and make my way to Marcus bedroom. I open the door and as soon as I close it I feel Marcus' body pressing me against the wall pinning my wrists on the sides of my head and forcing his mouth into mine. I free my hands and lock the door then I rip his shirt and he does the same with my tank top. We know each other body so well. If only he was not such a jerk. Such a Mr "I follow the orders no matter what". He should try to think outside the box. He picks me up and carries me to the bed, making his way to my breast with his mouth while his hands are exploring my waist. But I can't feel the shivers I experienced with Nathan, even if it was only a single touch. I run my fingers through his oxygenated hair, down to his neck, to his shoulders and then I scratch him with my nails. He leaves out a small groan before spinning me on top of him. He grabs my waist and, never breaking eye contact, I let a grin cross my face before making him mine.  "I have to go." This doesn't feels right anymore. But why?  "Stay the night. " He's alf asleep, his naked body wrapped around mine. He smiles and presses his hips on me. "As much as I like it,  I don't want to risk to get caught. If our parents find out we are both dead. Well, you for sure. I have an empire to run." I giggle as I see him getting pissed off. I reach for my clothes and quietly go back to my room. I eventually fall asleep with dark eyes always with me, and hands and fawn hair. A voice, smooth like warm chocolate constantly calling my name. *The next morning, school.* I couldn't sleep well last night. Even after Marcus, and that was so odd. This morning I left out some steam on the pouncing bag, pushing through my limits, and I came to a solution: apology to Nathan e forget about him.  "KATHERINE MORGAN MOORE!" the sexy little blondie that my best friend is, is walking towards me, and se doesn't seem happy. "Maddie Kaitlyn Johnson! Wow we know our names!" I try to smile at her but she is full on worried mom. "Care to explain where the hell were you?? I was worried sick!" She hugs me tight. I tell her everything about what happened yesterday and what I felt with Nathan. Her eyes are sparkling and I can already see where di discussion in going to end.  "What does that smile means? Don't even start" "You know, it's not a bad thing to actually feel some emotion! You're a teenager!" she pushes my shoulder jokingly. "Yes, a teenager who can shoot and take down a man that is double in size. I'm the daughter of a f*****g gang leader Maddie!" she waves her hand in my face to shut me up and smiles again. "Maybe you can try to be only friends? If he is a stupid jerk like the others, then no more wasting time." I roll my eyes and as I open my mouth I feel it before seeing him. That shiver. I turn around only to meet his deep dark gaze. How hot can a person be? He doesn't even seems to notice that every girl is drooling all over him.  I hear Maddie "That's my cue to leave. See you later Kate!" but her voice seems so distant right now. I hardly listen to her. I have to regain my temper. I close my eyes. And when I open them I know that there is nothing left. A plain green. I walk towards him. He corrects his posture, he is much taller than me. "Hey stranger." he waves at me with a beautiful smile on his face. I look at him and hold out my hand "Katherine"  "What?" He shakes it, looking at me in a playful way. "My name. I just wanted to apologize. I shouldn't have talked back at you like that. You only tried to defend me. But I'm kinda bitchy sometimes." His eyes travel on my body and settle into mine, at last. His look made me clench my thighs. Jesus. Christ. He leans on me, never letting my hand go and his sweet smell fills up my nose. "Well Katherine, if you don't want yesterday to repeat itself, we must go." It takes me a few seconds do snap out. f**k, we're lare! I start running and I hear him laugh behind me. The rest of the day went by smoothly. He is easy to talk to, and definitely not a jerk. This will make things even more difficult. We spent all day long together and every now and then I could spot Maddie spying on us or the death stare that Alexis would give me. He has no siblings, lives only with his mother and he is so clever. In everything. He is certainly not like the others morons at my school. Maddie was right. I can feel a pull toward him. And I decide to live a little. "It was nice to get to know you better, Katherine." He's so formal. "Please call me Kate, only my father calls me Katherine and it's never a good sign!" we chuckle. "Want a lift home? I'm not that trilled to let you walk away alone." I don't feel oppressed by his words like I would if they were from someone else. Actually, I feel protected. So odd.  "Yeah why not. Let me warn Maddie." The drive home was a little bit sad. Neither of us really spoke and I grew nervous. He stopped in front of my house and I looked at him. Again, we lost in each other eyes. His are so full of everything. Unlike mine.  "Your eyes tell so much about you. Even if you try to hide it." What?! I stare at him in disbelief.  "And you're beautiful when you blush." He has a grin on his face, so sexy that I have to tighten my thighs. So he wants to tease me? Let's play. I lean over, putting a hand on one of his thighs, with my face a few inches from his cheek. I esitate a moment just to ear him gulp and get nervous. Then I leave a soft kiss just under his ear and a shiver runs down our spines.  As I open the kitchen door I almost fall on my butt because Marcus was standing right behind it with his arm crossed. What the f**k?! "Marcus! What the hell! You scared the crap out of me!" He's frowning and doesn't seem happy at all. "Who's that?" His tone makes me upset, yes, I'm his friend, but I'm also his f*****g boss. I raise my back and hold my head high. I step closer and whisper "None of your business." He gives me a deadly stare and I walk away from him. "You have to get ready. We will leave in an hour for the mission. And tomorrow you will be training with me. Hand to hand." I turn around to face his behavior but he's already gone downstairs. Jeez what's got into him?

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