What the hell is happening?

363 Words
The moment I enter the forest an eerie feeling rises within my chest and I rub my arms not because of the coldness as It doesn't seem to exist at all here but because of making myself feel a bit safe and protected. To a bit distance I noticed a lot of smoke, 'must have been someone burning woods' I thought as I took steps towards it avoiding the fallen pieces of woods and branches. As I observed it closely the smoke seemed more like a fog..i thought of it as quite weird but shrugged it off anyways.. The moment I raised my hands up to feel the fog It snatched me right inside of it. The fog all around that place circles around me as it envelops me inside of it and I struggle to get myself out of it. But the more I struggled the more hard it was to get out. Soon the fog rapidly circles with me inside of it and rises myself up from the ground. I try hard to at least get my hand or part of the body out but it was a fail..the fog seemed like a very hard shield. What the actual heck was happening to me? My head starts feeling dizzy because of the constant circling the fog was making me do. I try to balance myself as loud siren like noise starts to begin from god knows where..I close my ears as the noise gets louder and louder. My head felt like it was blasting off and this noise..'someone for god sake stop it' I thought as I opened my mouth to scream but it seemed like I have lost my voice. The loud beeping noise and me constantly trying to scream tired myself out with top of that my head's dizziness because of the constant circling. The fog completely enveloped me inside of it as it whisked me away from the ground of Clarkson Valley to it felt like the ground sucked me inside it but I didn't have my eyes open to notice what happened after that. All the constant circling,loud noises and trying to scream made my mind go hazy as it stopped functioning and I fell into a endless pit of darkness.  
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