dissapeared just like that

431 Words
I slammed the door behind me as I quickened my pace to get away from the dreaded place I used to call home. Their screams and shout may not be heard from outside but it surely was repeating itself in my head.. they may have never done anything to me due to their broken marriage but still I am suffering because of it. To the world my parents life is the perfect ideal husband and wife but the more perfect their relationship looks from their fake happiness in front of others, the more broken it is. The place looks gorgeous and gigantic from outside, a heaven and dram place for teenagers like me my friends they say, the more daunting and empty it is on the inside. And the more put together I look from my face, the more...the more lost and scattered I am. My life has a beautiful cover on it but the pages of the book is empty with hidden words that my demons have written, the words under the line Lost in thoughts cold wind of December month's brushes against my bare arms as I shiver in cold. Scolding myself for not bringing my jacket in hurry in this cold and I tighten my bag pack around and pull down the sleeves of my shirt in hope to gain somewhat of warmth. I may or may not have ran away from home.. well there is nothing different about it as I keep running away once in a while to get myself back up together to face my parents and their everyday arguments. I pass by all the beautiful mansions secured in tight security, huh I passed by the bulky bodyguards in my house.. as the more I walk in the north the more secluded the place gets.. I back myself up as I prepare for a run, a run in the cold weather?.. sounds great! I run towards the north but as I grow closer to the forest in that part where no one goes to for god knows what reason something weird happens. It's not cold anymore!.. like no cold wind in fact it's actually very warm atmosphere here.. what the actual.. I go closer and closer and I notice it was covered with dense fog, the entrance part of the forest was covered in fog.. I couldn't see anything beyond it and I have never been to this part of the area I live in. With some gathered courage and heart beating so fast that It feels like it'll probably jump out of my ribcage  I take a step ahead and enter the forest covered with fog.
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