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Santiago’s pov Yeah… yeah that’s it… right there, harder, baby!” I growl when the girl I’m f*****g is way too demanding. I push her head down. I don’t want to hear some goddam directions when I’m balls deep into a b***h that I don’t give a f**k about when I’m doing her from behind. I love this position; it makes me feel more like the Alpha I know I am! she makes a cry of pleasure when her p***y cramps around my d**k, and I follow her. Leaning my weight on her body before she starts to whine, calling me heavy. I pull out, just getting up, not caring that she is still gasping for air from coming on my d**k. “Saint…. You left a mark on me; look at that! How the hell am I going to explain this to Jordan?!” the brunette in my bed shrieks staring at the huge mark on her ass from my hand. I shrug at her when she seems to start to panic more. Not my boyfriend, not my problem. “Yeah, I don’t know, Emily. Maybe you should have thought about that before you let me f**k you twice.” I say it mockingly and cold when she sits up in the bed still naked, and I grab my towel and toothbrush. I want to get that taste of strawberry the b***h was having on her mouth gone asap. “You are a f*****g asshole, you know that, right!? You told me that you liked me, and you did! I trusted you, and you did this to me!?” she was angry when I was already going for the door. If she wanted to trash my place, well, then go ahead. My room was sparse, and my roommate was never around, seeing that dad had made sure I had the worst dorm he could find on campus. “Just leave when you’re dressed. I’m going to shower; thanks, babe! Oh, don’t bother sending your boy after me, or I will make TJ take care of him….” Imgrowling it when she lost her anger like I gave a s**t about her and her problems. I had my own ones! She makes a scared face. She knows who I am. she knows TJ, the biggest motherfucker around these parts. He is huge for a wolf, all muscle, and girls love him. He was my only competition for p***y around these parts. “I won’t tell him…. … don’t you like me at all, Saint??” she looked up, and now she was pleading when I made an annoyed face. Why did I always get stuck with the beggars? They knew the deal, gtfo from my room, stupid b***h! I rage in my head when my eyes stare at her pitiful sight. She was lucky she was a ten. “Sure.” She stopped sniffling like she really believed that s**t, that I cared. Well, let her. That was, as I said, her problem, not mine. I turn and am about to hit the showers when I hear her voice calling pleasingly behind me. “Call me!” I smirk when some of the guys here chuckle, and one of them frowns, being so jealous that they would do anything to switch places with me. That girl was the head cheerleader, and her boyfriend was the football team captain. He was a nice guy; I met him. He might even get drafted, but I was f*****g his b***h, and I had no regrets. First, I flush the condom down and take a piss. That girl was so f*****g hot. Maybe I was going to hit her up again, her boobs were nice, and she had a tight cunt…. I shower and get out. The mirror gives me back the tall, tanned guy I am. Girls loved when my dark hair fell over my eyes; makes me look even more mysterious in their eyes when I stared into my own dark ones for a few seconds. I look like my dad. The thought pissed me off even more than I already was, f**k! I called that b***h Emily to get some f*****g release, and now I was getting worked up again. Dad always made me so f*****g angry! Telling me, no demanding me, that I was coming back home to Alma's stupid birthday party they were having because she turned eighteen. I didn’t give a s**t about that! she was a b***h and a brat. I hated her! my jaw clenched when I thought of the stupid white girl that was supposed to be my sister, her green eyes always following me around like a damn alien. I hated that! She is just as bad as her b***h mother! She is always telling me to be better, do better, and all that other s**t they bark about. I know she is just putting on a good show for my dad, not that he is any better. He doesn’t give a crap about me unless I do some dumb s**t in his eyes that I get scolded out over…but not Alma….no she is a f*****g angel that he treats like a princess. Even calls her that, Princesa …I snort… some f*****g princess she is. She hangs out with TJ's slutty sister and that scrawny bastard with glasses. I don’t even remember that d***s name, all I know is that he’s a weak ass dork. Dad finally got enough when I told him a few years ago that the b***h across the hallway from my room she isn’t my sister. She is just a product of a sloppy second marriage and nothing else. Since that day, we don’t speak unless we absolutely have to, like today when he called me to get me back home to the pack, I made a snort. I hated that pack, you think they would give me some f*****g respect seeing that I am their heir. The next Alpha was in line, but no! They loved Alma, just like everyone else. I didn’t even come home for Christmas, and nobody cared! Not even TJ stayed, seeing that he wanted home to his grandmother. I was all alone on Christmas day with a girl that wasn’t even that hot! she was the best I could find on that shitty day! I growl in the foggy mirror, enough of that f*****g s**t! I brush my teeth twice, seeing that I still taste strawberry, and look up again. I guess I could use a shave, but wolves didn’t grow a beard like humans; in fact, most of us couldn’t have one. I was lucky if I got a five-a-clock shade in three days; it really was a myth about werewolves being hairy beasts. My phone goes off, and I know TJ wants to know what went down on that girl I left back in my room like he wasn’t scoring some of his own. I knew he was even worse than me and wasn’t picky. He f****d anything with a p***y, which made him quite famous. He was funny too, dumb as a Brickhouse but funny. I pitied the mate he was going to have; she would bawl her eyes out when she found out that he had been f*****g the entire school and some of the teachers too. I snickered, returned to my room, saw the b***h was gone, and left a f*****g stain on my mirror with lipstick. I frowned, wiping that s**t out. I already told Emily that I might call. What the f**k more did she need from me? If she wanted to cuddle, she could go to that boyfriend of hers. I get dressed and grab whatever smells clean; I don’t really give a s**t when I walk out of the house that is my dorm and over to the park where TJ is hanging out. It's sunny, but it’s not that hot, not like it is back home when I see the i***t talking to some girl that is giggling. When she returned his phone, he winked, and I knew he had her number. I look at her. s**t, she was even hotter than that b***h Emily. f**k I was almost jealous of him. “Hey man…” I sit down next to him, his big ass filling up the entire bench, when every female within a radius of a hundred yards is staring at us, f*****g us with their eyes. I make sneer at that. I didn’t want to f**k another b***h today, and I was hungry and pissed at dad. “Saint.” He makes a grin looking up like he just saw me even if I had been sitting next to him. I look small compared to him when I’m not, and I’m only a few inches shorter than my dad. He never let me forget it like it somehow made me less of a wolf, not being taller than him, just because he was my age against his own father. “I’m starving.” I don’t say anything more, and TJ gets up when I do. He is the perfect Beta that way, big and dumb, and doesn’t talk back to me unless he really doesn’t agree. That never happens. He is my brother, more than my ever-real sibling was supposed to be. That’s why I don’t give a s**t about dad telling me that TJ making my Beta was never going to happen, that his own Beta’s son would fill that seat because it was his right. I made a sneer seeing that TJ was on his phone again, always going off. I hated that guy, Bernard. He was a weak ass wolf that whined and didn’t like it when people told him what to do; in short terms, he was a b***h. We walked down to one of our regular spots; the girls that work here have f****d TJ at least twice, and I know I did one of them a few months back. I can’t remember her face or name, but she was a blonde; that part was still stuck in my head. “Hello, Saint…. Haven’t been seeing you around, handsome… “I look up and see the blonde girl. She smiles even more, when our eyes meet, and she hands me the menu, making sure that she touches my hand with her fingers when I try not to show her my teeth and growl at her for doing that. I was not in the mood for any of that s**t right now. “Yeah, hi…” She frowns slightly like she is waiting for me to say her name when TJ stares at me, amused. He probably does know. He is stupid but remembering girls’ names, that one he was good at, too bad it was useless! “We’ll have the specials and beer, lots of it, babe….” I wink when she giggles and nods, like she just forgot about the part about me not knowing her name or that we are not legal drinking age. Still, I don’t care, and neither does the girl taking the menus and giving TJ the same smile that he chuckles at. Slut. “So, what did the almighty Alpha tell you this time?” TJ smirks when I lean back and stare into the table like a pouting kid. I feel like one right now, dad telling me to go home to Alma's party. He didn’t even want me home in the first place, but goddess f*****g forbid that poor Alma, that doesn’t give a s**t about me, would see that I didn’t show up. “The usual, that he pays for this s**t, that I need to start to shape up and that I’m coming home so that the brat doesn’t cry her eyes out for not having me at her birthday….” I make a smirk when TJ nods. He knows that I’m sarcastic. He knows everything about me; like I said, he is my bro. “Yeah…. Rosa told me that the last time we spoke, she said something about this being a huge deal, like your dad is going overboard with the gathering. lots of packs will be there, lots of Alphas and their heirs….” He made a smirk when I did a disgusted face. Oh, I knew exactly what they were there for, to see what unlucky bastard would be Alma’s mate. Dad invited every Alpha and heir within the state border to make sure she got what she wanted, the stupid brat! Some enchanted fairy tale ending with her as the princess! “f*****g brat…. Gets a f*****g huge gathering! what the f**k did I get, T?! nothing! a slap in the back and send me off to f*****g college, like I even asked for that, I didn’t!” I tried to not get too f*****g pissed seeing that this was a human town and there were not that many wolves around, some strays but no pack wolves like me and TJ, and we stayed clear from each other. “You got me.” TJ smirks when the waitress returns with our beers, and I take one and start drinking. I want to get hammered and fast, then maybe I can f**k her when she makes a shocked gasp from me having my hand on her ass like she didn’t like it. She did. “Yeah… I got you….” I chuckled back, raising my beer when the waitress smirked, walking off, knowing that I would smash her later when she got off her shift; well, at least I had plans now. “at least Abuela is happy, me going to college. She doesn’t care that I’m just here to keep you in line….” He chuckles and gulps his beer in one go when I stare at him, smirking. My dad was a f*****g i***t sending TJ along like he would never turn on me. He was my second in command, my bro and I trusted him with my life. “Yeah… my dad is all about that family value, you know?” I made another mocking face that TJ snorted at when he stared back at the kitchen. He is getting hungry same, like me. This was taking too f*****g long, and I wanted to eat now and not later. “Maybe you will find your mate at that gathering. I bet your old man is just waiting for it to happen, and he probably wants you to have a Luna before he steps down….” TJ is still staring back when he looks lost, saying some stupid s**t I had never heard him say before when I just grimaced at his smug face that lights up, seeing that the food is coming our way. “That’s it! TJ, you are a f*****g genius!” I say it thrilled when he is already digging his fork inside the massive plate of pasta that comes out and looks up at me like he can’t believe I just said that to him. He was more used to me calling him a brick head. “What?” he looked up with pasta all chewed up in his mouth that I ignored when I made another grin nodding. Yeah, that was it! He was the most brilliant i***t I had ever known! “Dad wants me to get a mate, right??” I’m leaning back, not hungry anymore when I feel excited about returning home for the first time since dad called me. It was so simple yet so f*****g beautiful; I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before right now! “Yeah…what are you getting at here, Saint?” he chews more and shoves pasta inside, not caring that I’m not eating. We are paying, so he is going to scarf it down. He was raised at the bottom of our pack, and he was not picky about food, unlike his b***h of a sister. “Don’t you f*****g get it? I need a fake mate. That’s it! Tell dad that she is my moon mate, and then he will have to give up his f*****g Alpha title to me!” I make a low menacing chuckle when TJ looks worried at me like he doesn’t like that plan, but I don’t care. He was not the boss here. I was. “Saint… s**t, not to sound like that guy… but a chosen mate… that s**t makes you weak, and you know it… that’s why I don’t have to worry about that part, seeing that I’m a f*****g Omega…” he made another chuckle that I rolled my eyes at. He was being dramatic. We banned those titles a long time ago, even though I knew you didn’t call someone Omega to their face anymore. TJ being one a hundred years ago? Sure. Today he was just an ordinary pack member, and only elder wolves said s**t like that; otherwise, it was outlawed. “I never said I was going to mark her; I need to get her to believe that, and if I like her, then maybe… I don’t know, but I know that when I’m Alpha, dad can’t do s**t; even if he finds out that I faked it, he will be f*****g powerless!” my dark eyes glitter mischievously. I know it, but I don’t care when TJ makes a sigh like he gave it his best shot and kept on eating. The blonde waitress was back, and I stared at her. I wanted a girl that I could mark. I mean, like I said to TJ, if she was treating me right and did good on her part, then maybe I didn’t need to lie to her ass about becoming Luna. I knew more than one female wolf would jump at that chance, no matter how small the pack was. Other perks came with that rank, money, having power over the rest of the pack. Meeting other pack leaders; was a golden deal for any b***h out there not born like my stupid sister into f*****g privilege. “I got some planning to do….” I chuckled when I walked up and saw the blonde nodding at me to come back. TJ just smirked at me, knowing that I was going back there and f**k her. he was going to eat my food, but I didn’t care. I had a f*****g plan that I was sticking to. My lips connected with the blonde when she already is taking off her shirt in the small kitchen. I was going to f**k her hard and fast, then maybe TJ didn’t have the chance to eat my plate, or perhaps I was going to eat her. I hadn’t decided that yet. All I knew was that I was going to find a fake mate, and then… well, that was for the future to hold. I was going to be a badass Alpha, and Colleen and dad were going to f*****g get the boot! I roll the condom over my d**k and don’t wait when I push the blonde up against the wall, and she moans, feeling me f*****g her hard. She got what she wanted, and so did I when she was digging her nails into my back, making the sounds of my d**k plowing her hard against the dishwasher behind us. I didn’t give a s**t if she was screaming, letting the whole place know what was going on back here, I was a f*****g Alpha, and she loved it! “Saint, oh god!” she cums, and I’m not finished when she makes sounds of hard pleasure just holding onto my body when I grit my teeth. I’m not even thinking about her; in my mind, I’m seeing when I’m the Alpha. I can kill whatever mate Alma has so that she will be mateless and alone forever. She had no right to be happy when I couldn’t be! She would regret wanting me at her gathering! When my eyes are closed, I see Almas's stupid face in my mind when I c*m hard. f*****g hell, f**k! I just let the girl go and hated every second of what happened, f**k! I growl and leave that panting girl behind me; I need that fake mate, and I need her fast!
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