Alphas rejected vampire mate

opposites attract
enimies to lovers

Alma is an eighteen-year-old werewolf and the cherished daughter of her pack's Alpha and Luna. She is determined, intelligent, and eager to fulfill her parents' expectations by finding her true mate.

However, her older brother Santiago consistently clashes with their father and stepmother. Since he lost his mother, he has been resentful of his sister's presence, and he is content with wasting his life away at a human college.

Santiago returns home after two years with the intention of getting the Alpha title, but he discovers that he and Alma are destined mates. Alma is devastated as she knows their family and pack will not approve of their relationship. On the other hand, Santiago has his own agenda: to have his fake mate and the sister he used to hate.

Follow Alma and Santiago's love story as they navigate the challenges of being mates despite their differences in life and society's disapproval. This book is a four-part series that includes mature content, violence, and triggers.

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Alma’s pov Oh hello. I’m Alma. I’m an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl. There is one big difference that separates me from the rest of the usual teens that roam around high school or the mall or whatever they do for fun. I’m a werewolf. Yes, a werewolf. You know all that crap about humans being able to shift into wolfs and stuff. Totally true. I can’t shift yet, but I’m not worried, I still have two months before I’m eighteen, and that’s when it usually kicks in, or that’s what my parents tell me at least. I live in a smaller community, a village. We all live together, and my dad Rafael is the Alpha. Leader of the pack. He is kind and fair, people in my pack are loyal to him, and he has reigned with peace during his time as the Alpha; that’s the title of the leader. I know it’s all very dramatic for anyone that doesn’t live here. We follow our own sets of rules and laws even if we live among humans these days, blending in effortlessly, seeing that most of us have lost the abilities our ancestors had. We can’t mindlink anymore, and we only shift when we need because that is quite painful, or so I have heard. As I said, I don’t know yet since I have not shifted. We still look different. The men are taller, more muscular, and, let’s be honest, handsome. The women are more agile and slender, prettier. To humans, we looked beautiful, making most packs just have their pups within the borders. Home-schooled or in a smaller school in their own pack to avoid getting their pups into too much trouble blending with humans. Mom and Dad letting me and my brother go to an ordinary human school were unusual but not unheard off; still, me being the Alphas daughter and him being the heir away from the pack, let’s just say people from other packs were raising their eyebrows over that decision. My mom Colleen is the Luna of the pack. She is his second wife, a second chance since his first wife Maria, the first Luna, died before I was born. Maria was the mother of my two-year older brother, Santiago. I had never seen her since my mom didn’t like when dad talked about her, so we didn’t have a picture of her at home. He and Santiago always fought when he was still at home. Making dad’s decision to send him away the natural one when things had calmed down around the house these last two years he had been gone. I didn’t miss him, seeing that he was always mean to me, called me a brat, and sneered whenever he saw me. I didn’t get that. I was his sister, but he never treated me like it, just because we didn’t have the same mother. No, he was always going on about the day he was the Alpha of our pack. He was going to throw my mom out, taking me along. I snort at that, opening my container of food mom sent along today. It's enormous, and I just stare at it; no wonder I could barely fit into my clothes anymore if she kept this up. Mom was always cooking, and she did it because wolves ate a lot, and my dad could eat what three humans could do and still have room for dessert. I’m sitting in the cafeteria alone when I see my best friend walking inside, or at least one of them. When he grins, seeing me, he looks like he has been doing something that I know he will tell me that I don’t want to hear about while eating my lunch, s*x. Every girl’s head in the noisy cafeteria turns when he starts walking to the table where I was sitting alone reading when Rosa, my other best friend, just dm me and said she couldn’t make it again. I sigh and just stare at my book, eating slowly; it’s a romance novel, and I know that Franco, who had stopped talking to one of the prettier human girls, was going to give me crap over it. Making them blush and giggle simultaneously, seeing that he was so suave that it was ridiculous. He was a player, he knew it, same as everyone else around this school, and still, he could point at any human girl that would smile and say yes when he looked at them with his dark eyes and charming smile, he was dangerous that way. “Oh, what are we reading today?” he sat down and stared at my book, making a small chuckle like it was funny when I just made a smile back. He was so cocky these days, always telling me about his girls when he was already stealing my food and stuffing his face, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t that hungry anyway. “I don’t know…. Some guy that falls in love with a girl, that’s all….” I didn’t answer more when he made another laugh making every girl stare again. he had an accent, unlike me. I don’t know why but my dad was Hispanic, just like Latino. You had to talk Spanish in Franco's house, so I got some of it, even if dad got pissed whenever I said something. I learned the hard way when he threatened to ground me if I ever said one more word in that language. “Love? Who needs love, Alma? Look at us!” he didn’t say more when he turned his head, blinking towards a girl reading the same as me further down, making her go red from head to toe. Oh, goddess, he was such a tease. “I want that, Frank; I want to have love and my mate by the moon….” I made another sigh when he just made a frown back. He didn’t want a mate, not that he had a choice. See, that was the other thing that separated us from humans. Mates. “You and Rosa… always going on about mates….” He mumbled some curses in Spanish and made a grin when our eyes met. Mine was sage, like my mother, and he was dark brown. He looked like everyone else in our pack, my mother and I being the only exception which were not Hispanic and Caucasian. Made Santiago hate me even more, for the record. Werewolves have mates, like soulmates, and I don’t want to spoil everything that I have been saving for mine just because Franco doesn’t care about saving anything…... and believe me, he’s been doing a lot of girls, human and wolves alike since we started senior year. He snarls when I take back my food, and I let it go when I see Rosa down the opening. She is talking to some other human girls, the more popular ones, not like me. I was still a wolf in my pack, and people loved me, but I kept my distance here in the human world, just like dad had taught me. I wasn’t Santiago. I listened, knowing he only wanted what was best for us. “I thought she said she was going to do some extra credits or some s**t like that?” Franco sees her first or senses her since we can smell anything. Especially since he is a Sigma wolf, he made him even more sensitive. Seeing that his father was the Sigma of our pack, the more spiritual leader these days than anything else, they used to be hunters, or like scouts, I guess, before we became humanized. “I guess not….” I looked at her just as confused. She told me ten minutes ago that she was busy doing some homework she had forgotten about. She was flunking Spanish. How in the world that happened? She was living with her grandmother, who didn’t speak English. Rosa is a sparkling force to be reckoned with, and when she smiles, all the boys just falling on their knees before her, she is sure that one day she will be mated to an Alpha, maybe even my brother. I slightly frown at that; I don’t know how any girl in the world could stand to be Santiago’s mate. He is rude and self-absorbed, just dragging his feet around and hooking up with random girls with Rosa's older brother TJ, his second in command, and his best friend. She sees us, and her bright smile disappears for a second when Franco makes another growl. He and her… well, let’s just say they weren’t friends anymore, not after last year when Rosa dumped him for some guy. they used to think they were mates. Still, after their breakup, he couldn’t stand her, and vice versa, just made some fragile peace seeing that they both were my friend. “Puta….” He says it loud enough for me to hear when I make a sigh. I didn’t like when they fought, and I told them many times that if they wanted to do that, keep me out of it. “Stop that, we been friends since we were pups, don’t call her that….” I made another frown when he just shrugged like he didn’t care. I don’t know, but I think that maybe he had real feelings for her, and that’s why he is acting like he is right now, just hooking up with any girl he can find. “Oh Alma, I love that you are so naïve Chicka…. She is the devil, and you know it. Look at her. She is even dressed like one slut.” He made another snarl when he turned against me and started to chow down my food seeing as Rosa was on her way over to our table. He was right, I guess, in some way; she had on a bright red dress that was not even halfway down her thigh. My dad would kill me if he saw me in that outfit. “Alma, pendejo….” She made a snarl when she took turns looking first at me and then at Franco, who was still eating, ignoring her standing with her arms crossed at our table. She was two months older than me, and if you believe her, she was two years older because she sometimes acted around us. “Rosa... please…” I make a begging face that she just waves off with her hand with perfect nails. She was different too after last year, she didn’t hang with us, or even me, that much these days, seeing that she and Franco didn’t get along. Still, I understand that. she was the one that broke it off with him. Why was she the mad one? “Whatever. I just came by to tell you that I’m going to be busy this afternoon; Olivia asked me to help her with something.” She looked back and smiled at Olivia. I made another frown. Did she want to be with a human, not us or me? What was going on here? “Help you with what? Maybe I can come with you guys?” I tried not to show her that I was annoyed at her for just dumping me. We had made plans to go to the mall and look at a dress for my eighteen birthday that was coming up at the beginning of June. She knew that! “Yeah, well no, she said its more of a two people thing, and honestly, Alma, you are too much virgin for what we are going to do…” she made a small smirk at the end when I felt my teeth getting gritted, what the hell did she mean by that? “at least she is not a puta like you are….” Franco was still not looking at her, just making some mumbling, when Rosa's hard stare shifted to him, and he made a smirk, knowing that he had pissed her off. She hated being ignored, and we all knew it. That was the hardest part. We have known each other since we were pups, and our friendship was ruined by their relationship, so I wanted to wait for my mate. “I can’t wait when I find my mate Frank because he is going to kick your ass. You hear me, you b***h!” she sneered in a hushing voice when he made a burst of deep mocking laughter back like that would never happen. He was a Sigma, so he wasn’t an ordinary pack member, not the highest rank like my father or his Beta, but somewhere in the middle of the hierarchy, unlike Rosa and her brother, being at the bottom. My dad made me even angrier when Santiago proclaimed that TJ would be his Beta when he took over as the Alpha. “In your dreams…” he pushed the container that was empty towards me and just stood up in front of her where she was leaning over and staring at him angrily, making a smirk before he walked off, leaving me with the furious Rosa that was still fuming over that he just ignored her. “Rosa… please… just give him time… he still isn’t over you; anyone can see that….” I took back my empty container and down my backpack, thankful that Franco had eaten everything. I just didn’t have the same appetite as before. She snapped her dark eyes at me; we were different. She was groomed from head to toe and wore high heels, making her even taller than she already was. I was one of the smaller wolves in our pack, making her tower over me in her perfect hair and makeup; she was gorgeous. “Why are you always taking his side of this?! I thought that you were my best friend, Alma, not his!” she made a hiss when she straightened her back up, and I felt bad. I was her friend. She had known me since we were born, all my life, I had Rosa by my side, and now she was acting like we didn’t share everything growing up. “I am! Rosa! please….” I shouted that last part at her back when she was already walking away, leaving me alone in the cafeteria with everyone’s eyes on me; snickering like this was funny when she took off with Olivia. I made the rest of the day just dm Rosa to talk to me, but she ignored me, making me feel even worse when I got back home, and mom was in the kitchen. She always saw that anyone in our pack could just walk in and eat. She was really the best Luna we could have. I hoped I could be just as good as her one day. I mean not to toot my own horn, but I was the Alpha's daughter. There was little to no chance I would be mated to a lower-level wolf, but if I did, I guess I would be happy anyway. “Hey baby, I thought you were looking for a dress with Rosa this afternoon?” she looked up at the clock above me when I shook my head, sitting down. She gave me a gentle smile and pushed a plate of brownies she had just made that I didn’t want to eat. “No… I don’t know… it's just Franco and Rosa…. They are always fighting these days, and I’m getting dragged into it, and now she was going to hang out with a human girl instead of me. I mean, come on, mom? a human??” I made a sneer and took a cookie when she made another smile like she got what I meant. I didn’t hate humans like some wolfs did, but I liked it best here in my pack, where people knew who I was and I could help with any problems they had. I love this pack. They were all my family. “Don’t worry, I know it's going to work out. Later, when she finds her mate, she will calm down. She is just trying to break out like every other she wolfs…” she made a small smile when I just did a frown back. I didn’t try to break out. I didn’t want to go out and date some human guys who would never be my mate. That just wasn’t right! “Why would you do that? I mean, it’s just a waste of time. dating humans, at least if you dated a wolf, he could be your mate.” She made a snicker when I said it seriously. I really believed that when she made a deep sigh like she always did when she thought that I was being naïve or something else, but I knew that she was happy, same as my dad, that I wasn’t out there and dating in the human world, not like my brother did. “You, Alma are just like your dad, mark my words, you may not look like him, but you have his heart.” She made a bigger smile when I grinned back at mom. I was proud to hear that dad was my hero. The best man there ever was. my mate could only wish to be half the man he was. She wasn’t wrong about that part, me not looking anything like him. Dad was a typical Alpha wolf, tall, strong, and broad. He loves my mom more than anything on earth. He was the best dad and husband in the world. No. I looked like mom. I was a copy of her with sage eyes that were slightly angled and light skin that was crowned with long blond hair, crème colored. Hers cut off by her shoulders and mine longer, not that I made anything with it more than just braid it or put it up in a messy bun. The biggest difference between us was that she was more petite, and I was not. The sound of heavy steps coming down the hallway of our two-story house wasn’t that much for the world. People with bigger packs had more money, and we didn't, as small pack, but I loved this place. It was my home. The big Latino man that looked tired, like he had been out all day, made me feel worried. This was the third time this week that he looked like he hadn’t been sleeping and still managed to do all his work and duties to our pack. He was just amazing. “Dad!” I made a big smile when he looked exhausted but did a big grin back when he saw me and kissed mom fast before he hugged me, sat down next to me, and started eating brownies, not even asking if I wanted them. “Holy crap, Colleen baby, you did it again! these are the best ones so far…” he made a smirk when she just made an unbelieving smile. I snorted when he told her that every time she did something, even when it didn’t taste that good. “Yeah, sure, Raph…. Just like every time…” she made an eye-roll but leaned over when he did the same and kissed him back fast, making me just stare at them in awe. I couldn’t wait to find my mate and feel what they shared; it would be amazing! “Princesa, I thought you were getting a dress today? Why are you home?” He turned towards me, really wondering, when I made another sigh and leaned back. I didn’t know what to tell him. He didn’t like Rosa or TJ because of their standing, but I didn’t care. I never had. “Yeah… I forgot, and Rosa had to help her grandmother, that’s all…” he made a suspicious face like he didn’t believe me when I made a bigger smile. Mom just put her hand on his shoulder, giving him a firm squeeze like she already got this making him back off again without even starting; the mate bond between them was amazing. “Okay, just …. Well, other girls in the pack would love to help you out, I’m sure of it. I mean, it’s your eighteen birthday, and that’s important. Becoming an adult, meeting your mate…” he stopped like that part was really hurting him when he looked down, and mom gave him another squeeze when I just gave him a warm smile back. He was worried about me. Having a mate and not living here, I wondered what pack I would live in later when I met him, my mate, I mean, since I was going to move to it when I found him. It was the law. “It’s going to be alright, dad, with the dress and me meeting my mate; I just know it.” He made a big grin feeling happier when I had my hand on his. I loved him and my mom so much; they were the best parents a girl could ever have. “Alright…. Just tell me when so I can switch around the guard roster. I don’t want you so far from packland without protection.” He gave me a sterner look when I just nodded. Sure, I was going to tell him. I always did. “I promise.” He hugged me again when mom looked at us; happily, we were a happy family, and I loved them. It was going to be hard to leave them when I found my mate. Dad’s phone went off, and he got up and looked grim at my mother that just making her lips into a thin line I didn’t like the way they looked at each other when they were not saying a word and dad just made a nod and a smile against me before heading out again, but he just got home?! “Dad!?” I called after him when mom held me back and didn’t say why he was going out the way when I stared after the big man already out the door. “Don’t worry about dad Alma, he is an Alpha; it was probably just some pack business…” she continued to cook when I just stared at her and made a big sigh… I guess she was right… he was always doing something and still had time for us. “Okay… I’m going to my room… “she made a surprised face like she didn’t expect me to leave a plate of brownies, and I just turned and walked away; something was up, and I knew it. “Eat something the least, baby!” moms soft melodic voice called after me when I made a face of disgust. No, I wasn’t hungry, and I just ate brownies! “I’m not hungry!” mom didn’t have time to say more when I closed the door behind me. I really hoped that the bad feeling inside my chest was just a thing my brain made up when I sat down on the bed, dm Rosa again for the thousand times since she walked away. Oh, goddess, I really hoped that she would come to her senses soon and help me; I needed her. She was still my best friend no matter what had happened.

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