Chapter 1

1500 Words
-Crimson P.O.V.- “Ugh!” I groan out as my brother jumps on top of me. “F**k get off of me.” I say with a groan while trying to push him off of me. Jake, my brother, just laughs at my misery as he literally sits on me. “Get your lazy a** out of bed! You need to drive to college today since my car broke down.” F**k! I forgot about that. “Alright get off of me and I will take you to college.” I say with a sigh as I had a late night so I wasn’t ready to up so soon. “Thank you. Love you.” He says with a smile as he kisses my cheek before climbing off of me and running out of my bedroom. I chuckle before I groan as I stretch my muscles. F**k, I whisper as I climb out of the bed. I head over to my bathroom and take a quick shower while I lather my hair up and wash my body down. I let the hot water run over my muscles as they were sore from last night. I make sure that I don’t stay too long under the water as I need to take Jake to college, so I turn off the water and grab a towel. I wrap it around the tops of my b**bs while I grab another towel to wrap my hair up. I walk out of my bathroom to head into my walk-in closet and I pick out the outfit I want to wear today. I picked out a white lace thong along with a red laced bra and a pair of black biker shorts, a simple orange knit tank-top, and some black and white vans with some no-show socks. I throw my outfit on the bed as I take my thong and bra to the bathroom with me. Once in the bathroom, I quickly dry off my body as I slip on the thong and hook-on my bra. I then pick up my lotion as I squirt some into my hand before I rub in on my arms and legs, making sure to lather up my tattoos. I then quickly move on to dry my red shoulder-length hair before I put it up into a messy top bun. I quickly move on to brush my teeth, put on my deodorant, and then I finish off with some perfume. Then I throw on my everyday rings along with my watch and bracelets. I give myself the once over before I walk out of my bathroom and make my way over to where my clothes are laying. I throw on my tank-top while I slip on my biker shorts then I finish off my look with my vans. I grab my phone before I head out of my room and down the hallway to the stairs. Once I am at the bottom of the stairs, Jake is throwing my keys at me. I quickly catch them before they hit my face and he just laughs. “Thanks a**hole.” I say with a light chuckle while he lets out a full belly laugh. I walk over to him and wack him in the back of the head. “Ow!” He whines as he grabs the back of his head and I just roll my eyes. “Well, don’t throw my keys at my face.” I say with a smile as he just scowls at me. I ignore him as I head over to the kitchen and grab a smoothie before I am headed over to the front door. I look over my shoulder to Jake right behind me with a scowl still on his face. I don’t pay it any mind as I walk out of the front door and down the steps. I walk over to my car and unlock it with my key before I hop in and Jake is quick to hop into the passenger seat. I startup my car and pull out of the driveway onto the road. Then something hits me as I look at the time. “Why am I taking you to school so damn early?” I ask my Jake who is just in his own little world. “I need to go to the library for a project.” He quickly answers me. I know that isn’t the truth because I can see that his leg is shaking up and down. He only does that when he is nervous and the only reason why he would be nervous is if he is lying to me. I just humm before I take a sip of my smoothie and I hear my brother sigh beside me. I try my best not to smirk because it is so easy to trap him into telling me what the real problem is. I honestly try to control my face but I end up smirking. “It is really for a project!” He huffs out as he crosses his arms over his chest. I could hear the eyeroll in his voice. “We have our own library in our house that has every single book that you need for your project, so cut the bullsh*t.” I say with a chuckle. “I need to document the book and where I got it from. It would look kind of odd if I said that I got it from home, I mean, who even has books like that in their home.” He says with a confident tone, but I could still hear through it. I nod and think about what he said. I guess he is right, I mean, we do have a lot of books that other homes wouldn’t and I bet that the teacher wants him to use the library for his findings too. I guess I will stop pestering him. “I guess I believe you.” I tell him in a not-so believable voice. He huffs before he rolls his eyes at me. “Whatever sis.” That was the end of our conversation before I got a phone call from the warehouse. I picked up my phone and quickly answered it. Mack: Hey babes. Me: What bro? (I say quickly as I know Mack doesn’t just call me for nothing) Mack: Roger Eclipse called again and he wanted to speak with you. Me: I know, I know. Today is the anniversary of the day that I saved his son. Mack: Oh yeaaah, it is today isn’t it? (I could hear the sarcasm in his voice as he said that.) Me: Yeah, he never forgets. He is always calling on the day I saved his son, even though we have known each other for a couple of years. You would think that he would let it go by now as we have grown close, but he never does. Mack: But it is so cute tho. I mean, at least you know that he actually values you for what he did. Me: I know but I was just doing what was right. You would think that after all of these years... (Mack ends up cutting me off) Mack: Yeah, yeah, downplay what you did as if it was just another day. Whatever. Me: (I roll my eyes as I decide to cut the phone call short) Okay, I will see you in about 40 minutes. Bye babes! I end the call before I place my phone back in the cup-holder. It doesn’t take long before I am pulling into Jake’s college. I make sure to pull up to where the library is. I stop the car and look over to my brother whose cheeks were a slight pinkish. I decide not to tease him anymore since I don’t want to bully him into telling me whatever has him all nervous. I always let my brothers come to me with stuff when they feel comfortable, so when he feels like telling me then he will. “Thank you, sis.” He says quickly before he is climbing out of the car. He slams the door shut just as I am rolling down the window. “Bye babes!” I yell out as I drive away from him. I make sure to roll the window back up as I don't want my hair going everywhere. Now my brothers and I have always called each other babes. We have been doing that since we were younger and actually, Mack is the one who called me that first and I have been saying it ever since. Once I get a few minutes from the college, I call one of the staff members to let them know that I am on my way to the warehouse. She lets me know what has happened and some other things before I end up hanging up as I was about to pull up to the gate of my warehouse.
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