Chapter 2

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-Jake P.O.V.- I didn’t want to tell my sister that this hunk of guy is always in the library when I am, and I always catch him staring at me. I mean, he is a handsome guy. He has these piercing grey eyes which match his goldish brown hair. His hair is curly as it sits on top of his head and the sides and back of his hair is faded. His face is chiseled and just perfect, as his body is bulky with these nice muscles but he isn’t too big when it comes to his muscles. He also has this tribal tattoo that completely covers his right arm that just compliments his tan skin. He is also very tall. He is about a head taller than me and I cannot help but to just melt around him. BUT today, I am going to actually speak to him. He may turn me down and that would be okay, I mean...I am nothing to look at. I have this paleish skin with absolutely no muscles whatsoever and I have no tattoos except for a small one on my wrist but that is a matching tattoo that I got with my sister and brother. I was a tall lanky dude with black hair and brown eyes. My hair was also buzzed all around so I didn’t have any length. I was honestly no one to look at, but for some reason, I always caught him staring at me. I walked into the library and took the stairs up to the second floor as I made my way over to the table that I always used. I set my bookbag on the table before pulling out my laptop and the book that I checked out the day before. I went ahead and started up my laptop before pulling up my essay as I waited for him to show up. I must say it was a little eerie in here since no one was around, but whatever, I needed to get this done. I was so engrossed with writing my essay that I didn’t even notice that he had walked onto the second floor. All of sudden the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I looked over my laptop to see him standing there… Gah, he looked so handsome. Standing there in a black t-shirt that hugged his muscles in all the right places...I went to look further down, but a hand waved in front of face causing me to look up at him. I blushed so hard that I could feel it reach the tip of my ears. He just caught me checking him out..oh f*ck.. “Sorry, what did you say?” I quickly ask as I try to calm myself down. “May I sit here?” He asked me with a smirk on his face, but goodness his deep voice caused me to shiver. His voice did something to me… I nodded meekly before I looked back to my laptop. I expected him to sit across from me but instead he sat in the seat to the right of me. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself down, but his scent just invaded my nose. His scent sent shivers to go down my spine and it caused my d*ck to throb. I could soon feel his gaze on me and I found the courage to look up at him. He smiled at me before he lifted his hand towards me. “My name is Seth.” I lifted my trembling hand and as soon as my fingers touched his palm sparks shot through my fingers. I gasped as I pulled my hand back and looked at him with wide-eyes. The only way that I could have felt that is if he is a werewolf and I am his mate. No, it couldn’t be, could it? I decided to either make a fool of myself or end up being right so I took a chance. I leaned forward and whispered. “I am your mate, aren’t I? As in, you are a werewolf.” My words caused Seth to look at me with surprise but he quickly caught himself as he cleared his throat. He leaned forward close to my head before he spoke. “How do you know what I am? And how do you know what mates are?” He asked me with a hint of surprise in his tone. I don’t know what it was but I felt like I could just drop my guard around him and open up. So I decided to do just that. “I am Jake Moon, the brother of Crimson Moon, so trust me, I know all about werewolves.” I say with a chuckle. He looked at me with wide-eyes. “Wait, are you serious?” I could tell that he has heard of my sister as she is “famous” within the werewolf world. “Yes, I am. I can even show you pictures that I have on my phone and stuff, if you don’t believe me.” I said with a smile. “No, I believe you, mate.” Seth says. I smile at how he called me his mate. “My Alpha’s brother was saved by your sister.” “Is your Alpha’s brother's name, Luke Eclipse?” I quickly ask because that would be the only person he could be talking about. “Yes. That would be the one.” Seth says with a chuckle. I chuckled along with him before we had to quiet down since we were in the library. “I must admit this is not how I saw this going. I thought that I would have to work for it and my wolf is already driving me crazy for wasting time.” Seth says after we stopped laughing. “Well you have me now.” I quickly add..a little too quickly which causes me to blush at how fast I said that. Seth smiles really big at me. “Gah, you are so cute when you blush like that. Makes me want to eat you right up.” Before my cheeks could get even redder, I decided to change the topic. “Okay, stop. We need to talk about something else.” I say as I cover my face with my hands. Seth chuckles a bit as he removes my hands from my face. I look at him before he softly smiles. “Tell me about you.” He asks me softly as he takes a hold of my hands. “Like what?” I ask as I try to keep myself from attacking him as his touch is driving me crazy. This is just from him holding my hands so I cannot imagine what it would be like if he touched me anywhere else. “Everything.” He quickly answered me as he stared at me. “Well, let's see...I was actually adopted into the Moon family as was my brother, Mack. Crimson was the only child as her mother could not have another. I was adopted when I was 2 and then my brother Mack was adopted when he was 1. We both came from different families, but we see each other as real brothers. To be honest, Crimson's parents didn’t really raise him or I since they were always busy, so Crimson did. Her parents were too worried about training their daughter and going on missions to really care about Mack or I. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t have a good childhood which I owe to Crimson.” I looked away from Seth and sighed before I continued. “When I was 11, Crimson’s parents were killed by the leader of the nightwalkers, and everything changed. Crimson was 16 and she had to do everything for Mack and I. She got her GED so she could start to work and she always made sure that Mack and I were well taken care of as she put herself last...Honestly, I owe everything to her as she is not only my sister, but kinda like my mom too.” Once I finish talking, Seth brings one of his hands up to my cheek and moves my head to face him. “She sounds amazing. You and Mack are lucky to have her.” I smile. “We really are. Hell, Mack’s mate, Tom, had to deal with Crimson before they could even mark each other.” I say with a chuckle. He raises an eyebrow at me when I say this so I look at him confused. “Wait, Mack is a werewolf?” He asks. I laugh. “Yes he is. Crimson and I are the only “humans”. Tom and Mack are the werewolves.” He does an “oh” face before chuckling. “So, tell me about yourself.” I say to him with a smirk. He just smiles at me which causes my insides to turn before he starts to tell me about his life..
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