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               This world has us baffled on how we evolve into a whole different species or in this case several different species. Humans were seen as weak by the Gods and Goddess's. Humans almost destroyed this planet. The Gods and Goddess's took pity on them and created creatures that would age differently after the age of 30. We all would have a human side of us but we would be different creatures that lived in harmony instead of what humans did and fight. The moon goddess had the power of creating. As the other's had stood by and watched her work.            She created werewolves that would turn at will after the age of 16. The werewolves would be the protectors over all creatures to make sure that they all continued to live in a peaceful place. Werewolves were created to be held to the highest of rank because they were Protector's of the Moon Goddess's creatures. Each species the Moon Goddess created would have their own strengths and weaknesses. They would have a mate, that was just meant for them to love, cherish, and protect. And each creation had their weakness. Werewolves couldn't be near pure silver. Vampires couldn't be near pure gold. Fairies and elves would not be able to be around fire.           But over time and many of centuries later, there were wars between the creations over power. Many creature's were in hiding or extinct. Eventually, vampires and werewolves were left. There had to be a common ground between them so they created a Treaty in 1890. It was then that they made the Counsel.          With the Counsel in place, it was made up of three Werewolf Elders and three Vampire Elders. The Counsel also designated that there would be one family from each of the species, that would be Royal King and Queen of their kind. The werewolf King and Queen would have control over all Alpha's and Luna's. Vampire King and Queen would have control over all Count's and Countess's.            Over the next few decades, rogue wolves and vampires would gather together as a rebellious group to take down The Counsel. They would gather in separate groups all over the world. It would be decades more before they would ever cause trouble. They would plot and gather all the information they need before attacking.           It is now present day 2006 and it's a whole new millennium. And it has become just a story of how we all were created and the horrors of rebels. Now in this world things have changed. People with status treat people with lower rank like they don't exist but for their own use. It's been about power. It's about who can get on top. Packs have turned against each other to gain respect. And covens are doing the same.         The Royals haven't stepped into a fight for decades. The Werewolf Kingdom closed it's doors when the Queen was murdered by rogues. Leaving the King to raise their new born son alone.  They say that after he released that the Queen was gone, he closed off the kingdom. He had walls built so his son could be raised in peace. No one knows how the heir to the throne has been raised behind the walls. Only Alpha's can speak to the King but it is through a secured line. All business that has to have the Kings approval has to go through e-mail or fax.            The King lost touch with the outside world leaving some of the packs to become ruthless and hungry to get to the top. Some packs enslaved other wolves especially if they were lower rank. Other packs carried on the tradition of the Moon Goddess and cherished what she gave them.          There was one pack that thought they could take place of the King. This pack would hide secrets and lies. They would used the fact that they were the second biggest pack and use to be help to the Kingdom to gain power over other packs. It was as if the Alpha's of this pack wanted to take the position of the King.           I wonder if the Moon Goddess is watching as the packs and covens destroy what is left of her creations. If she is, she needs to send a miracle to our kind.  
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